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Meet Manager Training Updated April 2013. Step 1: Set up your meet Download the meet template Restore the template Purge Old Data Setup Meet Information,

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1 Meet Manager Training Updated April 2013


3 Step 1: Set up your meet Download the meet template Restore the template Purge Old Data Setup Meet Information, Save as new meet Setup Scoring, Seeding, Events and Sessions

4 Purge Old Data Whether you use a meet from a previous year or the pre-made template, this is a good idea to make sure you start fresh. Purge only Teams Athletes Entries / Results Relays The system will prompt to update the Meet Name (next screen)

5 New Meet Information Standard Dual Meet should look like below

6 Save as New Meet Name After Setting up the meet, Save As new.

7 Events Double Check to make sure Events are correct Event numbers for dual meets are different than for Championships

8 Sessions Events>Sessions Sessions are not required Add session by clicking Add Interval should be around 30 seconds Choose Move All to move all events to the Session

9 Scoring Check Entry/Scoring Preferences (Setup>Entry/Scoring Preferences) Enter the correct point values (Setup>Scoring Setup>Standard)

10 Seeding DO NOT SEED DUAL MEETS You can seed –Entire meet –One session –One event You have told it how to seed in events –Preview and adjust if need be When happy generate a heat sheet

11 Seeding Set-Up Dual/Tri Meet Setup>Seeding Preferences Can Assign lanes by Team so teams remain in same lanes Drag and Drop team (left) to lanes (right)

12 Seeding a Meet Can Seed the meet from the Seeding screen

13 After the Meet is Set Up Generate entry file File - export - Events for TM This file can be emailed or posted on a web site for coaches to do entries Other Choices: –Meet Mobile –Online Meet Sharing

14 Provide events for other team(s)

15 Meet Sharing

16 Import Entries File > import > entries –If time standard meet allow program to check –It will not import if qualifying time is not met –It will print an exception report

17 Import Entries

18 Make sure this screen looks correct Any Exceptions? May need to contact other team(s)

19 When entries done Seed - Do not seed dual meets Session report Entry Fee Report, if Needed Heat Sheet

20 Heat sheet Use pdf files to get the heat sheets to the printer Post a psych sheet on the web – not a heat sheet – it affects sales Be sure no one reseeds after the heat sheet is made Except for the last minutes changes you are ready for the meet

21 Meet Mobile Publish Psych Sheets Sell Heat Sheets Internet connection required

22 Meet Mobile - Publish Meet

23 Run Screen

24 You will spend most of your time here Get familiar with the buttons

25 Watch Times With 3 watch times, Final Time will be the middle time Enter times based on swimmer, not lane –Doesnt matter what lane the swimmer swam in, just enter the time Enter DQ codes as needed Score Awards Next Heat or Next Event

26 Automatic Timing All times there and no lines highlighted Next heat Time highlighted – the program is telling you that a pad differs from the buttons by.3 or more You must calculate to get the differential –Calculator to right of times You should see pad and back up times on your screen

27 Automatic Timing cont. If you do not see the backup times go to preferences and show backup column You know almost everything that the time sheet has I like two buttons because I have two times to compare to pads and if two times agree then I am ok to take the backup (with differential)

28 Automatic Timing cont. With one button –you are obligated to check watch times Write the watch times on the timer sheet for reference If indeed you want to use a backup, click on the calculator and it will calculate the differential You can print a report of the calculation for reference

29 Score At the end of the event Score or list (primaries) In preferences – you can tell it how you want your report to look. i.e. single column, double, triple, splits, no splits, subtracted, cum, etc. I like to attach a copy of results to my CTS sheets and staple together

30 DQ The DQ will probably arrive after the event has been scored Put the DQ in with the code Score again and get a new printout Repost the results with the correction Label that sheet corrected

31 Done In the ideal world you could be done now It is never ideal Check your results –For unbelievable records – something is wrong –NT swimmers with splits They probably missed a pad somewhere –Does everyone have splits – are they reasonable

32 Results File Prepare a results file for the other team(s) File>Export>Results for Team Manager

33 Troubleshooting No pad – no button – no watch Check order of finish Check with a coach If coachs time is reasonable it is better than nothing

34 Troubleshooting Automatic Timing Times do not match Is the CTS sheet labeled correctly? –Is the heat event missing or incorrect You can get times from the race number –Upper right of printout

35 A swimmer swam a 200 but does not have a final time. Look at the splits Did he miss one split? Did the operator delete one by accident Look at the top of the CTS sheet –Every time a swimmer hits a pad that time is on the top of the sheet Troubleshooting Automatic Timing

36 Check for missing times Most often the time is hidden in the chatter splits If necessary enter the final time by hand Your pad time is better than the watch time you may get.

37 Troubleshooting Automatic Timing By the way – the swimmer from Heat 5 lane 3 swam in Heat 7 Lane 6 –Get your officials to put that in writing (change slip) It helps for your records and you may not be on that heat right now and you are obligated to write it down –It is a drag and drop situation – be sure to get times again and rescore

38 Troubleshooting Automatic Timing We had a standby who swam in Heat 4 lane 5 Scratch the swimmer in that lane Double click on the lane and start to type the swimmers name and magically a drop down box appears and you can find the name and click on it. It saves a lot of typing

39 Troubleshooting Automatic Timing The timer did not start The operator needs to start the race manually anyway The order of finish on the CTS is better than the watch times HyTek will figure this differential for you and adjust the splits

40 Troubleshooting Automatic Timing Relay splits not correct Operator erased wrong split –Check chatter splits Too often the relay swimmer stays in the water too long and trips the pad If you get an early finish – your buttons may be more correct – check splits for reasonable times

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