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BUS 442: Introduction to Marketing Research Yolanda Koscielski June 1, 2009.

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1 BUS 442: Introduction to Marketing Research Yolanda Koscielski June 1, 2009

2 Objectives 1.Learn about the most highly relevant resources available to you for BUS 442 (particularly those on your handout).

3 SFU Library Course Web Guides (2) 1. BUS 442: Primary Research web guide 2. BUS 442: Secondary Market Research web guide

4 Marketing Scales Handbook What? – A bibliography of research questions appearing in research articles Who? – Published by the American Marketing Association Why? – offers potential pitfalls + suggestions, survey questions Where? – Reference section of the library

5 Academic Articles Useful for seeing what is already known about your broad research topic, i.e., literature review Business Source Complete, PsycINFOPsycINFO PsycINFO tips: – Age limit options and other limits – Subject heading searches/thesaurus

6 Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) Where: Access under Journal articles and databases + drill down to category reports. What: Data on Canadian consumers based on an annual survey with a sample size of about 25,000 people Provides data on Canadians leisure activities, product consumption (by type and by brand), media exposure, and more How: PDF-like format; numerous tables organized by topic

7 Print Measurement Bureau Category Reports

8 Sample Table from PMB

9 Review Media Activity Tables: Viewers of specific kinds of TV shows 1. Which occupational demographic watches a significantly greater amount of fashion, beauty shows? 2. What percentage of Canadians 65+ years of age watch family dramas? 3. What percentage of viewers of Childrens cartoons has a post-graduate education?


11 Ipsos Reid Databases (2) Ipsos is a research firm Ipsos News Centre contains survey-based reports written by global IPSOS staff Ipsos Trend Report Canada contains public opinion, statistics, and analysis.

12 Private Research Found Elsewhere BBM: supplies radio and television audience ratings services to the Canadian advertising industry NADBank: NADbank designs and conducts research in Canadian urban markets…to assist in the buying and selling of daily newspaper advertising in Canada. Nielsen: Nielsen offers an integrated suite of market information gathered from a wide range of sources…

13 Private Research Found Elsewhere Go to websitewebsite Look for excerpts in articles; search in BSC, LexisNexis, etc. LexisNexis Check the library catalogue

14 TableBase Contains tabular data on companies, industries, products and demographics Data culled from 1,000+ resources Typical information: market share, market size, capacity, production, imports, exports, sales, product and brand rankings, healthcare

15 TableBase Search tips: – Keyword search only searches table title, text + descriptor field, so keep it simple! – Advanced search designed for more functionality, so keep it simple here, too.

16 Statistics Canada To find the demographics and characteristics for a population of a given area: – Census Canada website Data to the Census Tract level – PC Census (Standalone computer). Unique features: Data right down to the Census Dissemination Area, or to the Forward Sorting Area MapPoint software to create your own area

17 Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Area | Census Tract | Census Dissemination Area Directory of areas

18 Local Information Government can be a good source of local information: City of Vancouver (also see sites for other municipalities) City of Vancouver Tourism Vancouver, especially the Marketing Research page Tourism VancouverMarketing Research Vancouver Economic Development Commission Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association Business Council of British Columbia BC Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Association of British Columbia Metro Vancouver (GVRD) BC Stats SFU's Office of Institutional Research and Planning

19 Institutional Research and Planning at SFU They define, collect, analyze, maintain and disseminate institutional knowledge Provides information on SFU student population

20 Ask a Librarian Ask Away Ask Us by Email Ask Us by Phone Ask Us in person

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