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Retrospective Study Youths who were with Beyond in the 80s and 90s.

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1 Retrospective Study Youths who were with Beyond in the 80s and 90s

2 By 2025, every child and youth in Singapore, despite a disadvantaged background has the opportunity to refuse a lifestyle of delinquency and welfare dependency.

3 Aims To understand the current life situation of previous youth how Beyond impacted their lives their experiences in Beyond

4 1. Current life situation Hard indicators, well being & social capital

5 Current hard indicators

6 IncomeEducationEmploymentLaw Based on national benchmarks - 74% of them are out of poverty Based on subjective reports - 60% report being comfortable financially On average, beneficiaries obtained a secondary school level education. No significant correlation between education level and income/ income per capita 73.3% are working full time or part time. Of the 8 that are not working, 4 were not looking for work. They reported either having enough money to not work, or the need to look after children. 26% of the participants reported having been in conflict with the law Of this, half had gotten into trouble with the law once, while the other half had gotten into trouble with the law a number of times No one had gotten in trouble with the law in the past year

7 Challenges Almost all participants (except 1) who reported challenges reported at least 1 health related problem.

8 Subjective well-being Despite these challenges, 90% of the participants reported being moderately satisfied in the past 12 months.

9 Social Capital 20% - stability in employment, education, or staying out of trouble with the law 56% - relationship with significant others, successes of their children/ nieces/ nephews, having a new child. What were the positive things that you experienced in the past 12 months? When I sad also I will look at these four.… than I have the courage from the eldest ones. Now they are like my friends Our time we cannot even afford. What we have every day in our table is plain porridge. – an ex-youth, a mother now, whos children are in UK to pursue their further education. About children :

10 Sources of Social Capital Friends, Family and Community Participation Most respondents reported about 4.33 individuals whom they could turn to for help among their family and friends (2.1 from family, and 2.23 from friends). Most participants (86.7%) reported helping their neighbourhood or community in one or more ways Participants were generally not that close to their neighbours (citing none or limited contact).

11 Resilience In some inspiring cases, it was the hardships they had gone through that turned their lives around…. After serving his term in the prison PC wants to give himself a chance, take responsibility for his family and lead a life of contentment and dignity. Achieved something (within me) … now rather than give up I will try, I will try … but last time I all give up, la. Now, just live out life better than last time la.

12 2. How Beyond impacted their lives On a scale

13 How helpful was Beyond? 1 (least helpful) 5 (most helpful) Improving Financial situation Pursuing education Staying out of trouble with the law Improving family relationships 3.78 (quite helpful) 4.11 (helpful) 3.88 (quite helpful) 3.42 (quite helpful)

14 What do you remember most about Beyond? Staff or volunteers that had a special role in their lives Specific activities (camps, magic shows) The friends they made here

15 3. The Beyond experience A sharing…

16 The Beyond Experience Beyond strived to mend relationships within their family and provide them with social capital Culture of acceptance and support despite the mistakes they had made, or the situations they were in Warm and encouraging atmosphere that allowed youth to pursue their own strengths and interests A space to make friends, have fun, and learn life lessons from interacting with others ( staff, volunteers, friends ) A place where they felt a sense of ownership especially youth who came back as volunteers

17 Closely resembles the Circle of Courage…

18 A look at the future Our learning …

19 Our learning Beyonds impact is not limited to the 4 indicators Every individual has a unique life trajectory. Personal and material success stories are varied Many factors play a role (intrapersonal, religion, relationships, etc) Social capital is an important part of peoples well-being Beyond's contribution is appreciated and felt in different ways, especially through human relationships (community/ volunteers).

20 Moving Forward… For research Moving forward with tracking Gaining clarity for benchmarks of poverty, social mobility, and subjective well-being For the work Importance of building community Importance of volunteers Importance of maintaining that human touch

21 Everybody deserves a chance. Ya, this is what I learnt. And, I learnt from Sister that there is something good about someone, no matter they are convicts, criminals. There must be something good in them. We need to see the strengths in them not their weakness

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