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St Martins-in-the-Veld Parish Planning Day Saturday 4 th May 2013.

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1 St Martins-in-the-Veld Parish Planning Day Saturday 4 th May 2013

2 AGENDA PAPER Welcome Programme for the Day Objectives / Rules of Engagement Strategic Plan Review SWOT Analysis / Bucket List Feedback / Action Items / Tasks / Quick Wins / Improvement Projects Deliverables and Metrics Appoint Champions Feedback to all Parishioners Closing Comments Closure

3 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT No shaming or blaming Do not become personal No name calling Be brief and to the point (guillotine method) Be objective Be fair and equitable Speak your mind / be direct Listen without interrupting Be honest Stick to the Discussion Topic Always bear in the mind the bigger picture Think as a team player How do we grow the church ?

4 The Conversation Model Based on the book by CHANTELL ILLBURY & CLEM SUNTER called GAMES FOXES PLAY (Planning for EXTRAORDINARY times). The First Phase – defining the game – comprises five (5) steps: 1.Scope of the game 2.The Players 3.Rules of the game 4.Key uncertainties 5.Scenarios The Second phase – playing the game – also has five (5) steps: 6.SWOT 7.Options 8.Decisions 9.Measurable outcomes 10.The meaning of winning

5 STRENGTHS Generous Variety of worship / 4 services of different styles to cater for needs of different communities within the church. Friendly and caring Professional and educated Supports a surprisingly high number of ministries Supports the Vuleka School Project Outreach ministries - Vibrant school on premises Beautiful church building and gardens Large hall and adequate office space / good infrastructure Good Administration with fulltime verger, receptionist, efficient management of finances. Acknowledged brand as a church with long history of outreach ministries and church planting (well established) Enjoys a reasonable level of income Excellent organ, active choir Attracting a multicultural congregation / Diverse congregation

6 WEAKNESSES Allowed ourselves to be bullied (congregants / Diocese) Lack of commitment Too few members of congregation involved in its activities – St Martins relies on a relatively small nucleus Church lacks vibrancy and ongoing manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit Still doing church as we have done in the past and so not attracting new and diverse members of the Parish. Income is not adequate to maintain infrastructure and ministries at levels which will reinvigorate the church. Infrastructure relatively shabby – need to upgrade. Money? Are we in a rut? Are we trying new ideas, approaches? Do not listen to one another Lack of clear Vision and Mission Do not spend enough time listening to what God is asking us to do (Retreats, etc) Are we really bring people into Gods Kingdom? Youth ministry - not meeting the needs of the parents Younger families tend to live outside the areas we typically have drawn people from Sunday school a pale shadow of what it used to be. Young adults / Young families - dedicated Clergy responsibility

7 WEAKNESSES CONTINUED Alternate Church Warden/s Are we providing the leadership needed? Succession Planning Prayer - more prayer opportunities required Prayer commitment/ activity adequate? Lack of Spiritual growth (lack of mentorship and prayer) Get Real Services taking place in the hall Perceived split between Get Real and the Church Changing congregation – old residential areas becoming smaller. Demands of Diocese can be distracting for clergy and staff. Lack of biblical teaching Relative lack of outgoing, evangelising ministry Poor quality of music / singing especially at 9.30 service Portfolios collapsing – lack of commitment? Home groups are cliquey and can be unwelcoming to newcomers Home groups may be wasting away – need leadership and cohesion Home Groups co-ordinator Poor communication relating to St Martin's as a training parish, turnover of staff, etc No Alpha course

8 THREATS Are we relevant? Complacency Busyness of leaders and congregation / Business of people living in our area Number of portfolios leading to lack of focus 09h30 Service - music group Get Real Service - lack of direction and pastoring Evensong changing time of service to accommodate Get Real Service Rapidly changing suburb and environment Lack of a clear vision and strategic plan / Are we trying to be everything to everybody Growing number of older parishioners Older members likely to retire to places relatively far from St Martins – may lose them. Dwindling congregation and possibility of becoming irrelevant in our community. Young adults leaving St. Martins / attending Sunday School at St Paul's If we fail to attract new and ideally younger members St Martins is likely to fade away. If we fail to retain our younger members we are also likely to fade away. Alternate activities that attract the young people (clubs, malls) and old people (golf, weekends away)

9 THREATS CONTINUED Staff leaving / Need to replace key staff members (clergy, youth pastor, verger) who are phasing out Security - especially with Vuleka Adequate Security for the entire premises? Failing our Lord and Saviour

10 OPPORTUNITIES Every member ministry Mission and evangelism (St Martin's in-the-inner-city) / St Martin's-in-the-workplace / Alpha in the workplace We need a vision which will excite and get the support and involvement of the Parish. Attracting new members in changed environment of Rosebank Transformative projects Attract new, energetic and passionate staff members New Parish Lay Ministers (review role) Revitalise Home Groups Move Get Real Services into the Church Build on a nucleus of younger members involved in Get Real service. Be compassionate, caring and love one another deeply Pray / Prayer meetings New Youth Pastor attending Youth ministry training Youth ministry training (4G) Develop a Sunday school which attracts participation

11 OPPORTUNITIES CONTINUED Develop a Sunday school which attracts participation Bring younger members into the mainstream of St Martins and provide the type of worship that attracts them Use Lukes example of the RC Church in Rome for planning ALL services * Teaching and spiritual growth offered to congregation and in Home Groups Provide inspirational leadership Communication Plan Capitalize on what works, such as combined services followed by a tea/braai. Plan for regular combined services throughout the year and advise the congregation accordingly at the start of the year ie once a month. Prepare and publish an annual Church activity/special services plan for parishioners to include above. Build a caring community ie follow-up on parishioners who stop attending Church regularly, leave the Church. Appoint and publish the names of parishioners who are responsible for portfolios/activities ie Who is responsible for sides persons? A growing, vibrant, worshipping community which attracts and supports people of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds in finding and living in the Kingdom of God.


13 PARISH MATRIX Community GOD Choir Get Real Music Group Young Families Mothers Union Liturgy Services Exco Council Clergy / Parish Lay Ministers Administration / Catering Portfolios, Parishioners & House Churches MaintenanceOutreach / MissionOVCYouthIntercultural Succession Planning Ever Changing Environment GOD

14 IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS 1.What are the drivers? Initiate programme. Establish the desire to change. 2.Where are we now? Define problems and opportunities. Form implementation team. 3.Where do we want to be? Define Road Map. Communicate Outcome. Define target state. 4.What needs to be done? Plan Programme. Identify role players. Build improvements. 5.How do we get there? Execute plan. Operate and reuse. Implement improvements. 6.Did we get there? Realise benefits and objectives. Embed new approaches. 7.How do we keep the momentum going? Review effectiveness. Sustain. Monitor and evaluate.

15 FEEDBACK Feedback from Sub-Committees of Council Identify tasks and action items Identify quick wins and improvements Improvement projects Define deliverables Establish timeframes and metrics Appoint CHAMPIONS Mechanisms to provide feedback to Parishioners Establish a communication plan

16 CLOSURE Did we meet our objectives? Comments and suggestions? Future meeting dates? Thanks

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