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TheMotherboard& System Bus By Cynthia, Maxine, and Asianne.

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1 TheMotherboard& System Bus By Cynthia, Maxine, and Asianne

2 The Motherboard The main circuit board of the computer. Also known as main board, system board, base board, planar board, logic board, and mobo. Contains the memory, mass storage, CPU, BIOS, serial and parallel ports, and expansion slots.

3 The Motherboard Everything plugs directly or indirectly into the mobo. All chips on the mobo are known as the chipset. The chipset is divided into the north and south bridges.

4 The Motherboard All components communicate with the CPU through the chipset. The north bridge consists of the logic centre and RAM. The south bridge is slower than the north bridge. It is not connected directly to the CPU.

5 The Motherboard The south bridge controls all the input/ output functions. A form factor is a standardized mobo design. It defines the size and design (screw placement, etc.). Common form factor designs are PC/XT, AT/baby AT, and the ATX.

6 The Motherboard The PC was the first mobo design. It was very big. It was eventually replaced by the XT (extended technology), which was much smaller. The XT became the first standard mobo design.

7 The Motherboard The AT (advanced technology) was bigger than the XT, because they added more components. As circuits became smaller, mobo sizes were reduced. The baby AT, which was smaller, replaced the AT.

8 The Motherboard The ATX was close to the baby AT in size. It was cheaper to make, faster, and more stable. It also had more expansion slots. It is still the standard today.

9 Picture Slide! ^A motherboard^

10 Picture Slide! ^A System Bus^ Diagram

11 The System Bus Connects the CPU to the main system memory. Also called the front side bus, memory bus, local bus, expansion Bus, and host bus. The input/output buses branch off the system bus. It allows external devices to be added.

12 The System Bus It is composed of wire pathways that carry data. These pathways are called the data bus. It allows other parts of the computer to communicate with each other. It also transports data within the mobo.

13 The System Bus It is composed of the internal bus and external bus. The internal bus consists of the CPU, system memory, and mobo. It is the actual system bus. The external bus allows more devices to be added to the computer.

14 The End! Sources:webopedia.comcomputer.howstuffworks.comhardwarecentral.compccomputernotes.comImages: Background: Motherboard: System Bus:

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