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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 IndustryUrbanMigrationReligionDiplomacyThe1920sDepressionFoundingOf The Nation.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 IndustryUrbanMigrationReligionDiplomacyThe1920sDepressionFoundingOf The Nation

4 C1-$100 Founding of the Nation Founding of the Nation - $100 This philosophical movement impacted the founding of the nation. Enlightenment

5 C1-$200 Founding of the Nation Founding of the Nation - $200 This was added to the Constitution to ensure the its ratification. Bill of Rights

6 C1-$300 Founding of the Nation Founding of the Nation - $300 John Locke believed that these should be protected by the government. Natural Rights

7 C1-$400 Founding of the Nation Founding of the Nation - $400 This resolved the debate between slave states and free states. The Great Compromise

8 C1-$500 Founding of the Nation Founding of the Nation - $500 This is the time period immediately following the Civil War Reconstruction

9 C2-$100 I U M - $100 He authored The Jungle that described poor working conditions and food safety Upton Sinclair

10 C2-$200 I U M - $200 This may result from both vertical and horizontal integration. Monopoly

11 C2-$500 I U M - $300 This was applied to society to explain why the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Social Darwinism

12 C2-$400 I U M - $400 This was originally set up to break up monopolies. The Sherman Antitrust Act

13 C2-$300 I U M - $500 Hiram Johnson founded this party aimed at reforms. The Progressive Party

14 C3-$100 Religion - $100 This movement was characterized by bringing religion to a more personal level The First Great Awakening

15 C3-$200 Religion - $200 This took shape in the form of revival meetings based on personal salvation. The Second Great Awakening

16 C3-$300 Religion - $300 This prevents the establishment of a national religion. Free Exercise Clause

17 C3-$400 Religion - $400 This religious group fled to Utah as a result of persecution The Mormons

18 C3-$500 Religion - $500 This idea guarantees that one leader cannot control the government and church. Separation of Church and State

19 C4-$100 Diplomacy - $100 Policy put into effect in China ensuring American imperialistic intentions. Open Door Policy

20 C3-200 Diplomacy - $200 These were gained as a result of the Spanish-American War. The Philippines Islands

21 C3-$300 Diplomacy - $300 The building of the ________ ______ is an example of President Theodore Roosevelt using his Big Stick diplomacy. Panama Canal

22 C3-$400 Diplomacy - $400 President Taft relied on ______ to control Latin America Money

23 C3-$500 Diplomacy - $500 President Wilsons Moral Diplomacy viewed Latin Americans as: equals

24 C4-$100 The 1920s - $100 The era characterized by Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover The Republican Era

25 C4-$200 The 1920s - $200 He was responsible for the back to Africa movement Marcus Garvey

26 C4-$300 The 1920s - $300 The passage of the 18 th amendment resulted in this. Prohibition

27 C4-$400 The 1920s - $400 This granted women suffrage. The 19 th amendment

28 C4-$500 The 1920s - $500 Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston were most famous for their roles in this movement. The Harlem Renaissance

29 C4-$100 Depression - $100 Over-__________ was a large reason for the onset of the Great Depression speculation

30 C4-$200 The Depression - $200 He continued the support of laissez-faire resulting in being blamed for the Great Depression. President Hebert Hoover

31 C4-$300 The Depression - $300 The Great Crash and an untimely drought resulted in these refugees fleeing for California. Dust Bowl refugees/Okies

32 C4-$400 The Depression - $400 President FDR responded to the Great Depression by implementing: The New Deal

33 C4-$500 The Depression - $500 FDRs First and Second New Deal address ________, ________, and _________ Recovery, relief, reform

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