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Responding to School Bus Accidents IASBO Transportation PDC.

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1 Responding to School Bus Accidents IASBO Transportation PDC

2 Presenters MODERATOR –Dr. Brian Murphy Director of Transportation/Technology Lincoln Way High School District 210 PRESENTORS: –Mr. Lawrence Martinez Director of Transportation Oswego CUSD 308 –Mr. Kenneth Surma Assistant Principal/Transportation Services Troy CCESD 30-C –Mr. Richard Wilkey Director of Transportation/Assist. Dir. Buildings & Grounds Lincoln Way High School District 210

3 Biggest type of Mass transit in the United States 10 Billion Student Trips each year 8.8 Billion to and from school 1.2 billion activity trips ~500,000 school buses on road each day ~ 24 Million Students Each year Since 1990 - 407,000 Fatal Traffic Accidents in US School Bus Accidents account for 1/3 of 1% ~ 1,450 accidents Not one student death in 2003 National Statistics –Bus Safety

4 Illinois Statistics Since 2005 –Average of 2287 accidents/year –21 Fatalities 0 – Bus Driver 0 – Passenger 11 – Other Vehicle Occupants 2 – School Aged children 8 – Other Pedestrians

5 Video Montage Most School Bus crashes are minor in nature, the school bus has an advantage due to the size and weight of the vehicle. Many more people are killed in other vehicles than school buses.

6 Legal References Illinois Motor Vehicle Code –625 ILCS 5/11-406 through 416 -406 -Duty to Report an Accident. Section B specifically talks about School buses -407- Immediate Notice of Accident -411 – Accident Report Forms FMCSR – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – ( Post Accident Testing) » 49 CFR 382.303

7 Pre-Accident First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Emergency Warning Devices Insurance Card Proof of Safety Check Name, Number and Phone Number of School District Drivers License List of Students on the Bus Seating Charts

8 Accident Procedures No Accident is the same and what will be covered in the documentation on the slides to follow is just a guideline and is subject to change depending on the situation. Oswego Procedures Troy Procedures

9 Anatomy of a Bus Accident Policies and procedures in the event of a school bus accident. Responsibilities of: The Supervisor The Dispatcher The Driver

10 The scenario November 20, 2009 8:17 am Bus #26 Two-Way radio call: Bus 26 to base - - Ive been in an accident, and was rear-ended by another car. Dispatch: Do you have students on board? Driver: Yes Dispatch: What is your location? Driver: I am on Black Road, just east of Route 59 at the stop light by the Home Depot. Dispatch: Are there any injuries? Driver: Im not sure; Im checking. The car that hit me looks pretty bad. Dispatch: We are dispatching 9-1-1.

11 The scenario November 20, 2009 8:17 am Bus #26 I, Supervisor, immediately grab my two-way radio and leave for the scene. Supervisor: Supervisor to all buses: This is a Code Pink. I repeat, this is a Code Pink. What is a Code Pink? All bus drivers are to maintain radio silence unless they are having an emergency. This includes suggestions on providing assistance. All vehicles are to proceed with the normal activities. All bus drivers and monitors are to prepare for additional duties and responsibilities.

12 The scenario November 20, 2009 8:17 am Bus #26 What am I getting myself into? Supervisor: Ken to Bus #26. Give me an assessment of injuries. Driver: (screaming and crying in the background) Everyone is pretty shaken, and I have one boy with a good gash on the back of his head. Supervisor: 10-4. Im just about there.

13 At the Scene The bus The car

14 At the Scene Assess the situation: Primary: Emergency personnel present ?? Condition of driver ?? Condition of students ?? Condition/safety of bus ?? Do I need additional resources ?? Secondary: Condition of driver of other vehicle ??

15 At the Scene No emergency personnel present Checked the bus and determined it was safe. Safer to leave children on the bus until emergency personnel arrive. Assessed the driver and determined no injuries. Assessed the children and found one injury. Contacted dispatch to: 1.Get two buses to the scene and stage in Home Depot parking lot. 2.Have the mechanic come to the scene to check the condition of the bus. 3.Have another driver come with the mechanic to the scene to drive Bus #26 back to base. 4.Call the school to inform principal of situation and to have school contact parents. Assisted with first aid to injured child.

16 At the Scene Emergency personnel arrive: Brief them of the situation. They handle emergency care for the child and transport to hospital. Have additional buses park by bus #26 to begin evacuation procedures. Mechanic stated that bus is drivable, so additional driver transported bus to base. Driver involved in accident is sent for post-accident drug/alcohol test and medical evaluation. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. ISBE 50-26 Illinois Motorist Report Insurance Claim Packet Supervisors Report

17 Responsibilities The Supervisor The lead person until such time that emergency personnel take over some responsibilities. Be able to assess as much as possible in a short period of time. Must make quick and decisive decisions. Not there to make friends; youre there to handle a crisis. Children are #1. The Driver(s) Stay as calm as possible. Give short and to-the-point answers to questions. Assess and assist the children. Stay away until summoned.

18 Responsibilities The Dispatcher Coordinating the effort. Prepare to ask questions. Get the most information with the least amount of questions. Ready to assist. Dont question why.

19 Post Accident Procedures Getting the appropriate Documentation Illinois Motorist Report (Copy) Citation (Copy) Driver Accident/Incident Report Accident/Incident Investigation Report Bus Passenger Position Chart Bus ID/Insurance Card Accident Pictures Sending Appropriate Documentation to Appropriate Agencies Illinois Motorist Report (State of Illinois) Insurance Company Driver, Personnel File, Supervisor

20 When to Test a Driver Accidents that follow criteria outlined in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 382.303) Criteria to help determine when to test a driver Human Fatality Citation Issued – YES or NO – Driver must be tested Bodily Injury requiring medical attention and Traffic citation is issued to bus driver Citation Issued = Yes = Driver Tested Citation Issued = NO = Driver Does not need to be tested If either vehicle is towed Towed = yes = Driver Tested Towed = no = Driver does not need to be tested

21 What to Report to State Completed Illinois Motorist Report – Within 10 Days of accident When reporting by Phone (217) 782-7674 Date, time and Location of Accident Drivers name and license number Other drivers license and name Type of Bus involved Number of Children Involved Description of Accident What to send to the State A Completed Illinois Motorist Report.

22 Sample Forms Bus Accident Passenger Seating Chart Injured Passenger List School District Accident Form Driver Accident Report Bus Accident Passenger Seating Chart Bus # _________Driver:_____________________________Date:_________ BUS DRIVER Seat ASeat BSeat CAisleSeat DSeat ESeat F Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row 10 Row 11 Row 12 Row 13 Signed: _______________________ Injured Passenger List Bus #:______________ Driver:____________________ __ Date:________ ___ Name of InjuredSeatType of InjuryTransported to Signed: _________________ School District Accident Form Date:________Time:_________Route:_______ Driver:____________________Bus#:_________ Notified EntityTimeWho CalledWhom did you speak with? Local Police Insurance Company School District Office School Building Administration If another bus was sent to scene, what bus number? Office Personnel on Scene Comments: __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

23 Questions and Discussion

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