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GPS Tracking Solution bTree Technologies.

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1 GPS Tracking Solution bTree Technologies

2 bTree Technologies Company Profile
We would like to introduce our company bTree Technologies in Chennai as a provider of various solutions such as GPS Tracking System, Fleet Management, ERP Solutions and Web Hosting. bTree Technologies engage on supplying high performance GPS tracker, and offer the best humanization and professionalization service. We resort our advantage of research and development and succeeded in applying to vehicles of Taxi , Vehicles of Physical Distribution, Bus, Vehicles of tour and so on ,no matter hardware and software ,we all obtain the customer's praise, which make us more dynamic to supply perfect products to repay customers. Pleasure to take this opportunity to give you the presentation on GPS Tracking System.

3 bTree Technologies GPS Tracking System
The Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is the best safety system and management tool available today for your Commercial Vehicle or Personal Vehicle for safety and tracking management . GPS Tracking System Using the GPS tracker you will be able to track your chosen vehicle via satellite in real time over a period of time and relay your vehicles exact location using GSM/GPRS infrastructure to transmit signals to you by SMS message, through the SIM card placed inside Why GPS Tracking System This will allow you to keep an exact position on any vehicle up to 3 meters accuracy, whether you need to keep an eye on your vehicles. With this automobile tracker, never again worry where your vehicle, goods and persons are. How GPS works GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

4 bTree Technologies How GPS Vehicle Tracking System works Benefits
GPS tracking device: The device is fixed in the vehicle and captures the GPS location information and time at regular intervals and uploads to the DATA Centre GPS tracking server: The tracking server has three responsibilities: 1.Receiving data from the GPS Tracking Device, 2. Securely storing it and 3. Serving this information on demand to the user User interface: “btreetracker” is a Web based tracking application using Google map to monitor the status of the vehicles and other data on the reports Benefits Advantage Anti-Theft Locate & Track your vehicle from anywhere and anytime Total KMS travelled (Consolidated and Date-wise) Travel History play back with maps Geo-Fencing Area IN and OUT Monitoring Vehicle speed Fuel monitoring Alerts of Over Speed,Idle,Parking, Power-Off Safety System Enhancing security for your drivers, vehicles and goods Reduces operational costs and improves customer service Increases the efficiency, productivity and accountability of your transportation assets Cuts Fuel Cost, Labor cost and Enables Better supervision At one operational base, enables the owner or a authorized party to track the vehicle's location

5 Beneficiary of the GPS Vehicle Tracking System
bTree Technologies Beneficiary of the GPS Vehicle Tracking System Taxi 1. Location of the Vehicle 2. Trip sheet details 3. Distance travelled 4. Vehicle Maintenance – Over Speed / Ignition on-off status / Idle time. 5. Anti theft Car Rentals / Travels / Call Taxies / Company and Personal Vehicles Heavy Equipment Security for your Drivers, Goods and Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Cargo Transportation / Logistics / Construction Bus 1. Pick up and Drop Location and Time School / Colleges / Travels / Company Buses Truck Marketing area coverage of the products. Ensures on-time delivery Distributor Agencies

6 bTree Technologies Products Vehicle Solution bT-VTS1 bT-VTS2
Motorcycle Solution bT-MTS1 Personal Tracking Solution bT-PTS1 4. Monitoring Solution : Web Monitoring System Smart Phone SMS command 5. Other Accessories Camera Phone Relay SOS Fuel Sensor bT-VTS1 bT-VTS2

7 bTree Technologies Device Specification bT-VTS1 bT-VTS2
Advanced GPS chipsets and multi-band GSM module Track by SMS or GPRS Track by interval or on demand SOS Key Low power alarm Protection from high or low level voltage The data resend from signal dead zone External power disconnection alarm Fatigue driving alarm Cut off engine Detect engine, ACC, doors, air-condition etc TCP/UDP protocol Internal Li-polymer battery 3 digital input, 1 digital output Advanced GPS chipsets and multi-band GSM module Track by SMS or GPRS Track by interval or on demand SOS Key Low power alarm Protection from high or low level voltage The data resend from signal dead zone External power disconnection alarm Cut off engine Measure fuel level and temperature etc Detect engine, ACC, doors, air-condition etc, Set parameters by SMS or software Update firmware by remote operation or computer TCP/UDP protocol Internal Li-polymer battery 4 digital input, 3 digital output ,2 analog input Supports one serial peripherals(such as vehicle handle, camera, navigator, oil-collector)

8 Key-Features and Settings
bTree Technologies Application Features Key-Features and Settings Reports Three ways to track vehicle: WEB-based, Smart-phone and SMS command monitor. Multi-users management system Controls 5000 tracking targets synchronously at least Super administrator manages all users and trackers Each general user only manage his/her own tracker; Track by interval or on demand Track real time Support take photo Supports MIS reports Set node on the map, such as mark your company in the map Support Google Maps Show Alarms Set Geo-Fencing for IN and OUT monitoring Draw Route to calculate distance between the places Multi-Vehicle tracking Set speed, parking time, idle time alerts. Historical Play back Current Location report Alarm records report Alarm frequency report Driving records report Vehicle mileage report Fuel consumption report Parking report Status report GEO-Fence statistics Trip event reports Vehicle trip summary Running trip summary Idling report GEO-Fence alarm report Temperature report

9 bTree Technologies Current Location

10 Multi-Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Mileage Report
bTree Technologies Multi-Vehicle Tracking History Play back Running Trip Report Vehicle Mileage Report

11 bTree Technologies Demo Commercial
Browse from any web browser such as IE, Google Chrome, Firefox Enter user details as ‘btdemo’ with password as ‘btdemo’ and click Login button Monitor vehicle in left tree ‘TN02X7374’ In historical playback report, choose the above vehicle and filter for date as From date – 6-Feb-13 and To date 6-Feb-13 All reports can be generated for above vehicle Settings option can be viewed but cannot be altered as it is password protected. bT-VTS1 – Rs.7500/- + VAT per device Application cost Rs.300/per month per device. The application cost can be paid monthly or half-yearly or annual Installation Rs.300/per device (depends on vehicle and features to support) SIM card with VTS Plan to be arranged by customer. The VTS plan costs Rs per month + additional SMS usage charges.

12 bTree Technologies Thank You………. Contact : bTree Technologies
1/24, TSD Nagar, 2nd Main Road, Arumbakkam, Chennai Mobile: Website: Mail-id:

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