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2011 Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) Walking School Bus (WSB) Essentials Training Rosie Stern, M.A., SR2S Training Coordinator Linda Patrick, M.S., SR2S.

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1 2011 Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) Walking School Bus (WSB) Essentials Training Rosie Stern, M.A., SR2S Training Coordinator Linda Patrick, M.S., SR2S Program Coordinator April Morrison-Harke, SR2S Contracts Coordinator

2 We look forward to serving you! Congratulations MI WSB Award Recipient Schools!

3 Todays training will: Help your SR2S WSB team learn how to implement WSB programs that align with your work plan, and MFF WSB program goals.

4 MFF WSB program goals: Its about building support for Safer Routes to School! To increase in the number of students participating in, and adult volunteers assisting with WSB program activities, as measured by progress reports, surveys and WSB participation logs. To develop WSB programs that highlight innovative program development procedures and activities, as measured by MFF phone interviews, site visits and progress reports. To develop sustainable WSB programs, as measured by continued WSB route service at least one year beyond the term of the funding award. To provide communities the opportunity to access SR2S federal funds and learn more about the SR2S federal program.

5 Today you will: Part 1:Learn how to complete the fiduciary reporting/invoicing packet for reimbursement Part 2:Learn about program coordinator progress reporting guidelines Part 3:Review a sample timeline to get a sense of what steps are needed for successful program completion and full award reimbursement Part 4:Find answers to five frequent WSB questions/concerns Part 5:Learn about a few additional WSB resources Part 6:Learn about ongoing communication opportunities

6 Part 1 Walking School Bus Fiduciary Contract, Reporting and Invoicing Guidelines: A.K.A. Getting the Money Everyone Plays a Role!

7 Fiduciary Pays for WSB staff and program expenses Works with program coordinator to discuss spending procedures and payment schedules Ensures award money is spent in accordance with the contract Submits reports, invoices, and receipts to MFF for reimbursement in a timely manner

8 Fiduciary Dos Do expedite your contract (submit form A133 andRequest to Update or Add Vendor in CTRAK forms) Do reimburse staff and submit invoices in a timely manner (quarterly at a minimum) Do ask MFF for changes between budget line items Do access for reporting documents Do save original receipts and documentation Do expect reimbursement to take 90 days from MFFs receipt of a complete reporting/invoicing packet Do ensure MSU surveys are submitted for final reimbursement (surveys are needed for final payout)

9 Fiduciary Donts Dont spend award money until a signed contract is in place Dont wait until the end of the year to spend or request reimbursements from MFF (contract ends 6/30/12) Dont request changes to the budget for items not included in the award summary Dont have the principal or program coordinator sign your contract or request line item changes Dont hold off on contacting MFF Dont submit incomplete or incorrect documentation. Payments will not be disbursed until complete documentation is submitted

10 Fiduciary Step 1: Review reporting requirements checklist before submitting reports Submit invoices monthly, if preferred Reports must be submitted by the following dates

11 Fiduciary Step 2: Review Invoice Document Please note that the authorization number is always 7 First billing = Billing #1 Second billing = Billing #2, etc.

12 Fiduciary Step 3: Complete Personnel Expense Detail Please note that the work period should not be more than a half- month

13 Fiduciary Step 4: Complete Non-Personnel Expense Detail Allow one receipt per line item. Attach multiple pages, if needed

14 Fiduciary Step 5: Attach Receipts If items are not itemized, write in items Specify reimbursable items only Does not show Payment-receipt needs to show payment (credit card, cancelled check etc.)

15 Fiduciary Step 6: Complete Meeting Summary Form Only complete this form if the meeting included food expenditures

16 Fiduciary Step 7: Complete Invoice Document Please note that the authorization number is always 7 First billing = Billing #1 Second billing = Billing #2, etc.

17 Part 2 Walking School Bus Program Coordinator Progress Reporting Guidelines: Everyone Plays a Role! Progress reports are due 11/30, 2/28 and 6/30 Three are needed

18 Responsibilities of the Program Coordinator Champion and facilitate WSB involvement Communicate with MFF through site visits, phone updates, conference calls and webinars Implement awarded WSB activities Volunteer recruitment and management Student recruitment and management Conduct student/adult pedestrian safety trainings Conduct background checks Conduct contests and other encouragement activities Route development Parent/guardian outreach for student participants

19 Do check with fiduciary to ensure a signed contract exists Do complete and submit quarterly progress reports and WSB participation logs to your fiduciary Do work with MFF as needed to solve problems if they arise and do participate in WSB Webinars Do work with the principal to complete end-of-year MSU evaluation assessments Do work with your principal to schedule and conduct WSB activities well-in-advance. Do follow fiduciarys rules for the purchase of approved items and payment of the program coordinator hours Program Coordinator Dos

20 Dont lose contact with your fiduciary (know the name and contact info for your fiduciary) Dont forget to request money from fiduciary 1-2 months in advance of your program activities Dont forget to turn in participation logs, progress reports and receipts to your fiduciary on a quarterly basis (in order to receive financial reimbursement, you must report your progress) Dont fudge participation log numbers Dont wait to begin programming Dont forget about student pedestrian education Dont give up! Program Coordinator Donts

21 Program Coordinator Step 1: Complete participation logs Each sheet covers two weeks of WSB activities For a weekly WSB include 12 sheets by November

22 Program Coordinator Step 2: Complete progress reports When possible, photos, videos, and social media are appreciated! Please provide as much detail as possible! Email material as much as possible Once the activity is complete there is no need to include additional information Start at the beginning of the month Include information about long term goals Activities taken from your application

23 Part 3 Walking School Bus Timelines : August - June A.K.A. Keeping busy year-round Timeline sample available on our website ( grantees) Please print!

24 Sample WSB Timelines July-Sept. Program coordinators plan one month ahead, lots of work to do in August in order to hit the ground running! Mostly provides permission/event location and staff updates Fiduciaries make sure contract includes signed vendor, CTRAK and A-133 forms

25 Sample WSB Timelines Oct.-Feb. Fiduciaries: 1 st progress report due in November -work with program coordinator early November to ensure materials are complete by 11/30 Contact MFF if registration numbers are still low by November Holiday events/parent teacher conferences and PTO/PTA meetings are great opportunities to discuss the WSB

26 Sample WSB Timelines March-June Please prioritize completing MSU surveys/travel tallies in May/June Program Coordinators: Dont forget about spring student pedestrian safety training

27 Holidays Parent meetings Availability of resources Inclement weather Parent support Program coordinator hours Activity ordering and promotion Timeline Planning Considerations

28 Part 4 5 Frequent WSB Questions

29 What if enrollment levels are lower than our projected goals? Its OK, this is a pilot, but we hope your efforts will generate outcomes. Use the sample timeline to stay on track with recruitment activities. Call Linda or Rosie (your team leads) at MFF to discuss barriers and brainstorm possible solutions Shift line items to increase encouragement activities that seem successful Evaluate viability of routes and make adjustments, if needed Question 1

30 What if we are having difficulty maintaining a consistent core group of walkers and volunteers? Its OK! Determine if communication is frequent enough, as volunteers can fall off without constant (even weekly) contact Increase low/no cost recognition strategies Anticipate that 20% of volunteers do 80% of the work Think outside the box to connect with new volunteers at local universities (interns/service learning projects), seniors or other community groups Question 2

31 What steps should be taken if an accident occurs along the route? Meet with the school principal to discuss an emergency plan in advance Determine if student route participants have medical conditions in advance Always carry a first aid kit Always keep a cell phone on hand Call 911 first and the school second Question 3

32 What if a problem arises between adult volunteers and/or student walkers? Involve the school principal/school support system in identifying strategies to address potential behavioral concerns among student/adult participants Never air concerns between adults in front of children Address what-ifs in volunteer training session to anticipate community needs/expectations Question 4

33 Question 5 What if school closures or public pressure, such as lack of crossing guards, threatens to cancel our program? Meet with school transportation director frequently to discuss progress, goals and next steps Review SR2S liability tip sheet to respond to parent/PTO/PTA or community concerns ( tips-safe-routes-school-programs-and-liability) Contact MFF immediately for guidance/suggestions

34 Part 5 Resources

35 WSB Presentation Resources Columbia PedNet: Confessions of a WSB Mom (5 min.) Click on the link in the questions section of the panel on the right hand side of your screen. But do not log out of the webinar!

36 Map Development Resources

37 Pedestrian Safety Resources = Knowledge Skill-Based + Nhtsa child pedestrian safety curriculum

38 Encouragement Freebies Extra credit Line leader privileges Priority VIP seating at assemblies Extra recess/early lunch/lunch with a guest Morning bell ringers/announcement makers/healthy tip of the day readers Open gym, art class or computer lab Crossing guard/safety opportunities Coverage in the local paper Reward ongoing participation Use Michigan SR2S logo

39 Personal Safety Resources Safety Resources Community Safety Patrols Neighborhood revitalization programs Bullying Resources: The National School Safety Center: The Stop Bullying Now! Campaign: Make sure to anticipate questions about these issues at your first parent recruitment event.

40 Part 6 Next Steps

41 MFF Contact Calendar

42 WSB Program Contacts

43 SR2S Program Contacts

44 Questions? Thank you, we look forward to working with you! Please dont disconnect from the internet until you have taken the Webinar survey

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