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June, 2007 Scientific Administration Solutions for Transport Management in Seoul, Korea.

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1 June, 2007 Scientific Administration Solutions for Transport Management in Seoul, Korea

2 Smartcard User Purchase / Recharge Fare amount Bus Metro Card User Card selling/ Recharge Infra Data collection Center System Cash User Payment Bus Metro Cash User Data collection Center System invoice Farebox by cash payment RF terminal or farebox by card payment Gate by MS ticket or RF token Gate by card payment 1. Concept of e-ticketing / Fleet Management system e-Ticketing (Automatic Fare Collection)

3 BMS Center Bus Information Terminal Driver Terminal GSM or CDMA RF VPNGPS Traffic Information Center National Police Office Fire Fighting Prevention of Disaster Headquarters Traffic Broadcasting Network Subway Corporation Bus operation Management, Operation Record analysis Front & Rear Bus Interval Bus stop Arrival Schedule Operation Route Traffic Conditions Vehicle Terminal Operation Device Bus Operation Monitoring Bus Operation Record Analysis SMS Sending to driver Bus Information Terminal PDA /cell phone Internet Route Inquiry Bus Arrival Schedule Information Real-Time Bus Location Information Public transportation Optimal path guidance BMS Components External Agency Connection BMS Center Passenger, Citizen Driver Company Fleet (Bus) Management System 1. Concept of e-ticketing / Fleet Management system

4 Bus interval management Safe operation Providing dynamic information to public BMS Center New Smart Card Real-time traffic management Transparent revenue management Omnipresence e-money service Transport Information Center Transport data gathering Transport analysis, fusion Monitoring & Management 1. Concept of e-ticketing / Fleet Management system How to work with each other ? BMS : Bus (Fleet) Management System

5 Integration of Public Transport Network New Fare System New Route Reorganization New Transfer System 1 1 2 2 3 3 Technological Innovation New Card System BMS / BIS Transport Information Center 4 4 5 5 6 6 Improvement of Mgmt. Skill Scientific Administration Bus Operation Management 7 7 8 8 Enhancement of Bus Infrastructure Median Bus LaneRoad Maintenance Premium Bus / Shelter 9 9 10 11 1. Concept of e-ticketing / Fleet Management system How to Work with Transport Reform ?

6 2. e-Ticketing System

7 Depot System Depot 1 Access Point On Board Equipment Sys. Depot System Internet Center (Clearance / Totalization / Management) System Public Transport Smartcard company File Collection System (Fare data / Boarding data) Authentification System (Card data) invoicing payment Clearance System (Card data) Totalization System (Card/Cash) Management System -System management -Passenger data management -Asset Management Bus Management System Fare data / Passenger Boarding data Card System Card Managemen t System Key Managemen t System Card Issuing Managemen t System Card Issuer/ Recharger Wireless or USB Depot System Depot 2 Depot System Depot n -------- Fare data Boarding data Card data Interface Note: Downloading terminal operation information such as fare table, new/closed bus stop, route information, list of black list card, firmware etc. Transport data collection by smart card 2. e-ticketing System

8 Depot System Antenna AP DCS FareBox Card Terminal Operators unit Conceptual Diagram for FareBox Bus FareBox External Shape Depot System - Totalization of the collected revenue for each depot Bus FareBox - Automatic cash fare collection - Automatic summary of revenue collected - Saving fare data 2. e-Ticketing System - Farebox Cashbox Passenger Manual slot Auto. Bill slot Auto. Coin slot Passenger display upper : Basic fare lower : Inserted amount / card balance amount Coin rejector Cashbox (inside) RF terminal Operator s Control Unit (OCU)

9 Fare Collection Automatic calculation of total fare collection Sub totalizing for each fare media safe fare keeping from arrival at depot to money counting room (cashbox electronic key) Automatic calculation of total fare collection Sub totalizing for each fare media Safe fare keeping from arrival at depot to money counting room (cashbox electronic key) Transaction Basic fare set for adult fare Multi processing for multi-passengers Manual acceptance function for emergency Scalability Scalable to accept various electronic fare media (Magnetic Stripe ticket & Pass as an Option) Automatic change return as an option FareBox Feature Farebox Function 2. e-Ticketing System - Farebox Automatic coin recognition & process up to 4 kinds of coins recognition velocity : 10 coins / sec reject function for bad coins Automatic bill recognition & process recognition velocity : 1 bill / sec upto 3 kinds of bills Additional function Automatic summary of the collected fare revenue Voice message & basic fare amount display for each passenger type Automatic cashbox locking when it is attached & detached. Self diagnosis Smartcard recharge function can be added as an option Fare data & farebox status data will be kept for 3 months

10 3. Fleet (Bus) Management System

11 Communication status / GPS receiving status Route status (interval between front/rear bus, bus route) Operator key Distance between front and rear bus, estimated time difference Operation information (departure time, operation time, operation distance, distance to destination, estimated time taking to next bus stop ) Illumination sensor (automatic light control) 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Bus route no. My bus Front busRear bus Bus stop A B C D E FG H 3. Fleet (Bus) Management System Equipment – Driver Terminal 2 3 4 5 6

12 LED Panel For Bus Information FrontSideInside Providing bus information using LED panel Provision of Destination, Bus stop and other information such as public notice & advertisement etc. Quality service to the public LCD panel is also available Featuring Bus Stop information (Simultaneous voice & message service) Headline news & commercial advertisement Semi-permanent life cycle Easy to adopt any changes (e.g route..) Interface with bus stop using BIS BUS BUS Company Bus Stop Control System 3. Fleet (Bus) Management System Equipment – LED panel

13 Bus arrival time notice service interfaced with BMS Center. Available to display advertisement 3. Fleet (Bus) Management System Equipment – BIT (Bus Information Terminal)

14 TIC (Analysis, Integration, Fusion) Various Traffic Data Collection Agent /System BMS Center BMS Data Transit Passenger Data Card System Traffic Condition Data Police Department Traffic Volume Data Video Data: CCTVs Private Corporation Remote Enforcement System Collection Data Fire Department Real-time Congestion Management Community for Information Sharing Decision Support for Policy Making Public Transport Management Total Transport Management & Information Service 4. Transport Information Center (TIC)

15 IntervalManagement RouteManagement RevenueManagement - ridership (revenue) - overlap - curve - congestion Veh/Km Computation Cost of Transport Payment Route Planning Evaluation Index Operation Schedule Bus Operation Management 5. Scientific Administration Demand Distribution

16 Bus Interval Management 5. Scientific Administration

17 Opt. Bus Dispatch 5. Scientific Administration

18 Minimize Fleet Congestion 5. Scientific Administration

19 Credit Card Companies Telecom Companies H/W Manufac- turers Card Manufac- turers Korea Teachers Mutual Fund Korea Local Administratio n Mutual Fund Solution Provider (16%) Financial Investor Korea Smart Card Corp. Seoul Metropolitan Government (35%) LG Group( 20%) + Investment Service Provider Facilitating fund raising – Investment from various stakeholders Securing public benefit – Participation of Seoul Metropolitan Government as the largest shareholder Stability of system operation – System operation by LG, the World IT business leader Strength of the Joint Venture Annex. Korea Smart Card Corp. (KSCC) KSCC Investors

20 Authentication Authority, Transaction Data Collection Authority, Charge Authority Ownership of Transportation Infrastructure Partnership with Transportation Operators Public Transportation Area VAN Business Charge Business Mileage Business e-Money Business Transportation Information Provide Taxi Call Center Management of Seoul Transportation System Nation-wide usable card Smart Card Additional Profit Transportation Infrastructure Additional Profit Basic Business Model Additional Business Model Korea Smart Card Corp. Business Model Annex. Korea Smart Card Corp. (KSCC)

21 6 Million Cards in Use (pre-paid & post-paid) 20,000 Terminals 7,000 Terminals 73,000 Terminals (Plan) 22 Million Transactions / Day Cards in use Terminal in Bus Terminal in metro Terminal in taxi Transaction per Day Service Capacity Annex. Korea Smart Card Corp. (KSCC)


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