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WHY AASANKA. Should you study at home or coaching class? Go to private coaching or organised coaching Go to kota or study in your city Should I aim for.

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2 Should you study at home or coaching class? Go to private coaching or organised coaching Go to kota or study in your city Should I aim for IIT or be happy with any engineering college? When to go to college? When to go to coaching class? When? When? Instead of feeling decisive, parents and children feel helpless CLASS X1: TIME FOR DECISIONS, TIME FOR CONFUSION

3 Simple: let the child go a coaching class Which coaching class? Well, any one will do They publish such large ads promising easy entry into IITs and engineering colleges Is this true? Is life really so easy HOW DO PARENTS DECIDE TODAY

4 IIT JEE - Out of 36 students, 1 selected 35 fail (Of the 311,258 candidates who appeared in the examination conducted on April 13, 2008, 8,652 candidates have been declared qualified to seek admission, giving a selectivity of 1 in 36 overall ) Indias BEST coaching in Kota - Out of 20 students, 1 selected 19 fail Mumbais BEST coaching - Out of 22 students, 1 selected 21 fail New Delhis Best coaching - Out of 24 students, 1 selected 23 fail COACHING CLASSES: MYTH AND REALITY

5 SO HOW DO THEY GET RESULTS The choosen few The bright students who would have qualified with or without coaching - strong focus by coaching class with the best teachers. The photo students The rest of the class - unimportant and uncared for. Inexperienced teachers. These students photos will NOT appear in the newspapers The neglected many

6 From 80 to 1500 students in a class Cant understand a lecture? Sorry, no time to repeat the lecture. Forgot a lecture? Well, bad luck Would like to clarify some concept? Sorry, the professor has no time Spending time talking to your friends? Unfortunately the professor cant be bothered AND WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REST

7 Teaching of basic concepts? Sorry no time for that. The curriculum has to be finished first The focus is only on assignments and hard problems - this is the only thing that matters to coaching classes WHERE DO COACHING CLASSES FAIL

8 Students are given tests to solve at home The next day, a few assignments are solved by the teacher Your individual assignments? Sorry, the teacher has no time for individual attention Who is supposed to check the papers? Who is supposed to be the expert? You, or the teacher? SO WHAT HAPPENS TO ASSIGNMENTS

9 Imagine a strong teachers 3 hour class of 80 students In 1 minute a doubt is asked. The teacher takes 2 minutes to answer. Time taken in each Q&A is 3 min Even a strong teacher can answer only 60 students and maximum of 1 doubt per student - 3 hours will be gone with no further teaching What actually happens - Even great teacher targets finishing the course and NOT answering doubts Still want to raise doubts? You will be lucky if the teacher hears you. So what do you do? Check with your friends? Or forget about the doubt DO THEY HANDLE DOUBTS AT ALL? SOMETIMES - THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS

10 Tests are conducted periodically After the test students are given solution Students are made to analyse their test attempt against standard solution Marks and rank in the coaching is the ONLY personal feedback Dont know your strengths and weaknesses? Unfortunately neither does your teacher SO IS THERE ANY FEEDBACK AT ALL?

11 Because the school system is not able to do full justice Because the coaching classes prey on the helpnesses of parents Because parents dont know how the system works Because parents are not able to see beyondthe full page ads and the top rankers Because every parent wants his child to be a top ranker WHY DO COACHING CLASSES SUCCEED IN ATTRACTING SO MANY STUDENTS

12 Because they teach a crowd, not a student Because they want to finish the curriculum, not explain concepts WHY DO COACHING CLASSES AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM FAIL

13 SO WHATS THE IDEAL WAY Where the student is at the centre of the teaching system Where his individual strengths and weaknesses are analysed Where his doubts are immediately clarified Where the path from concept to assignment is smooth and seamless



16 More than 3000 concept lectures created by a team of IITians under the leadership of Atul Nigam, the 1 st IITian to start coaching classes in India Atul has so far created over 1000 IITians in his teaching career TOP-RANKER OR LOW RANKER - EVERYBODY GETS THE SAME LECTURE

17 Forgotten a lecture? No problem. Just go back to the lecture and hear it as often as you need Dont feel like studying in the mornings? No problem. Study whenever you feel like. The system is at your disposal Commuting is tiring you out? Save your energies for your studies COACHING CLASSES TIE YOU DOWN - AASANKA SETS YOU FREE

18 Our mentors are on call Raise any doubt - as often as you need to. Our mentors will guide you and coach you HAVE DOUBTS? DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK

19 Aasanka is a personalised tutoring system Our personalised approach tells you where you are weak, what you should study, which references you should go thru, in what sequence to study WEAK IN SOME? STRONG IN SOME? NOT CLEAR IN SOME?

20 Aasanka has over 40000 problems for you to solve You get immediate feedback on every question that you attempt COACHING CLASSES GIVE YOU MANY PROBLEMS TO SOLVE - WHAT DOES AASANKA DO?

21 ALL coaching classes thrive by herding students into a class and getting them to mud equations Aasanka starts with basics - only when you have mastered the basics do you to the stage of problem - solving FUNDAMENTALS OR ROTE? THERE IS NO DEBATE

22 Some coaching class fees are like marriage expenses - a huge burden on the parents Aasanka fees are designed to appeal to every class of society At Rs 10000, it does not burn a hole in anyones pocket COACHING CLASSES ARE EXPENSIVE - WHAT ABOUT AASANKA

23 Coaching classes teach a crowd - Aasanka teaches one-on-one Coaching classes give you equations to mug, aasanka gives you live examples to understand The coaching class teacher wants to complete the curriculum - aasanka wants you to understand COACHING CLASSES HAVE A TEACHER - HERE, THERES ONLY A COMPUTER

24 Aasanka is a low risk, high reward tutoring format It is cheap - so it is accessible to the masses It is designed to make your understand - so learning becomes fun GAME, SET, MATCH AASANKA?

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