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2 …..a little introduction ONE Integrated Logistics Limited is a complete solutions provider within the international express, freight forwarding and logistics sectors. Whilst we are a new company (founded in September 2010) it's principal directors and management team have a wealth of knowledge in all categories of freight forwarding and logistics. Investment in people and their skills is a business ethos that has been and will remain at our core as we drive our business forward. Many forwarders foolishly boast about how they will provide the highest level of customer care and services, yet very few actually deliver their commitments. We, ONE-ILL, are somewhat different in our approach. What we can assure to every single customer is that we will make you feel like our only customer. We have the highest regard for every single client because we know you have a choice, and your choice to work with ONE-ILL is something we value extremely highly and our appreciation will be returned in giving you the highest level of care, commitment and courtesy that you deserve. Our business is to look after your business Our 6 key commitments : O pen, honest and friendly N ever compromising on quality E very customer to feel like the only customer I nvestment in people, technology and resources L istening to our customers and valuing their business L earning from experience and the ongoing pursuit for excellence EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

3 Quality - Continuously meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. Versatility - Flexibility in catering to the diverse needs of our customers. Integrity - Building strong relationships with our customers by offering solutions that evolve and adapt to varying market conditions Driven by the belief that the express and freight forwarding industry will be transformed by customers demand for improved Time to Production/Market, ONE Integrated Logistics Limited has geared itself to adapt to such conditions. Quality, Versatility and Integrity - Our Fundamental Principals EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

4 - and…different business requirements - have…different business needs - because…different businesses businesses Because not all businesses Are the same !! Flexibility EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

5 International & Domestic Express For time critical shipments, where timing is of the essence, choose ONE Express. Our premium world-wide door to door delivery services, together with timed delivery options offers additional peace of mind. Our @pod and eServices systems offer you complete control when sending and receiving your shipments and enhanced visibility of your express shipments progress from the moment its collected, right through to final delivery. On time, every time, thats what we do. What We Do And How We Do It Differently EuroGround Do you have small shipments going to Europe that arent overly urgent? Why overspend on conventional air express services when you can choose our European Ground service and still have all the benefits of on-line booking and @pod, with the added value of highly competitive rates? Offering full door to door transit times between 2-5 business days, our EuroGround services offers exceptional value every time. EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

6 What We Do And How We Do It Differently EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL Sea Freight As an independent provider of freight solutions we have both the ability and negotiating capacity to always secure competitive rates, but more importantly a high level of service. Moving both LCL and Full Containers around the world with our network of partners, your sea freight is always in good hands. We also have a strong and unique commercial relationship with one of the UK?s most experienced sea freight forwarding specialists, allowing us to offer total peace of mind. Logistics Management To manage the flow of goods between point of origin and final user involves the integration of information, technology, transportation, inventory, warehousing and secure handling. By working with ONE Integrated Logistics Limited you have the comfort in knowing that we are truly ONE provider offering complete solutions for your needs. We dont offer a logistics service as such, instead, we prefer to listen to our clients needs and from this we provide a bespoke programme that fits with your needs, not ours Air Freight We operate a comprehensive air freight service where every single shipment is handled in a professional and attentive fashion, fully secure and delivered on time. You have the backing of a dedicated network of integrated air and ground services for collection and final delivery, coupled with flights and transit times that allow us to service all major international destinations.

7 i Train An interactive service that helps our customers understand not just the key differences between the wide range of services we offer, but also helping you understand when moving your goods what service will best suit individual needs and budgets. Part of our pledge to offer honesty, integrity and respect, we wish to help our clients make the right choices for their business needs, everytime. What We Do And How We Do It Differently e Tail eTailing is a concept that has been around since the late 1990s and has evolved over the last 14 years to become one of the industrys most evolutionary services. Whether you are already a seller of goods through the internet, or wish to enhance your own sales scope by utilizing and enhancing the power of internet sales, we can help maximize your potential. With vast experience in the logistics management of eTailing, coupled with like minded and strategically located national and international partners around the globe, we offer solutions that align themselves with your needs. EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

8 Shipment delivered to client Shipment Routing Guide Customer calls for collection Shipment received & entered into tracking system Taken to airport for departure Shipment given routing and automatic pre-alert sent to receiving office Flown to airport of destination or via HUB(S) Shipments arrive at destination Shipment clears Customs Routed for final delivery Shipment loaded for delivery to client Shipment taken to local office for final processing At A Glance Your Shipments Process Flow Shipment collected and routed to local office EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

9 The value of having strong business partners can never be underestimated. Unless we have partners with whom we can trust and call upon when needed, were not competently providing the comprehensive range of services we advertise. It is with this in mind we are very selective of who we work with. Below are some of our key global strategic business partners; Business Partnerships EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

10 Investment In Technology Web Information EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

11 Investment In Technology Complete Visibility At Your Fingertips EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

12 Investment In Technology Not only do we offer full and comprehensive tracking for ALL your shipments, but we also have a unique POD notification system. Just enter your email address on the tracking page and once your shipment is delivered you will automatically be notified by email. We will soon be offering this service via SMS messaging also! EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

13 Client Automation - Made Simple Use our system for all your international shipping needs..... - e Shipping Create international and domestic HAWBs on-line - e Collection Request a collection from your address or anoy UK or overseas address - e Reporting View your shipping activity and export to excel for personal reporting - e Supplies Order shipping supplies on line for next business day delivery - e Addresses Keep a record of your customer and supplier addresses - e Tracking Enhanced tracking for customers for added peace of mind Investment In Technology Client EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

14 Value Proposition Our values are the foundations for our business and without these we have nothing. Offering the complete range of forwarding and logistic services is what we do, but its how we deliver these services that we hope sets us apart from our competitors. With honesty, integrity and respect Honesty - 'If you always tell the truth, you wont have to remember anything'(Mark Twain). Honesty is the best policy, every time, even if we sometime don't like it. Integrity - Having an intuitive sense of honesty, truthfulness in regard to the motivations for our actions. Respect - Respecting our clients' choice, respecting our colleagues and respecting all we meet along the path of life. Treat those how you yourself would like to be treated......with respect. EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

15 Customer Charter Our customer charter outlines our commitment to provide quality solutions for all our clients. At ONE I ntegrated L ogistics L imited we will stand out and: Promise our staff will be polite and courteous when dealing with your enquiry. We can guarantee to offer competitive rates for a quality service. We will listen to our clients and endeavour to find flexible solutions to their business needs. As part of our commitment to offer a quality service we are only a phone call away any time night or day. We will treat all problems honestly on an individual basis and endeavour to pursue any issues until they are resolved in a manner which is acceptable to all parties concerned. Our team will handle your logistic requirements with dedication. To us you are not just a number; a lasting commercial relationship is what we are aiming for. EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

16 Where Are We? Ok, so we may not be a global integrator ourselves, but we certainly offer complete global solutions and not just trade lane specific like many of our competitors. Our connections and affiliations with carefully selected service partners allows us to provide strong and reliable representation world- wide for all your forwarding and logistic service needs. Our office address; Trident One Trident Business Park Styal Road Manchester M22 5XB United Kingdom Tel: + 44 (0) 161 435 6095 + 44 (0) 161 435 6690-6693 Fax: + 44 (0) 161 435 6190 EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

17 Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director A young and spritely 36 years of age, yet considered a 'young veteran' amongst peers. Married to Chaley O'Neill (below) and proud dad of 3 girls, Orla-Kate, Maisie and Sadie. Started life in the business in 1995 when I was recruited by Vanguard Freight Systems to develop an international express division, working within the Airborne Express network. Jamie O'Neill, Operations Director Considered to be the good looking one of the three brothers. Jamie hooked up with his elder brother Anthony in 1997 and hasn't been able to break the shackles ever since! Spent a lot of time in a sales background but has also had vast experience in operational units with international express, air freight and distribution. Married to Dawn and has one daughter, Kara. Mike O'Neill, Commercial Director Joined Anthony and Jamie in a professional capacity in 1998 after completing his studies at college and has not been able to escape the industry (or his siblings) since. Spent a combined 10 years developing business at Vanguard which included transport, express and airfreight. When advised of the opportunity to use his experience and knowledge to work alongside his brothers in this new venture he realized it was a great opportunity and in his words a No Brainer. Chaley O'Neill, HR & Personnel Manager Chaley began working for the company in January to look after the long and ever growing list of HR & Personnel matters. A teacher by trade she is a mother to three girls, Orla-Kate, Maisie & Sadie. Chaley expressed an interest to be involved in the business from the very beginning and is enjoying the challenges, (working with Anthony) her new role is presenting. Chaley is also taking the lead in the field of accounting functions. Meet The Management EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL

18 EXPRESSFREIGHTLOGISTICSiTRAIN eTAIL More than just a business... Not to be out done! You can now follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Follow our blog and see what fun we get up to during our working day and at weekends. Just another way we try to make you feel included and valued, more than customers, friends!

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