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Fleet Update Mike Frost Director, Fleet Asset Management.

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1 Fleet Update Mike Frost Director, Fleet Asset Management

2 Fleet Update Fleet Status (13/14 fiscal) o Fleet Status and look ahead o Heavy Duty Bus - Nova Bus o CNG program - Fleet o Light Duty Bus - Arboc o Medium Duty Bus – Vicinity and options Fleet Annual Report

3 Fleet Status – 2013/14 *Heavy Duty includes 25 bus contingency fleet **Light Duty includes 15 bus contingency fleet. High Capacity BusHeavy Duty Bus*Medium Duty BusLight Duty Bus** Bus TypeQuantityBus TypeQuantityBus TypeQuantity Bus TypeQuantity ADL E50040Nova24530' Dart50Arboc144 -Hybrid1- Suburban 10 Vicinity15Polar187 -EPA 20101 13International 4Sprinter7 Trident 329Flyer240 - Hybrid6 - Fuel Cell20 35' Dart81 Total69Total566Total69Total338

4 Five year Bus Procurements

5 Heavy Duty Bus - Nova Bus Last batch form part of test fleet for a fuel efficiency improvement strategy Six buses fitted with ZF transmissions Six buses fitted with Voith transmissions All 12 buses have the latest electrically-powered cooling packs 12 month trial includes monitoring of reliability, drivability and fuel usage Five year contract (07-13) with Nova Bus expired in August 2012 BC Transit procured 147 buses in total

6 CNG Program – Fleet Two phase program supplying 25 heavy duty buses to each of two locations Bus Procurement Evaluation completed; New Flyer Industries have been awarded the contract for their Xcelsior bus Phase 1 Project is on schedule for delivery into the Regional District of Nanaimo First 5 units to be delivered in February 2014 Remaining 20 units to be delivered by April 2014

7 Light Duty Bus - ARBOC RFP 11.16 awarded April 2012 to Dynamic Specialty Vehicles (Vancouver) to supply the ARBOC platform To date approximately 88 of 118 buses have been delivered into the Provincial fleet Two configurations: »Handy Dart – 17 seats or 4 wheel chair with 11 seats »Paratransit – 20 seats or 3 wheel chair with 12 seats

8 Medium Duty Bus - Vicinity Factory Acceptance completed on all 15 buses in China Buses arrived in Vancouver on May 1 st Final commissioning has begun, delivery of first units expected July/August 2013 Locations planned to receive Vicinity buses: Nelson Penticton Kelowna Dawson Creek Quesnel Agassiz - Harrison

9 9 Medium Duty (High Floor) Bus Options…

10 10 Medium Duty (HF) Bus Options High floor - ACCESSIBLE 0-4 wheel chair positions 28-33 ft length Estimated ~$190,000 to $220,000 Can be Hydraulic brakes Estimated 6 to 8 year life Wide network of OEM service shops and parts support

11 Annual Fleet Report In 2014, BC Transit will begin providing an annual fleet report Includes: Fleet status information – average age, procurement activity, etc. Location-specific summary and strategic three-year rolling fleet plan New technology developments and pilot fleet trials And…………………….

12 Group Task - Brainstorm Three groups for this session, group leads are: Chelsea Hermus – Project Coordinator [Local Government Partner] Errol Nordstrom – Manager Fleet Engineering [Operators] Bob Hall – Manager Fleet Maintenance [BC Transit Staff]

13 Group Task – Question 1 What are the top three considerations you would use for fleet strategic planning?

14 Group Task – Question 2 What are the top three pieces of information you want to see in the annual fleet report?

15 Group Task – Question 3 What are the top three considerations BC Transit should use in determining the location and scope of new fleet tests?

16 Thank you! Questions?

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