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BUS/ST 350-001 BUS/ST 350-001 M W F 12:25 - 1:15 N 3400 Instructor: Thomas Reiland Labs: M, W in Cox, Harrelson "But where shall I begin? "asked Alice.

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Presentation on theme: "BUS/ST 350-001 BUS/ST 350-001 M W F 12:25 - 1:15 N 3400 Instructor: Thomas Reiland Labs: M, W in Cox, Harrelson "But where shall I begin? "asked Alice."— Presentation transcript:


2 BUS/ST BUS/ST M W F 12:25 - 1:15 N 3400 Instructor: Thomas Reiland Labs: M, W in Cox, Harrelson "But where shall I begin? "asked Alice. "Begin at the beginning," the King said gravely, "and go on till you come to the end; then stop." Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

3 Course Description b b Prereq. MA 114; COM majors: Software Applications Proficiency Requirement Primary goals: To assist you in your transition from party animal to degree hostage to life-long learner. Specifically: 1. Incorporate statistical thinking into your everyday lives 2. Intelligently use appropriate data-gathering and data-analysis techniques in other courses and professional work

4 Contact Information b b 215A Patterson Hall tel b b b b Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00-4:00 Friday 1:45-2:45 by appointment


6 Course Materials b b Text Bundle: Statistics for Business and Economics, 10th ed., by James McClave, George Benson, Terry Sincich; Prentice Hall, Inc., ©2008, ISBN ebook option after 1/25/ b b Course pack: available in bookstore soon (~$15.00)

7 Auditorium Behavior b No food or drink; deposit outside auditorium. b Early departures distracting and annoying. b Not a bus station! I expect same behavior as a normal classroom. b Turn off cell phones; leave aud. to make calls. b Extended conversations bother those around you. b Promptly inform me of any problems. b Lost and found: 2100B Nelson.

8 Exams b b 3 exams and a final (not cumulative) b b multiple choice opscan format b b 3 X 5 card, Key Formula Guide, calculator b b If score on final exam is higher than lowest score on first 3 exams, I will substitute the mean of the final exam score and the lowest score for that lowest score. b b The final exam score will not be replaced in this manner

9 Exam Scores OriginalNewOriginalNew Exam Exam Exam Final Exam Unexcused absence

10 Exams (cont.) b b Exam 1: Fri. 2/8 b b Exam 2: Fri. 3/14 b b Exam 3: Fri. 4/11 b b Final exam: Mon. 4/28, 1-4pm (Nelson 3400)

11 Homework b b Twelve assignments during the semester b b WebAssign will be used for homework b b Each homework worth 30 points b b 3 submissions typically allowed; b b Hw solutions available after due date b b First homework posted tomorrow to webassign (surveys, problems).

12 Homework (cont.) b b You are encouraged to discuss homework problems b b However, your submission of solutions must be done independently; violations will not be tolerated and will be considered a form of cheating b b do not wait until the last minute to start the homework

13 Lecture Worksheets b b Short problem related to recent lecture material; group or individual work b b Used in some lectures and most labs b b Not graded for accuracy or correctness b b help you keep up with material; assist you in identifying what you do not yet understand b b 5 points awarded for each one you do b b approximately 30 total; best 20 used for grade

14 Grades b b Exams 1, 2, 3: 100 pts each b b Final: 100 pts b b HW: 360 pts b b Lecture worksheets: 100 pts b b Total: 860 pts. b b See grade scale table b b Plus/minus grading will be used

15 Grades (cont.) b No special considerations b No individually tailored hw assignments/projects b All students will be assigned a grade based on work that is assigned to the entire class b Note policy on incomplete grades.

16 Grades (cont.) b Makeup work will be accepted at the discretion of the instructor and must be arranged at the student's initiative within two weeks of due date, prior to two weeks before the end of classes. b Worksheets

17 Top 2 Points of Advice from Previous 350 Students 2. Dont wait until last minute to start webassigns 1. Go to class, keep up.

18 LABS To add the lecture or a lab during first week: b b Green sheet: 2100B Nelson Attend the lab sessions b b Course details handled in labs b b No labs this week!

19 Lab Times/Locations BUS locations, not ST 2011:30-2:20MRiddick :35-3:25M Riddick :30-2:20W Dabney :35-3:25W Harrelson :40-4:30WGardner :30-2:20W Cox 200

20 Computers and Calculators b b Excel (Excel tutorials on CD) b b Helpful to have a calculator that handles bivariate data ($15-$20) b b It is not necessary to purchase an expensive calculator for this class

21 COM Courses that Have BUS/ST 350 as Preq. Or Coreq. ACC320ACC450ACC521ACC 525 BUS370BUS420BUS422BUS426 BUS455BUS462BUS480BUS562 BUS 575EC351EC451EC490 TAM416TT331

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