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Aggressive Driving, School Bus Passing Statutes and Recent Motor Vehicle Laws.

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1 Aggressive Driving, School Bus Passing Statutes and Recent Motor Vehicle Laws

2 Do you get angry at drivers?... 1.Never 2.Sometime 3.Often 4.Always

3 Do you get angry when someone cuts in front of you? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

4 Do you get angry at traffic jams, tailgaters or malfunctioning traffic lights? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

5 Do you get impatient at stoplights, in lines, or waiting for a parking space? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

6 When cars ahead of you slow down, or pedestrians take a long time to cross, are you impatient? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

7 Do you punish other drivers? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

8 Do you curse at other drivers or make obscene gestures at them? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Never

9 Do you block cars trying to pass or change lanes? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Always

10 Do you ride on another cars tail or brake suddenly to punish a tailgater? 1.Never 2.Sometimes 3.Often 4.Never

11 Number Aggressive Driving Charges in 2005 1.25 2.450 3.900 4.1800 5.3600

12 Convictions for Aggressive Driving 1.35 2.105 3.250 4.350 5.400

13 School Bus Passing Charges 1.300 2.1100 3.2500 4.4800

14 School Bus Passing Convictions 1.500 2.700 3.850 4.1000

15 Have you had an aggressive driving case? 1.Yes 2.No

16 Are you more likely to sentence an aggressive driver more harshly than reckless driver? 1.Yes 2.No

17 Do you regularly give PJCs in school bus cases? 1.Yes 2.No

18 Do You Ever Give PJCs in School Bus Cases 1.Yes 2.No

19 Number Move-over Charges 1.450 2.1350 3.3150

20 Number Convictions 1.150 2.250 3.350

21 GS 20-217 1.Failing to stop and remain stopped until 2.School Bus (public school bus, private bus carrying children, and public school bus carrying seniorsmust be marked with plainly visible sign) that 3.Displaying stop signal or flashing red lights for purpose of 4.Receiving or discharging passengers 5.Has withdrawn the stop signal, turned off the red lights and has started to move

22 Exceptions to GS 20-217 Road divided into two roadways (including one with a center turn lane) Bus driver or school administrator who requires child to cross multiple roadway highway road commits misdemeanor

23 Felony Bus Passing Class I felony to: 1.Violate bus passing statute and 2.Willfully strike a person 3.Causing serious bodily injury to that person No specific license consequences –No points –Possible license revocation under any felony revocation

24 Aggressive Driving-GS 20-141.6 1.Drive motor vehicle on highway or public vehicular area while 2.Violating speeding or speeding in school zone statute, and 3.Driving carelessly and heedlessly in willful and wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others –Special proof required to prove this, even though the language identical to reckless driving under GS 20-140

25 Aggressive Driving Special proof of reckless driving: –Two or more of following: Running a red light Running a stop sign Illegal passing Failure to yield right of way Following too closely Violation is Class 1 misdemeanor Five point on drivers licenses

26 Move Over Changes Effective July 1, 2005 Expanded to include public service vehicles –Assists with wrecked or disabled vehicles –Has amber light Violations of GS 20-157mandatory $250 fine, subject to exceptions Includes blocking fire trucks, parking too near accidents, general move over violations

27 Move Over Punishment Changes Failure to stop for police or emergency vehicles remains Class 2 misdemeanor Move over violation that results in more than $500 property damage or injury to emergency worker-- Class 1 misdemeanor Move over violation causing serious injury or death to such workerClass I felony –DMV may suspend license for up to 6 mos –Judge may issue limited privilege under GS 20-16.1, if not otherwise revoked

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