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Sunnyside Travel Safely Toni Sparks-Hopkins, Ph.D.

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1 Sunnyside Travel Safely Toni Sparks-Hopkins, Ph.D.

2 PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Define expectations Actively teach and model expectations On-going system for rewarding student behavior System for responding to behavioral violations Monitoring and decision-making (referral data) Management (site-based steering mechanism) District-level support


4 Creating District-Wide Bus Expectations Choose no more than 3-5 expectations State all expectations positively Give examples and non-examples Establish a physical presence--walk the trenches. Rehearse, repeat, and reinforce

5 Example:Loading and Unloading When the bus is moving Respect Self Stay where the bus driver can see you. Stay on the sidewalk until it is safe to load. Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop. Keep body parts inside the bus. Keep two cheeks on the seat. Keep feet out of aisle. Watch for your stop. Respect Others Stand at arms length behind the person in front of you. Load the bus by holding on to the handrail so you dont trip on others. Talk softly so others may hear directions from bus driver. Keep all belongings tucked in the seat with you. Respect Property Keep bus stop clear of litter. Keep your belongings near you when waiting for the bus to load or unload. Keep all belongings inside your backpack. Keep feet on floor. Keep hands in lap.

6 Examples of Rewards

7 Recognition/Reward Provide attention to only those students that demonstrated expected bus behavior We can issue a bus behavior buck to students that follow your expectations that can be used at their school site Report students with bus referral to Director of Transportation

8 Possible Bus Rewards Student of the Week Seating-For older students- reward them the back seat of the bus for good behavior on the bus. Have assigned seats. Choose 1-5 students a day/week that have the freedom to sit wherever they would like.

9 Possible Bus Rewards Pick helpers for the busgive kids a job Who gets to leave first?? Pick random students- Choose 5 random students daily or weekly who have shown good behavior and pass out bus behavior bucks

10 BEHAVIOR ON THE BUS SURVEY OF 300 BUS DRIVERS (Randall Sprick at the University of Oregon) Problems in Order of Frequency Moving/ out of seat68% Noise/ rowdiness64% Rude/ disrespectful43% Fighting/ hitting39%

11 What Problems Do You Encounter? KidParentTeachers/staff Out of seat Aggressive behavior Verbal outbursts Bullying Physical aggression Coming out late Not home Coming out late Giving candy/treats Not supervising line Vending machines

12 Troubleshooting At a minimum review bus expectations each day for at least a month. Reward students consistently so they know that their appropriate behavior is valuable to you. Model expected behavior Please be aware of the language you use Avoid power strugglesdo not engage!!!! Adult behavior impacts student behavior (escalation) Avoid allowing the behavior to affect you personally.

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