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Saeger Middle School Detours While Implementing SW-PBS Dr. Brian Schick, Principal Dr. Kelly Helmick, Assistant Principal Jennifer Jorel, Tier 2/3 Coach.

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1 Saeger Middle School Detours While Implementing SW-PBS Dr. Brian Schick, Principal Dr. Kelly Helmick, Assistant Principal Jennifer Jorel, Tier 2/3 Coach Suzan Wilson, Tier 1 Coach Phyllis Bilodeau, Tier 1 Team Member

2 Who We Are at Saeger 760 students in grades 6 – 8. 13% SpEd, 19% Free/Reduced, 3% ESL. Our 6 th year in SW-PBS. Procedures in place for Tiers 1, 2, & 3. This has been a long journey with many detours! 2


4 Increase Positive Reinforcements We wanted to celebrate our good choices – Aside from honor roll and attendance awards – Aside from the 4:1 used in the classroom We wanted a system to track student progress. We wanted a system we could track our progress.

5 Positive Reinforcements Tear off caught-chas – Students drawn weekly for prizes – In the first year, caught-chas were up 1,385%! – Over 3,758 caught-chas were written. Caught-chas need to be simple!

6 Positive Reinforcements Privilege cards Assemblies Outside Lunches Give-Aways Thanks for being on a roll! (Tootsie Rolls) You make smartie choices! (Smarties) How about smore good behavior! (graham crackers & hot chocolate) Youve had a super sweet year! (snow cones)

7 Celebrations need to be memorable! Pictures of assemblies here.

8 Collective Involvement of ALL Staff We wanted all staff members to have input into our SW-PBS program and lesson planning. We wanted to build a sense of community, ownership, and true buy-in. We had naysayers! Ahhhhh! We needed it to be easy.

9 Collective Involvement of ALL Staff PLAN A: Allow teachers the latitude to integrate weekly lesson ideas into their curriculum. PLAN B: Have all departments take turns developing weekly school-wide Talking Points. – This includes everyone! – Set aside time in Home Base weekly for Talking Points. – Allow each area to address the behaviors they are seeing, and tie them to our core pillars.


11 Bus Issues! The 3:16 Spike! We had the core values down pat from 8:15 – 3:15. Bus issues were a huge problem. There was clearly a disconnect for our students.

12 Bus Issues! The 3:16 Spike! Bus driver SW-PBS kits at beginning of the year. – Team shirts for drivers. – Brochure explaining SW-PBS for drivers. – Caught-chas. – Laminated, magnetic matrix of bus expectations. – Life Savers and emergency chocolate. – Empowering our bus drivers to take control. Bus meetings at start of year. Bus Challenge – One week of no troubles meant an after-school snack. – The snack was handed to students by the bus driver. Adopted buses with high referrals. – Teachers boarded buses and provided daily pre-corrects.

13 Bus Issues! The 3:16 Spike Solved! Our efforts paid off! 2010 – 2011 113 bus-related office referrals. 2011 – 2012 59 bus-related office referrals.

14 Reluctant Teachers Just like student behaviors either avoid or get something, so does adult behavior! Was it to avoid work or was it to get more time for curriculum?

15 Reluctant Teachers Ask for their help on a specific task. – Bulletin boards, a small role in an assembly, seek their input, possible presenters at faculty meetings. – Make it a point to use their ideas. – Celebrate their small efforts (just like you would with a child). Peer pressure has power for adults. Surround them with positive joy. The results are in the data. This has power. Broadcast your data loud, clear, and frequently.

16 Reluctant Teachers Offer to help in problematic classrooms. – We contacted our district SW-PBS coordinator and asked her to do building walk-thrus. – We also asked her to make herself available to observe in classrooms and provide feedback to teachers. This was a safe, non-judgmental way for teachers to get ideas. Teachers actually took her up on the offer. This was not used in performance reviews and not shared with our building Principals. We continue to do mini-workshops at ALL faculty meetings. When you help teachers directly, they see the value!

17 Where is everyone? Help!!! Not enough time! Not enough people! We needed to divide and conquer.

18 Finding Help Divide your lead people by Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Each Tier needs its own Coach. Come up with specific leadership roles within each Tier. – Student Recognition – Community Outreach – Data – Communications – Teaching Expectations/Lessons

19 Staff Turn Over We had lots of retirees! This meant a lot of new staff members who had never heard of SW-PBS.

20 Staff Turn Over New staff = New Helpers! New staff are introduced to SW-PBS during a welcome aboard luncheon. This is followed up by a 3 hour required training session for new staff. Trained teachers with clear expectations help the entire team! A SW-PBS procedures manual is essential.

21 Community Involvement We need more parent and community involvement in our efforts. SW-PBS teams are stretched thin. Money is tight. We have on-going communication with our families, but it is out-going communication, and not a two- way dialogue. We want a partnership. Parents have power, and we need to harness that power!

22 Community Involvement We tried partnering with local stores frequented by our students by providing them caught-chas. – This did not work. We tried having parents sit in on the SW-PBS meetings, but we found it was difficult to maintain student confidentiality.

23 Community Involvement Parent brochure handed out at schedule pick-up. Monthly newsletter article focusing on behavior. Caught-cha winners are listed in our newsletter for parents. Our PACK (PTO) helps us seek donations for give- aways from local restaurants and stores. Our PACK is planning a family dinner night to raise money. This continues to be a gravel road for us. Any suggestions?

24 Contact Information Saeger Middle School 5201 Highway N Cottleville, MO 63304 636.851.5600

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