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WHAT IS LURKING IN THE SHADOWS... Eran Kalige Head of Security Operation Center

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1 WHAT IS LURKING IN THE SHADOWS... Eran Kalige Head of Security Operation Center

2 Head of security Operation Center At Versafe Years of research and Development. Security expert Security and anti Fraud consultant Famous publications: - Eurograbber banking Trojan HighRoller Trojan reports Who am I?

3 Dark side of the net Cyber Crime Phishing attacks – who where and what it looks like. Trojan attacks - How are they distributed? - Banking Trojans - who are they ? What do they do ? How they do it? - Automatic transfers & fake balances - Inside look inside The hackers dropzones Summary Agenda

4 Facts and Details

5 Cyber Criminals

6 The Risk

7 Phishing – Easy & common


9 Phishing – Protection Users Avoid clicking on links – go directly to the website. Verify the HTTPS connection (SSL) Look for fishy details Corporate Implement an Anti-phishing solution Update your Systems – Firewall, anti-spam, Anti-virus etc. Look for fishy details

10 Trojans

11 Trojans – past players NetBus or Netbus is a software program for remotely controlling a Microsoft Windows computer system over a network. It was created in 1998 and has been very controversial for its potential of being used as a programMicrosoft Windowsbackdoor NetBus was written in Delphi by Carl-Fredrik Neikter, a Swedish programmer in March 1998. The author claimed that the program was meant to be used for pranks, not for illegally breaking into computer systems. Translated from Swedish, the name means "NetPrank".DelphiCarl-Fredrik NeikterpranksSwedish.

12 Trojans today Host control – VertexNet, Andromeda, Pony, Umbra and more. Banking Trojans – Zeus, Citadel, Gozi and more Bitcoin mining Trojans Espionage and country related – Stuxnet, Magdi and more. Mobile Trojans – Perkele, OmegaSPY, Zitmo/Eurograbber.

13 Trojans today – Host Control

14 Trojans today – Banking Trojans

15 Trojans today - How they look


17 Trojans today – Script injections Trojan Code Injection

18 Trojans today - Automatic transfers & fake balances

19 ATS – attacker's View

20 Trojans today -Citadel file:///C:/Users/Eran/Desktop/lecture/vids/videos_voscomptesenligne_labanquepostale_fr_13_05_23__07-16_.webm

21 ATS – OTP bypass

22 Mobile Malware


24 Trojans today - distribution Web sites infected with exploits. P2P share – Emule, Torrent,... Worms in social networks, chat rooms, forums, … Emails

25 "I'm scared.. What to do??? Users Avoid clicking on links from people you dont know. Install an antivirus software and make sure to – UPDATE! Scan USBs and other resources you connect to the computer. Dont fall for watch this video!

26 Final words... baby it's a wild world, it's hard to get by just upon a smile...

27 Versafe protects you from Trojans on the End User QUESTIONS ?

28 Eran Kalige Head of security operation center Versafe

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