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Bus Attendant Training 2011-2012 School Year WELCOME!

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1 Bus Attendant Training School Year WELCOME!

2 Agenda for Today Tim Street – BBP, Safety, and OJI Chip Fair – Job Description Joe Marlin – Doing It Right video & test Chip Fair – Bus Attendant Training Booklet Break Kecia Simmons – De-escalation Joe Marlin – Behavior Issues Jack Kelley – Packets/Timesheets

3 Problem Solving for Behavior Define the problem Generate different solutions ( Brainstorm ) Evaluate consequences of solutions Select the best solution Determine a plan to carry out the solution Implement the plan Revise plan, if necessary

4 Problems Identified in Survey Throwing Things Getting out of seat while bus is moving Spitting Aggression/fighting

5 Step 1 – Define the Problem What is the problem with throwing things? Who is throwing? What are they throwing? When are they throwing things? Where are they throwing? Why are they throwing things?

6 Step 2 – Brainstorm Solutions Ideas – think about all the possibilities. Dont judge yet, that comes later. There are no bad ideas at this stage. Think outside the box – its okay to be creative. What can I (we) do to prevent students from throwing things on the bus? Brainstorm

7 Step 3 – Evaluate Solutions If I do this, what can happen next? What are the consequences of using this solution? Will doing this make things better? Could doing this make things worse? Do I want to do this? Can I really get the students to do this?

8 Step 4 - Select the best solution This is the one I (we) think will work best. This is the solution that will solve the problem (maybe not the one that is easiest, or most fun, or simplest).

9 Step 5 - Determine a plan to carry out the solution Think it through. Make a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

10 Step 6 – Implement the plan. Just do it. Do it all the way (not half-way). Do it like you mean it. Do it like you want it to succeed. Give it a chance (dont expect everything to be perfect after the first trial)

11 Step 7 – Revise, if necessary After you give it a fair chance, change if necessary Go back to Step 2 (list of Brainstorm ideas) Next best idea

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