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By W. W. Jacobs The Monkey’s Paw.

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1 By W. W. Jacobs The Monkey’s Paw

2 W. W. Jacobs ( ) Although W.W. Jacobs wrote mostly comic stories, he is best-known for his horrifying tale The Monkey’s Paw. Jacobs grew up among sailors and dock-workers on the banks of the Thames River in London where he set many of his humorous stories. As an adult, he worked as a bank clerk, a job that bored him, and he wrote in his spare time. He worked at the bank for nearly twenty years before he was able to quit and earn his living as a full-time writer. Jacobs wrote dozens of short story collections and a number of plays. The Monkey’s Paw was first published in 1902.

Something representing something else Overall feeling of the story Problem in a story Description of characters in a story LITERARY ELEMENTS MONKEY IN CONFLICT MOOD CHARACTERIZATION SYMBOLISM

4 READING BEFORE prediction three wishes
Read the title and peruse the story. Make a based on what you see as to what the story might be about. prediction What is the story of Aladdin about? What is the genie supposed to do? What would you wish for with ? three wishes

5 Vocabulary to know keenly gains hospitable dubiously sergeant major
Army or Marine officer fatal gains Asked compensation Seriously sergeant major Profits peril hospitable mischief Payment solemnly mutilated Sharply Risky or dangerous inquired assure dubiously Open and inviting Completely destroyed Tendency to play tricks or cause destruction Deadly Uncertainly or doubtfully To give confidence

6 The story was published in 1902
The story was published in The setting of this story takes place in London around the turn of the century. One of the main characters in the story is a sergeant who has returned from a tour of duty in India. India became a colony of Great Britain in the mid-1800s and did not gain independence until During this time, it was common for British soldiers to serve in India. STORY BACKGROUND

7 Read The Monkey’s Paw to:
Find out how the author’s descriptive words are used to create the mood of the story. Find out how a character’s experiences and motivations influences the decisions they make.

8 After Reading In The Monkey’s Paw, a man’s wish ends up leading to terrible consequences. What do you suppose Jacobs might be trying to tell us as readers? At what point in the story could you predict that Herbert is killed in an accident? Include specific events from the story to support your answer.

9 The Monkey’s Paw Extra Credit
If you were to change the monkey’s paw to another item, what would it be? Draw and color a picture of your new item with a description of why it would be better to fit the plot of the story than the monkey’s paw. (15 pts) Suppose you were asked to give input for a tv show based on the story. Write a memo (half to full page) to the director suggesting ways to create the proper mood. Suggest a location, actors, and music that will help create the mood. Give reasons for your choices. (20 pts)

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