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(Systems Analysis INTerface Board)

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1 (Systems Analysis INTerface Board)
General Presentation October 19, 2001

2 Purpose Purpose Target Usage Technical Advantage Uniqueness
A gateway between a products data bus and a PC. Target Usage Product development Product testing Manufacturing testing Technical Advantage Assists in data bus development Product diagnostics Automated testing Node (peripheral) emulation Assembly line testing Non-standard messaging (intentional errors) Uniqueness High speed processor (can emulate hardware peripherals in software) Flash programmable firmware (allows user to easily update/change firmware) Very low cost

3 Overview DEMON Gateway Replacement
Utilizes Ubicom (Scenix) 52-pin uP running at 50MHz RS232 & USB Interfaces Hardware capable of monitoring: CAN (High Speed & Low Speed 2-Wire) GMLAN (Single-Wire CAN) J1850 (Class 2) Keyword 71 and 82 High Speed IIC IDB-C (Connect as Node or Monitor) SPI (Connect as Controller or Monitor) Ford ACP (requires additional hardware) J1708 (requires additional hardware) BEAN (requires additional hardware) Other buses with help of stackable daughter board Flash Programmable Uses SX Blitz (future through USB) Firmware updates are available on the WEB (internal and external)

4 Hardware Board size 5.175” by 3.0”
Onboard bus support for Class2, CAN, and Keyword Capable of handling custom daughter boards for additional communication buses Assembled and packaged by CSI Electronics in Kokomo

5 Block Diagram

6 Software Firmware Bus Monitor SAINT Monitor Plugins Palm Applications
Unlimited Firmware updates available on the web Flash Firmware using the SX Blitz via the serial port Bus Monitor Easy to use Windows interface Supports decode, short, and raw data message displays Ability to send group and periodic message files Utilizes data filtering and emulation SAINT Monitor Plugins Integrates custom programs into the SAINT Monitor Reduces the need for an additional com port Example Plugins include C2 Memory Editor and Arbitrary Text Creator Palm Applications Compatible with Palm OS Version 3.5 and higher Example applications include C2 Memory Editor, DTC reader, and Palm SAINT Monitor

7 Original Bus Monitor

8 SAINT Bus Engine

9 SAINT Bus Monitor Plugin

10 Plugin Example Class 2 Memory Editor

11 Palm Applications

12 Future Direction USB Daughter Boards Hardware Revision 2.0
Integration of a USB daughter board is in progress. This will prevent having 2 different version of the SAINT board (serial and USB) along with keeping the cost low. Daughter Boards There are currently 2 daughter boards developed. One board supports 2 BEAN communication buses and the other supports J1708/ACP and E&C (still under software development) communication protocols. Hardware Revision 2.0 Enhancements to Rev 2.0 will include the addition of a new Ubicom (formerly Scenix) processor. This new processor will have a much larger memory size, USB capabilities, operate up to 100MHz, and much more. Plans also include have 2 CAN controllers with 2 transceivers for each type of CAN bus. This will require the implementation of a MUX to switch various I/O lines via software. Known Concerns Our biggest concern is the 9-pin power connector which limits the amount of busses brought out via banana plugs. Class 2 Flash Hardware Revision 1.2 added an 8K FRAM IC that will allow the support of up to 8K block transfers. The firmware and SAINT Monitor Plugin are currently being developed to support this feature.

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