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Full-Time Benefits Orientation

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1 Full-Time Benefits Orientation

2 Agenda Benefit Flexible Credits Medical Plans Dental Plans Vision Plan
Flexible Spending Accounts Life Insurance Kansas Public Employees Retirement System Retirement Savings Plans Employee Assistance Program Long-Term Care Insurance Short-Term Disability Vacation etc. i-Flex Enrollment

3 Before We Get Started… There are three different “Plan” years at JCCC:
Benefit Plan Year = June 1st – May 31st Calendar Year = January 1st – December 31st Fiscal Year = July 1st – June 30th

4 Before We Get Started… How to locate JCCC benefits Information
“Jobs & Career Services” “Learn about Employee Benefits” 1. “Flexible Benefit Options/Enrollment” “i-Flex Benefit Plan” 2. “Summary of Benefits” “Full-Time Regular Employee Benefits” All JCCC benefit information is listed by “category” Benefit Specialist Contact Information Connie Brickner – A-G – Extension 4757 Barbara Comer – H-M – Extension 3619 Lisa Sullivan – N-Z – Extension 7624 Jerry Zimmerman, Benefit Manager – Extension 2776

5 Benefit Flexible Credits
JCCC will provide you with the following pre-tax flexible credit amounts to be used for your personal benefit plan choices: Flex Credits/ Pay Period $ (24 annual pay periods = $13,307.28/year) Any unused flex-credits will be “cashed out” to you and taxed as ordinary income

6 Medical Plans You must enroll in one of the following JCCC Medical Plan options with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBS) : Blue Care HMO Preferred Care Blue PPO* Blue Saver High Deductible Health Plan* (HDHP) including a UMB Bank Health Savings Account (HSA) A Healthier You™ (Wellness Program ONLY) (requires proof of other group medical plan coverage) * Includes pre-existing condition clause for dependents 19 years of age or older without evidence of continuous coverage

7 Medical Plans Traditional Health Plans
HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Select a Primary Care Physician via BluesEnroll In Network Coverage Only; Metro Kansas City Area Only Coverage for Urgent and Emergency Care when Traveling PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Freedom of Choice (no selection of Primary Care Physician) In and Out of Network Coverage Lower your out of Pocket Expenses by using network Providers National and International Coverage Consumer Driven Health Plan Blue Saver – HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) Similar features to the Traditional PPO Plan Uses the same PPO Network Health Savings Account (HSA) Employee-Owned Health Savings Account Tax-Favored way to pay for Qualified Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision, Dental Expenses

8 $5,000 Family (includes employee + 1)
Blue Saver HDHP Embedded Annual Deductible $2,500 Individual $5,000 Family (includes employee + 1) Important Points All services are subject to $2,500 individual / $5,000 family Annual Deductible Office Visit Charges Inpatient/Outpatient Services Diagnostic Testing Radiology Urgent Care Emergency Room Services Prescription Drugs at the BCBS contracted rate with no copays if you use a network pharmacy The portion the covered person must pay each calendar year before BCBS will provide benefits. Preventive Services received by a network provider – covered at 100% (not subject to deductible)

9 Introduction to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
A tax-advantaged personal savings account, paired with a HDHP, to save and pay for qualified healthcare expenses, now or in the future. HSAs offer triple tax savings through: Pre-tax or tax-deductible contributions to the HSA Tax-free interest on investment earnings Tax-free distributions, when used for qualified healthcare expenses The HSA is owned by you and portable. You keep the HSA if you change your job or become unemployed. There is no time limit as to when you can reimburse yourself for your or your family’s healthcare expenses. However, withdrawals can only be made after the money is deposited to your account. No “use it or lose it” provision like with a Flexible Spending Account as unused contributions rollover each year.

10 HSA Contribution Rules
The easiest way to contribute is through pre-tax payroll deductions. Cash deposits and bank transfers can also be made (“above the line” deduction). The IRS Maximum HSA Contribution Limits for 2011 are: Self Only coverage $3,050 ($127.08/pay period) Family coverage $6,150 ($256.25/pay period) Age 55+ can make additional $1,000 annual “catch up” contributions until enrolled in Medicare. Prior to January 1, 2012, HDHP members will have the opportunity to elect their 2012 HSA payroll contribution amount

11 HSA Enrollment How do I sign up for a UMB HSA?
When you enroll in the Blue Saver (HDHP) on the BCBS BluesEnroll website, you will see the appropriate enrollment screens that allow you to indicate that you would like to establish an HSA with UMB. BCBS will send your information to UMB and an account will be set up for you. Watch for 2 envelopes that will be mailed to your home: A welcome letter including your HSA account number Your HSA debit card Create a folder for your 2011 receipts and documentation, as You are responsible for keeping eligible healthcare expense records

12 A Healthier You™ If you provide evidence that you’re covered under another group medical plan, then you may enroll in A Healthier You Wellness Program, which includes a comprehensive, integrated program of services to promote optimal health outcomes. Assessment Onsite health screenings Online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) Interventions Online coaching modules Telephonic lifestyle coaching Online education resources Onsite and webinar education classes Prevention programs Case management Incentives The Points to Blue Incentive Program Note: The BCBS HMO, PPO & HDHP include the A Healthier You Wellness Program

13 Medical Plan Enrollment
NOTE: You have to enroll for your choice of medical plan option on i-Flex and MUST go online to the BCBS website, BluesEnroll, and make your medical plan election or decline coverage (A Healthier You Wellness Program). Otherwise your medical plan enrollment will not be recorded. To access BluesEnroll Go to the website, Your logon ID is: Your first name, the 1st initial of you last name and the last 4 digits of your SSN Your initial password is your nine-digit SSN without spaces or dashes

14 2011/2012 Pre-Tax Medical Plan Premiums, Per Pay Period
HMO Employee $ Ee +1 $ Family $ PPO Employee $ Ee +1 $ Family $ HDHP Employee $ Ee +1 $ Family $ A Healthier You $42.90

15 Dental Plans You must enroll (at a minimum, in individual coverage) in a JCCC Dental Plan: Delta Dental Premier/PPO CIGNA Dental Care Plan

16 Dental Plans Delta Dental Premier/PPO Plan*
Annual Benefit Plan Year Deductible $25/$75 Annual Maximum $1,000 per individual Class I – Diagnostic/Preventative 100% Class II – Basic Restorative % Class III – Major Restorative % Class IV – Orthodontics $1,000 Lifetime Max. (Limited to children under age 19) * - See any dentist you want, however, all Out-of-Network services are subject to reasonable & customary allowance

17 Dental Plans CIGNA Dental Care Plan* Annual Deductible None
Annual Maximum No Maximum Class I – Diagnostic/Preventative 100% Class II – Basic Restorative Refer to Patient Charge Schedule Class III – Major Restorative Refer to Patient Charge Schedule Class IV – Orthodontics Refer to Patient Charge Schedule (Coverage available to adults & children) * - Members must select and use a licensed dentist participating in CIGNA Dental Care

18 2011/2012 Pre-Tax Dental Plan Premiums, Per Pay Period
Delta Premier/PPO Employee $16.21 Ee +1 $31.64 Family $56.20 CIGNA Employee $12.38 Ee +1 $25.12 Family $38.70

19 Vision Plan Through a national provider of vision care, Vision Service Provider (VSP), JCCC offers vision plan coverage VSP’s quoted benefits include vision examinations with a $10 copay, lenses and/or frames with a $50 copay. Contact lenses are also a covered benefit. VSP’s agreement with member doctors and laboratories results in substantial savings You pick your own VSP network member doctor Enrollment in this plan is voluntary and deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis

20 2011/2012 Pre-Tax Vision Plan Premiums, Per Pay Period
VSP Employee $ 7.66 Ee +1 $11.19 Family $20.06

21 Flexible Spending Accounts
Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) – An account from which you can request reimbursement for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you and your eligible dependents You make an annual pre-tax contribution election for the benefit plan year June 1st to the following May 31st Maximum Annual Contribution = $17,000 You have a 2½ month grace period, until August 15th after the end of the benefit plan year to incur the eligible HCFSA expenses, any unused contributions after that date will be forfeited (Use it or Lose it!) You cannot enroll in the HCFSA if you elect the Blue Saver HDHP Medical Option

22 Flexible Spending Accounts
Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) – An account from which you can request reimbursement for dependent day care expenses for eligible dependents who need care while you and your spouse, if applicable, are working You make an annual pre-tax contribution election for the benefit plan year June 1st to the following May 31st Maximum Annual Contribution, per family, = $5,000 You have to incur the eligible DCFSA expenses by no later than May 31st (No Grace period) of each benefit plan year or any unused contributions will be forfeited (Use it or Lose it!)

23 Flexible Spending Accounts
Cafeteria Plan Administrators, LLC (CPA) is the third-party administrator responsible for HCFSA & DCFSA claims processing, documentation and reimbursement You can receive a flexible spending account debit card “MySourceCard” from CPA for your use when paying for eligible expenses You can also set-up your personal login id to access the CPA website to be able to track your flexible spending account expenses and reimbursements

24 Life Insurance Employee Life Insurance
You MUST elect a minimum of $50,000 of Basic coverage You may enroll in Additional coverage in $25,000 increments to a maximum of $500,000 (Basic + Additional) For new members, you may enroll in coverage of up to $350,000 ($50,000 Basic + $300,000 Additional) without having to submit an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) application to The Standard Life Insurance Company. Any coverage amount in excess of $350,000 requires the submission of an EOI to The Standard Increases in coverage (amounts in excess of $350,000) do not take effect unless The Standard approves your EOI You are provided an amount of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage equal to the amount of Basic and Additional coverage you elect Deductions are made on a pre-tax basis and your coverage will automatically reduce by 50% when you attain age 75 KPERS Life Insurance Coverage

25 Life Insurance Dependent Life Insurance
You can enroll for $25,000 of life insurance coverage on your Spouse and $5,000 of coverage for each of your children The after-tax cost is a flat, $3.41 per pay period For new members, spouse coverage does not require the submission of an EOI application and child coverage is always automatic

26 Life Insurance Business Travel Accident (BTA) Coverage
All students, faculty and staff are covered by BTA when traveling on business for JCCC JCCC pays the full cost of this benefit You are covered for the Principal Sum of $100,000 Additional covered losses are defined as a percentage of the Principal Sum

27 Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS)
KPERS is a state-wide defined benefit retirement plan in which JCCC full-time employees participate When you retire, KPERS pays you a monthly benefit for the rest of your life and provides a $4,000 death benefit for retirees JCCC full-time eligible employees must become members and are required to contribute a percentage of their monthly gross earnings to KPERS JCCC full-time employees hired in a covered position after July 1, 2009 are KPERS “Tier II” members Tier II members contribute 6% of their KPERS Gross Salary

28 KPERS KPERS Gross Salary, per pay period, is currently calculated as follows: Salary divided by 24, plus The amount of JCCC’s per pay period 7% contribution to your 403(b) Plan account, plus The amount of your per pay period flex credits Consider the following example: Annual Salary = $48,000 KPERS Gross Salary = $2, ($48,000/24) ($2000 * 7%) 554.47 $2,694.47 Contribution/ Pay Period $ ($2, * 6%)

29 KPERS KPERS automatically provides you a basic group life insurance benefit equal to 150% of your KPERS Gross Salary You may purchase optional group life insurance in coverage amounts that range from $5,000 to $250,000, in $5,000 increments. New members applying within 30 days of their hire date, are eligible for $50,000 of guaranteed coverage without completing an EOI. You must provide proof of good health for amounts over $50,000 If you become disabled you may qualify for a Long-Term Disability benefit based on 60% of your KPERS Gross Salary You may be able to increase your KPERS benefit by purchasing service credit for your past public service. If you believe you qualify for this benefit please see your applicable Benefit Specialist

30 KPERS Your KPERS contributions are credited with 4% interest annually on June 30, based upon your account balance on December 31 of the preceding year After five years of service you become “vested” and are guaranteed a retirement benefit, when you become eligible, even if you leave covered employment You can receive reduced benefits from KPERS beginning at age 55 with ten years of service Tier II participants can receive unreduced benefits: At age 65 with five years of service credit At age 60 with 30 years of service credit

31 Retirement Savings Plans
JCCC offers two defined-contribution retirement savings plans: The JCCC 403(b) Plan, and The JCCC 457(b) Plan JCCC will contribute 7% of your base salary to your 403(b) Plan account each pay period You have several options for making voluntary pre-tax contributions to JCCC’s retirement savings plans: You can shelter an amount equal to all or a part of your leftover flex credits You can shelter an amount equal to your leftover flex credits plus an additional pre-tax amount up to the annual IRS limits If you have no leftover flex credits you can still make a voluntary pre-tax contribution in an amount not to exceed the annual IRS limits

32 Retirement Savings Plans
2011 Pre-tax IRS Limits for the 403(b) Plan and 457(b) Plan: $16,500 per calendar year per plan!, and an additional $5,500 per calendar year per plan, “Catch-Up” contribution, if you are 50 or older during the calendar year (does not include 7% JCCC employer contribution) You can make changes to your contribution amount, at any time, by contacting your appropriate Benefit Specialist The 7% contribution JCCC makes for you to the 403(b) Plan must be invested with either: Lincoln Alliance, or TIAA-CREF

33 Retirement Savings Plans
Your voluntary pre-tax contributions to the 403(b) Plan may be invested with one of the following providers: American Century Investments, or Lincoln Alliance, or Security Benefit Life Insurance Company, or The Vanguard Group, or TIAA-CREF Your voluntary pre-tax contributions to the 457(b) Plan may be invested with either:

34 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
JCCC offers EAP coverage with St. Luke’s Health System at no cost to you The EAP provides you and your dependents Professional, confidential direction for any personal problem – counseling and referrals (up to 5 visits) Telephonic services, consultations & referrals EAP library – articles by EAP staff; links to mental health information & resources

35 Long-Term Care Insurance
JCCC offers Prudential, group long-term care Insurance as a voluntary, after-tax benefit that provides you with a pool of money to cover expenses related to long-term care that Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance does not You choose a Daily Benefit Amount of coverage and a maximum term of coverage There is a 10% married persons discount even if both spouses do not enroll and an option to increase coverage, with inflation, without evidence of good health Your election has to be made no more than 60 days from your date of hire to avoid you having to provide evidence of good health Payments are made by you to Prudential, not by payroll deduction

36 Short-Term Disability (STD)
STD is a fully insured benefit with The Standard Life Insurance Company provided by JCCC at no cost to you, that becomes effective after you have six months of continuous full-time employment The weekly STD benefit ($800 maximum) is equal to 65% of your basic weekly earnings, paid for up to 26 weeks after you become disabled and satisfy the elimination period Weekly benefits begin after you have satisfied one of the following elimination periods, of your choice: 14-calendar-day elimination period, benefits begin on the 15th day 29-calendar-day elimination period, benefits begin on the 30th day Should you become disabled please contact your appropriate Benefit Specialist to apply for STD benefits

JCCC POSITION SICK LEAVE PERSONAL DAYS FLOATING HOLIDAYS FIXED HOLIDAYS VACATION ANNUAL VACATION CARRYOVER ALLOWED 9-Month Faculty 8.0 hours 16.0 hours None 10-Month Faculty 12-Month Faculty 11 Days *12.0 hrs (0-9 yrs) 18 days 288.0 hours 13.34 hrs (10-14 yrs) 20 days 304.0 hours 14.67 hrs (15-19 year) 22 days 320.0 hours 16.0 hrs (20+ yrs) 24 days 336.0 hours 12-Month Exec./Prof. 12-Month Hourly *8.0 hrs (0-5 yrs) 12 days 10.0 hrs (6-7 yrs) 15 days 12.0 hrs (0-9 yrs)

38 i-Flex Benefit Enrollment
Log on to MyJCCC Click on “JCCC Applications” Flexible Benefits Calculator will allow you to model your benefit elections and see the effect on your net pay Click on “i-Flex Benefit Enrollment” Navigate through each benefit option and subsequent section NOTE: Your elections and other information will NOT be recorded until you “sign-off” on the Agreement page…and remember, in addition to your medical plan election in i-Flex you must also go to BluesEnroll and elect your medical plan coverage or decline coverage (A Healthier You Wellness Program)

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