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© 2013 Bradford Networks. All rights reserved. Rapid Threat Response From 7 Days to 7 Seconds.

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1 © 2013 Bradford Networks. All rights reserved. Rapid Threat Response From 7 Days to 7 Seconds

2 Agenda Changing Threat Landscape Evolution of NAC to Security Automation Intro to Bradford Networks Leveraging Integration and Correlation Rapid Threat Response Business Impact

3 Profile of Todays Advanced Cyber Threats Data Consolidation Data Exfiltration Data Exfiltration Internal Network Scan Internal Network Scan Phishing Email on End Users Device Phishing Email on End Users Device Users Device Compromised Attack surface is now 3x what is was just a few years ago.

4 The Enterprise Today … Dynamic, Complex 4 Datacenter Network Users Devices Secure Risk Network Access Control Assessing the Risk of Every User and Device Network Access Control Assessing the Risk of Every User and Device BACK DOOR SAFE SAFE BLIND SPOT Visibility Policies Enforcement

5 Network Visibility W HO W HAT W HEN Real-Time Visibility Single Network Sentry Appliance …. L OCATION 2 L OCATION N L OCATION 1 W HERE VPNVPN


7 Policy Enforcement IdentifyUser Assign Network Access AssessRisk IdentifyDevice No Access Guest Access Restricted Access Unrestricted Access

8 Endpoint Compliance Safe Configuration Mandatory Applications Required OS Patch Levels Endpoint Protection Minimum Application Version VLANAssignment Device Risk Assessment

9 Network Access Control Gaining and Removing Network Access Endpoint Visibility & Compliance Threat Investigation Workflows Workflows Self-ServiceOnboardingSelf-ServiceOnboarding Threat / Device Correlation Correlation Isolate Investigate Block Connect Reassign Reconfigure Network Access Policies Security Information & Event Management Intrusion Detection Systems Security Intelligence & Big Data Analytics Advanced Persistent Threat Detection Active Directory Antivirus Patch Management Mobile Device Management Application Whitelisting Visibility Trusted Configurations Risk Indication Network Change Automation Automation Rapid Threat Response Response ControlNetworkAccess Criteria for Gaining Network Access Criteria for Removing Network Access

10 Evolution of NAC Rapid Threat Response Minimize Threat Think Time Threat Investigation Simplify Investigation Workflows Consumerization/ BYOD Enable Safe Network Provisioning Endpoint Compliance Ensure Safe Devices Self-Service Onboarding Enable Scalable Onboarding NAC 1.0 Safe Onboarding NAC 2.0 BYOD NAC 3.0 Security Automation

11 © 2013 Bradford Networks. All rights reserved. Rapid Threat Response

12 Cyber Threat Lifecycle AttackToCompromiseCompromiseToDetection DetectionToContainment AttackDetectionCompromise

13 Why Detection to Containment Takes 7 Days More Records Breached Theft Escalating Total Cost More Impact on Brand Impact Threats Are Targeted and Complex Fragmented IT Skills Silos of Security Information Too Many Security Events Detection to Containment Time

14 Getting Threat Response Down to 7 Seconds VisibilityPreventionDetectionResponse Cyber Security Strategy Threat Containment Threat Intelligence Restrict Access Block Device RemediateDevice DetermineMotiveTraceMethodUncoverMistakes Manual Automation 7 SECONDS

15 Live Inventory of Network Connections (LINC) SmartEdge Integration Platform Leader in Rapid Threat Response Network Analytics and Forensics About Bradford Networks Best Buy Rating From SC Magazine

16 SmartEdge Platform U SER D EVICE C ONNECTION T IME Network Firewalls Detection BYOD Endpoint Protection SIEM A PPLICATIONS

17 Rapid Threat Response (RTR) Essentials … Live Inventory of Wired, Mobile and VPN Connections Real-Time and Flexible Control of Network Access Business-Criticality of User and Endpoints Integrated High Fidelity Security Alerts

18 Network Sentry/RTR in Action ResponseResponse Restrict Access ThreatContainment 7 SECONDS Block Device Remediate Device DetectionDetection IP Address + User Name + Security Group + Device Type + Operating System + Wired Adapters + Wireless Adapters + Installed Applications + Network Location + Connection Port

19 Business Impact with Bradford Networks Reduce Threat Response Time From Days to Seconds Automate Response and Reduce Burden on Security Staff Quickly Contain Threats, Prevent Propagation Minimize Cost, Protect Brand, Protect Assets

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