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Student Job Centre 2012 S AULT C OLLEGE C AREER E SSENTIALS Part Time Jobs And Volunteering.

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1 Student Job Centre 2012 S AULT C OLLEGE C AREER E SSENTIALS Part Time Jobs And Volunteering

2 Student Job Centre 2012 Part-Time Work Working part-time while you study is more than just a way to fund your basic needs. A part-time job, regardless of its relevance to your field of study, can provide you with valuable experience and skills that a future employer may be looking for on your resume. Check with the Student Job Centre for on-campus positions at the beginning of each semester. These are referred to as employability or transferable skills. The most common examples of these skills are communication, numeracy, problem-solving, managing information, and interpersonal and personal skills.

3 Student Job Centre 2012 What Employability Skills Do You Already Have? No matter what jobs youve had, youve learned skills along the way. Completing an online inventory that lists some of the most common employability skills will help show you which skills you already have. The inventory can be found online at

4 Student Job Centre 2012 Volunteering Volunteering is something that helps you give back to your community and develop necessary skills for your eventual career. Volunteer experience also looks great on a resume! Volunteer Algoma ( ) lists opportunities for volunteering locally at all levels and for all ages.

5 Student Job Centre 2012 10 Benefits of Volunteering 1. Incredible networking opportunities Volunteering in your community allows you to meet new people including community leaders. You not only develop life-long personal and professional relationships, you can also hear about job openings, gather insider employment information and develop great references. 2. Helps you retain and sharpen old skills Volunteering is a perfect venue for keeping those skills sharp and current. 3. Develop New Skills Employers often seek well-rounded individuals who have good teamwork and goal setting skills. Serving on a volunteer committee or board is a great way to learn group dynamics and teamwork.

6 Student Job Centre 2012 10 Benefits of Volunteering (continued) 4. Opportunities to Practice Skills in a fairly Risk Free Environment It is much more effective to practice a skill than to read about it or study it in a classroom. Volunteering is an excellent place to experiment, practice and try out new techniques and skills. 5. Helps you explore new career options Demographics are changing rapidly in our society and volunteering is a great way to enhance cultural awareness. If you are thinking of a career change, volunteering is a perfect way to explore new fields. 6. Gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are involved in your community. There are so many options for to become involved in your community, through professional associations, neighbourhood organizations, arts and historic organizations and social service organizations.

7 Student Job Centre 2012 7. Gives you Visibility Volunteer work can expose you to a wide range of people, including many strong, influential community leaders. 8. Can be Energizing/Renewing Sometimes we simply need a break in our routine or an opportunity to create a balance in our lives. Volunteering around a personal interest or hobby can be fun, relaxing, and energizing. 9. Can Create Leaders By watching those around you, you can begin to identify the qualities of leadership that you most admire and you can develop those qualities in yourself. 10 Benefits of Volunteering (continued)

8 Student Job Centre 2012 10 Benefits of Volunteering (continued) 10. Demonstrates Workplace/Management/Customer Service/Leadership Skills that can be documented in a resume If you are developing new skills or thinking of pursuing a new career, volunteer work can give you valuable, practical experience. Volunteer work supports skills, character, and balance in life.

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