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SQL Performance Management with SCOM 2007

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1 SQL Performance Management with SCOM 2007
16th April 2010 SQL Performance Management with SCOM 2007 Bob Duffy Database Architect Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence

2 Speaker Profile – Bob Duffy
SQL Server MVP MCA/MCM for SQL Server 18 years in database sector, 250+ projects Senior SQL Consultant with Microsoft Regular speaker for TechNet, MSDN, Users Groups, Irish and UK Technology Conferences On MCM 2008 exam working group Database Architect at Prodata SQL Centre Excellence, Dublin SQL Geek ;-)

3 Agenda What does SCOM do for SQL SQL Performance Counters
Analysing performance in Ops Console Adding Performance Rules Querying/Analysing Performance Data Adding Custom Reports Performance Monitors and Alerts Questions

4 What Does SCOM do for SQL
Health Monitoring & Alerting Availability Configuration Security Performance Reporting/ Analysis Historical Service Level Tracking

5 SCOM Architecture “Nobody knows how to monitor Microsoft technology better than Microsoft, and Operations Manager provides us with that needed expertise in a form that’s ready to use.” – Matthew O’Neill, Group Head of Distributed Systems, HSBC Global IT Operations

6 Out of the Box Perf Reports

7 Console based Views, and Dashboards (Out of the box stuff)

8 Performance Counters Seven Common Groups of Performance Counters CPU
Memory Storage Buffer Pool SQL Workload Database Counters Locking This is not a complete list, just a good list for a baseline and general performance monitoring/tuning (see references for more links)

9 1. CPU Counters Object Counter SCOM? Processor % Processor Time
Windows MP % Privileged Time Process\sqlserver.exe % Interrupt Time Processor Queue Length % DPC Time System Context Switches/Sec

10 2. Memory Counters Object Counter SCOM? Memory Pages per Second
Windows MP Page Reads/Sec Page Writes /Sec Pool Non Paged Bytes Pool Paged Bytes Available Mbytes Paging File % Usage SQLServer:Buffer Manager Page Life Expectancy Pages Reads/Sec Pages Writes/Sec Memory Grants Outstanding Buffer Cache Hit Ratio SQL MP SQLServer:Memory Manager Target Server Memory (KB) Total Server Memory (KB) Connection memory (KB) Lock memory (KB) SQL Cache Memory (KB)

11 3. Storage Counters Object Counter SCOM? Logical Disk
Avg. Disk Sec/Read Avg. Disk Sec/Write Avg. Disk Sec/Transfer Windows MP Disk Reads/Sec Disk Writes/Sec Disk Transfers/Sec Current Disk Queue Length

12 5. Buffer Pool Object Counter SCOM? SQLServer:Buffer Manager
Total Pages Target Pages Database Pages Pages Reads/Sec Pages Writes/Sec SQServer:Plan Cache Cache Pages Cache Hit Ratio

13 6. SQL Workload Tip: Use sp_user_counter1 to set a custom counter
Object Counter SCOM? SQLServer:General Statistics User Connections SQL MP SQLServer:SQL Statistics Batch Requests/sec Transactions/Sec SQL Compilations/sec SQL Re-Compilations/sec SQLServer:Access Methods Full Scans/sec Index Searches/sec Range Scans/sec Page Splits/sec SQL Server: User Settable Query Tip: Use sp_user_counter1 to set a custom counter

14 7. Database Counters Object Counter SCOM? SQLServer:Databases
Transactions/Sec SQL MP Log Growths Data File(s) Size (KB) Log File(s) Size (KB) SQL MP Log Bytes Flushed/Sec Write Transactions/Sec

15 8. Locking Object Counter SCOM? SQLServer:Locks
Number of Deadlocks/Sec SQL MP Lock Timeouts per sec Lock Waits/Sec Average Wait Time Lock Requests/Sec SQLServer:Latches Average Latch Wait Time

16 Adding Performance Rules to SCOM for SQL Server

17 The Operations Manager DW Model
Real time (ish) Data Warehouse Three Aggregates Raw Hourly Daily Views used to abstract tables and prevent locking and support partitioning

18 Core Performance Objects

19 Other Nice Fact Tables

20 Querying and Analysing Performance Data

21 SCOM Reporting Options
SSRS Custom Reports Service Level Dashboard 2.0

22 Custom Reporting with Report Builder

23 Automating Performance Monitoring
What do these counters actually mean ? See Jimmy May’s Blog et al (in references) SCOM has flexible Monitor rules for perf counters Static for basic thresholds like P.L.E, %Processor Time Self Tuning for baseline counters like User Connections Tip: P.A.L. is fantastic for understanding counters and thresholds. Find it on codeplex…

24 Adding Monitoring Rules to SCOM

25 Scorecards and Dashboards
PerformancePoint builds scorecards Really needs a cube to be built Solution Accelerator available Needs SharePoint 2007+

26 Scorecards and Dashboards
Availability Metrics Performance Counters Monitor State Detail Hourly Data Daily Trends

27 Scorecards and Dashboards

28 Tracking Service Levels
SCOM 2007 R2 Includes Service Level Tracking Can Track Entire Health Model Includes Web parts for MOSS Roll your own route in Performance Point Generally requires a cube to be built Some Accelerators available (see appendix)

29 Tracking Service Levels

30 Wrap Up on SCOM Good Availability Monitoring Tool
Good Alert/Event Tool There are better pure “performance” tools With some work can do performance monitoring Not really a diagnostic tool: DMV, Wait Stat and trace files not covered Can scale to entire organization though… Can be a vehicle for Service Level Tracking

31 Questions ?

32 References/Blogs Microsoft SQL Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 Useful Ops Manager 2007 SQL Queries Operations Manager 2007 Reporting Guide SCOM Scorecards and Dashboards Sample Application/Accelerator SCOM 2007 Service Level Dashboard Solution Accelerator SQL Perfmon Object Counters and Thresholds

33 Thank You!

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