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Craven County Schools Transportation Services

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1 Craven County Schools Transportation Services

2 Bus Driver eStaff Development Training for 2012-13
Welcome Last Updated on July 2, 2012 Training topics to be covered in a electronic power point presentation

3 Why eStaff Development Training
Cost – efficient use of school financial resources helps maintain public support Employee cost – drivers do not have to travel to bus garage for meeting Employee time – drivers and school supervisor can coordinate bus driver training with other school activities

4 Transportation Services Web Homepage
From CCS homepage go to Departments then select Transportation Study Guides for renewal, railroad crossing procedures, etc… CCS handbooks – READ B.O.Y. presentations & memos Links for school bus transportation info

5 CCS iWeb Forms website Registered User Password protected
All Transportation forms are on this site TD 101 – Student Transportation Form TD 25 – Accident Report TD 148 – Acknowledgement of Participation Do NOT share any CCS forms with non-CCS employees without permission

6 Session Law 2010-20 & James City RR crossing
Law excludes only the James City RR “exempt” crossing from state law that requires school and activity buses to stop at “exempt” crossings in NC DO NOT STOP DO NOT USE FLASHERS PROCEED WITH CAUTION

7 Video/Audio Surveillance of Drivers & Passengers
School system methods of monitoring Bus camera systems on all school buses GPS tracking will be continued School and Garage staff observations Bus vehicle data (mileage, stops & etc.) Bus driver reports (start/stop times, speed) Unofficial methods of monitoring All activity is subject to monitoring !!!

8 In the Public’s Eye We are constantly in the “public’s eye.”
Cell phones and cameras make it possible for the public to record our actions. Think BEFORE you speak or act !!!! There are no “off the record” actions. No “Expectation of Privacy” while on bus performing bus driver duties.

9 Monitoring of Student/Driver Behaviors & Efficiency
Discuss impact for bus drivers Monitoring of driver actions/behaviors Monitoring of student conduct/actions Discuss bus camera/gps use Following bus route directions (stops) Verify actual working time (timesheet) Confirm preformed duties (pre – post trip)

10 School System Cell Phones
A phone must be available for use by driver in case of emergency situation. State Law - Do NOT use any style electronic devise while operating a school or activity bus!!!!!! This includes hands-free models - DO NOT WEAR HANDS-FREE on the bus. Bus camera will monitor driver actions Includes on & off driver related duties

11 School System Cell Phones
Driver must request system provided cellular phone, if needed. TD138 Cellular Phone Driver Agreement Cellular phone usage is tracked. Cost of use based on all minutes used. NOT a share plan for minutes used. Non school use will be billed to driver.

12 Passenger Safety Instructions
State law requires bus passenger safety instructions within first five days at start and once during second semester. Coordinate with bus supervisor. Explain “evacuation procedures” Required before each field trip (school or activity bus or charter bus).

13 Passenger Safety Instructions
Document in writing Bus Passenger Safety Instructions Use “School Bus Passenger’s Safety Guidelines” brochure on CCS iWeb “School Bus Safety Minute Presentation” Also use “School Bus Evacuation” brochure on CCS iWeb

14 School Bus Transportation in North Carolina
School bus transportation is a form of “public” transportation. School bus transportation is the safest form of student transportation. In Craven County approx. one-half of our students ride the bus AM or PM Educate general public just how safe children are when on school bus.

15 School Bus Transportation Services
Quality of professional bus driver Required training by federal & state laws Monitoring and re-certification of drivers Quality of school bus vehicle Compartmentalization Construction of vehicle 13 times more safe that average car

16 Pre trip & Post trip Inspection
Pre-trip inspection – required by law For driver & student protection Report malfunctions on sign-in sheet Post-trip inspection – Required by Craven County Schools Check for students or property left on bus Check for bus malfunctions – call if needed

17 Bus Accident Procedures
Do NOT leave the scene until authorized to do so by a supervisor. Notify authorities (911, school, garage). Complete a seating chart ASAP. Complete a written statement with details ASAP – for your protection. Complete TD 25 within 2-3 days.

18 Substance Abuse Screening
Local post accident testing Report all accidents to supervisor Generally all accidents require local testing DOT substance abuse screening Pre-employment Post-accident screening Random screening

19 Bus Route Changes Driver authorized for emergency route changes – weather, accidents & etc. Press “event button” to record changes Report route or stop change to supervisor Driver is NOT authorized for permanent route changes or bus stop location changes – follow procedures. Unauthorized changes create PROBLEMS.

20 Passenger Stop Changes
Must be approved PRIOR to implementation by bus driver Alternate stops – approved by sch & gar Out-of-district – Superintendent only School approves first – space on bus Garage gives final approval - No additional expense or mileage Consistent throughout county

21 Bus Route / Passenger Stop Changes During the Year
As new printouts are received, only approved stops will be listed on the updated bus route description printout If a stop address is not listed, do NOT continue to stop at address Be aware of the new TD123 (Bus route Discrepancy form)

22 DOT Projects & Warnings
DOT bridge projects often require bus route detours Contact garage for special re-routing Drivers are to READ & OBEY all DOT project signs, including weight limits Call garage for bus GVWR, if needed

23 Safety and Seating Assignment
Avoid having students seated near rear of bus when other seats are available. Students must be “completely seated on the bus seat.” Maintain an assigned seating chart. Do NOT exceed seating capacity of bus. Standees are strictly prohibited.

24 NC DPI Ridership Count This one ridership count provides the funds to operate our entire bus transportation operation. Inform students of importance of count. Encourage all students to ride this week. Inform parents of importance of count. Count students at least twice each run.

25 Consequences of Annual Ridership Count
Expect changes after data reviewed Bus routes at schools are modified. Buses at schools are switched on routes. Increase in buses assigned to a school. Decrease in buses at a school. Driver’s route time may be modified.

26 Reported Public Concerns
Reduce speed in residential areas. Talking on cell phone - bus camera use. Passenger stops too close together. STAY on the ROAD and OFF the grass. Reduce speed through intersections. NEVER leave scene of accident until instructed by police or school official.

27 We Promote Self Monitoring
What one activity or school bus driver does affects the public’s perception of all bus drivers for CCS. If you make a mistake – “tell your supervisor immediately.” Communication helps prevent small problems from becoming BIG problems.

28 Bus Driver Handbook Bus Driver Handbook has been revised for school year. The Bus Driver Handbook includes policies and regulations that directly affect bus drivers. Drivers are responsible for reviewing the bus handbook for changes each year. Must sign TD 148 to verify.

29 Observation Reports Bus Route/Driver Observation Reports
Route Observation Report (TD150) Route Discrepancy Report (TD123) Payroll Discrepancy Report (TD124) Become part of Driver’s file Repetitive/Multiple observations will be the basis for disciplinary action.

30 Disciplinary Action For Bus Drivers
CCS policy requires disciplinary action for several actions Extended unnecessary bus idling Moving violation while operating a bus Failure to report a bus accident Use of cell phone while operating a bus— NC law makes it illegal to use any electronic device while driving a school bus.

31 DMV Bus Driver Trainer Bunny Schramm, NC DMV DEPS
Web address contact info Mobile phone contact info School Bus Garage – (will take a message, (if no response from )

32 DMV Bus Driver Trainer “Driver Education Program Specialist.”
Employee of NC DMV, not CCS. Use CCS Groupwise to contact. Trainer will contact drivers to schedule renewal; if not contacted two months prior to expiration.

33 Bus Driver Certification and NC DMV Commercial Driver’s License
Two separate issues Certification b/w driver & BOE BOE can issue/cancel “certification” Proper certification allows driver to operate school system bus – sch or act CDL licensure b/w driver & DMV CDL license w/ P&S belongs to driver Can not operate bus w/o “certification”

34 CDL Medical Review DMV medical review process
Affects NC driver license eligibility CCS medical exemption process Determines CCS employment eligibility CCS makes the employability decision See Bus Driver Handbook for details

35 Bus Driver Pocket Card Requirements
School bus - white card Activity bus – blue card Signify eligibility for CCS Present pocket card when requested Return card when leave CCS

36 Activity bus driver certification upcoming DMV changes
School bus certifications cannot be converted to Activity Bus certifications. All original bus driver certifications will be “school bus” (yellow) certified. All “activity bus” certified drivers must become “school bus” certified by July 2015.

37 Activity Bus Procedures
Passenger stops are NOT allowed Driver is responsible for stops & safety Must have a current “pocket card” Supt. approves all out of state trips Passenger evacuation procedures NOT used by non school groups Only exceptions are recreation dept.

38 Nurse topics to be added

39 School Bus Garage Staff
Becton Broughton, Director David Rink, Transportation Supervisor Shelley Pritchett, TIMS coordinator ______________, Payroll coordinator Ronnie Everington, Inventory coordinator Donna Dixon, BSIP coordinator

40 School Bus Garage Staff
Service Areas Technicians Hav Area – Billy Moss & Dave Fink NB Area – Leslie Johnson & Jasper Flowers WC Area – Robert Lackey & Brandon Gaskins Local Vehicle/Route Coordinator – Hugh Jolly Shop Mechanic – Tim Wiscarva Fuel Truck – Henry Quinn

41 Transportation Supervisor
David Rink, Transportation Supervisor Supervises area technicians Daily sign in sheet Fuel for field trips Annual DPI Inspection Fueling schedule for school buses etc, etc……

42 TIMS bus route Coordinator
Shelley Pritchett, TIMS coordinator Initial bus routes Bus route updates Student residence data Alternate in district stop requests Out of district transportation requests Attendance boundary updates

43 TIMS – computerized bus routing and other uses
TIMS bus route update guidelines Update routes on original form Use highlighters, do not completely mark out names Complete promptly Bus path is determined by right or left; not by east/west or north/south

44 Early College bus route ridership accuracy
High School Drivers Be aware of Early College student stops are AM only Students not to be listed for PM Stop description will be coded with a or (# to the right)

45 Parent bus stop appeal procedures
Bus driver does not initiate Bus supervisor coordinates Changes must be approved Confirmed on printed route description Supervisor maintains record of approved alternate bus stops & out-of-district approved students

46 Financial Services Coordinator
Aaron Wallace, Financial Services Coordinator Bus route time and revisions Driver pay agreements & revisions Driver time sheets monitoring School bus field trip use & payment Driver CDL licensure & bus certification

47 Bus Route Time & Bus Driver Pay Agreements
Route time set by TIMS & driver data. TD day average required for changes. Verified by bus camera, GPS, staff. Non-driving time included in route time. Established Route time is maximum time without written explanation. Appeal procedures available on web.

48 Bus Driver Timesheets Only timesheets to used for payroll.
REQUIRED FOR ALL BUS DRIVERS. Must be kept current (2-3 days). Record bus number and route time on timesheet. Signatures required - you & supervisor. Timesheet will be returned for corrections.

49 School Topics Add specific school topics

50 Feedback Request Drivers are encouraged to provide written feedback on – eStaff Development – did the slides and discussion provide as much information as previous group session Additional topics – list of topics to include in next presentation Plus/delta summary from each driver

51 Self Evaluation Activity
How does driver report mechanical problem with bus? Which accidents have to be reported to bus supervisor? What ways are used to verify accuracy in actual time worked by bus drivers? School bus travel is how many times safer than private vehicle travel?

52 Acknowledgement of Participation Questions or Concerns
Review, sign and date the TD 148 form, “Acknowledgement of Participation …..” then have supervisor sign and date. For questions or concerns that are not answered by your supervisor, Becton Broughton (see GroupWise)

53 Best wishes for a safe and successful school year !!!

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