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Class of 2017 Guidance Presentation

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1 Class of 2017 Guidance Presentation
Peekskill High School Class of 2017 Guidance Presentation

2 Who We Are Erin Arnold –M-P including PACE
Jane Thorpe – all grades I-L, R-Z Lenroy Stevens – all grades A-H

3 People to know Principal – Mr. Hutchinson
Assistant Principals – Ms. Daniels, Ms. Reyes and Mr. Picou School psychologist – Ms. Shay School Social worker – Ms. Bean

4 Counselor Confidentiality
What counselors have to disclose: Harm to self Harm to others Someone Harming you

5 Graduation Requirements
2 Physical Education 1 Foreign Language Total of at least 22 credits Passed required Regent exams ELA Global History US History Integrated Algebra Science 4 English 4 Social Studies (Global History I & II + US History + US Gov/Econ) 3 Math (Alg. + 2 additional) 3 Sciences (Lab Science & 2 additional science) 1 Art/Music .5 Health

6 Goals & Expectations What do you expect to get from high school?
Why do you attend? Why do we have a public education system? What is your intended outcome?

7 Laying the Foundation Education is the building block for success.
Skills such as Reading comprehension, analyzing graphs and charts and public speaking are invaluable and will serve you well in the future. Learn study skills: always prepare things ahead of time, do not procrastinate. Learn to proofread and edit your work. Ask questions in class, Engage the material.

8 Benefits to a high school education

9 High School Planning Your school counselors are here to assist you in reaching your post secondary goals. Whether it be college, military, vocational school or entrepreneurship there is information and assistance to help you achieve success

10 resources Counselors and teachers Elton brand academy Call back
Tutoring Youth bureau Field library

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