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Spyder Sylk™ Enhanced October 2008.

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1 Spyder Sylk™ Enhanced October 2008

2 Spyder Sylk Enhanced Honeywell is Proud to introduce the New
Sylk Enhanced Spyder Controllers Honeywell’s Sylk Bus Will Reduce Installation Time Only two wires needed between the Spyder and a Sylk sensor Compatible with the TR70 Zio wall module Spyder Sylk enhanced directly replaces the current Spyder Tools are backwards compatible so previous programs and libraries can be used

3 Spyder Offers More Features to Solve
Spyder Sylk Enhanced Spyder Offers More Features to Solve Today’s Problems Sylk Bus for TR70 and other future Sylk Devices Fully Programmable Removable Terminal Strips Color Coded Terminals Internal Real-Time Clock Internal DC Power Supply VAV with Integrated Actuator Patented Advanced Control Algorithms

4 Spyder Sylk Enhanced Sylk Programmable Removable Terminal Strips
Sylk is a two wire, polarity insensitive bus which carries both power and communications between a Sylk enabled controller and a Sylk enabled sensor like the TR70 Zio Programmable With a large number of inputs and outputs, Spyder can be used on any piece of equipment and will give you the flexibility to create any application Removable Terminal Strips Wiring is fast and easy with Spyder Put an end to smashing fingers while trying to wire in a tight space Color Coded Input/Output Labels Only Honeywell makes connections and troubleshooting easy with color-coded labels for inputs and outputs The labels not only ensure that the controller is wired correctly, they also aid with troubleshooting because you can check specific wiring at a glance Internal Real-Time Clock With Spyder, there’s no need to add a separate timing device — a clock is built right in You’ll save installation time as well as have a backup for getting back to network time in case the network goes down Internal DC Power Supply Put an end to including extra DC power supplies to power external transmitters. An internal DC power supply saves you both the expense of external power and the additional wiring.

5 Tools Tool Programmable tool integrated into WEBsAX
Includes new TR70 Zio Block

6 Spyder Point Count I/O 6 Universal Inputs 4 Digital Inputs
3 Analog Outputs 8 Digital Outputs 2 Reserved for Actuator on Integrated Model DC supply

7 Spyder Controller Features
DC Power Supply Power external field devices without having to add additional power sources. Saves money and time. Integrated Honeywell Actuator Reduce installation costs. AC synchronous actuator increases life of the controller and reduces life cycle costs Integrated On-board Precision Pressure Sensor Floating Actuator Housing Actuator can float inside housing to increase life due to damper shaft runout Programmable Whatever your need Spyder can be programmed to solve the problem. Actuator De-Clutch Removable Terminal Strips Hard to reach places are easy to deal with. Color Coded Inputs and Outputs Reduce wiring errors and speeds up troubleshooting. Sylk Bus 2 wire polarity insensitive bus for use with Sylk enabled sensors like the TR70 Zio digital wall module Network Jack and Service Pin Easy access network Jack and service pin for quick installation and easy service.

Enables the use of Sylk enabled wall modules like the TR70 Zio digital wall module Reduces the cost of installation Programmability Enables the user to program any sequence Reduces the need to use a more costly Plant controller. Allows the user to meet the customers unique needs Removable Terminal Strips Remove controller without re-wiring Reduces time to install in hard to reach spaces and reduces time during servicing. Color Coded Terminals Terminals color coded to reduce errors during installation Reduces wiring errors and call backs On-Board Time Clock Allows user to use the controller as a time master or backup the network time master. Provides accurate control during network outages and reduces cost on smaller projects. DC Power Supply Provides a power source for sensors Reduces installation time and cost by providing a built-in power source. Advanced Control Algorithms Designed to control spaces with better accuracy and reduce controller overshoot Provides better environmental control and increases actuator life.

9 Spyder Initial Offering
PUL6438S Replaces PUL6438 PVL6438NS Replaces PVL6436N PVL6436AS Replaces PVL6436A

10 Literature Technical Literature 63-1325 Specification Data
Download at   Installation Instructions User’s Guide  Sales Literature SPY-ZIOMUS Contractors Rock Promo Sell Sheet Download from the BCS Teamroom   Spyder Controller Brochure Download at or print at   Spyder Unitary Controllers Sell Sheet   Spyder VAV Controllers Sell Sheet   Spyder Postcard


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