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Career Development, Résumé and Interview Advice

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1 Career Development, Résumé and Interview Advice
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center War-Winning Capabilities…On Time, On Cost Career Development, Résumé and Interview Advice Carlos Rodgers AFLCMC/EBF

2 Overview Career Development Résumé Preparation Interview Preparation

3 Overview Career Development Résumé Preparation Interview Preparation

4 Career Development Advice
Establish a career goal What grade level do you want to attain? What kind of jobs do you want to do? Seek out a mentor Should not be your supervisor At career goal level (GS-15, SES, etc.) Mentors Provide Valuable Career Advice

5 Career Development (Cont’d)
Establish a roadmap for each phase of your career Intern/Assistant Analyst First Level Supervisor Second Level Supervisor/Senior Level Development game plan for Near-Term (3-5 years) and Long-Term (5-10 years) Roadmap is Essential for Success

6 Complete Training - Be aggressive - Perform
Roadmap for Intern Complete training and education requirements Focus on day-to-day job performance Be aggressive…look for ways to contribute Strive to become an expert in one aspect of job jar Volunteer for challenging assignments Join Toastmasters or other professional organizations to develop and/or enhance communication skills Dress for success…maintain a professional image at all times Complete Training - Be aggressive - Perform

7 Technical Competence - Leadership Potential
Roadmap for Analysts Continue work on training and education requirements Build reputation…. develop solid track record Focus on process improvement Seek solutions for issues/problems in job jar/office Leverage volunteer/outside activities to enhance leadership experience Seek opportunities to broaden experience base Strive to perform at level above current grade Self assess strengths/weaknesses Technical Competence - Leadership Potential

8 Roadmap for First Level Supervisor
Fill major squares Master’s Degree PME (SOS/Air Command and Staff College) Level II/III BUS-FM/BUS-CE Cert (Acquisition Corp) Other certifications (CDFM, FMS, SCEA, etc.) if not already completed Technical competence…good track record Leadership experience Supervisory experience/mentoring experience Leadership - Solid Track Record

9 Roadmap for Senior Level
Fill major squares Master’s Degree PME (Air War College) Level III BUS-FM/BUS-CE Certification Other certifications (CDFM, PM, FMS, SCEA, etc.) Significant leadership experience Significant accomplishments Career depth/breadth…jobs of increasing responsibility Assignments at different organizations & locations Mentoring experience Significant Leadership & Accomplishments

10 Career Development Summary
Seek out help from a mentor Establish a roadmap for each phase of your career Reference SAF/FM Career Primer (AAC/FM CoP) Take Ownership of Your Career

11 Overview Career Development Résumé Preparation Interview Preparation

12 Gov’t Résumé Typical Categories Experience Education
Training/Certifications/Professional Mil Education Performance (Appraisals/Evaluations) Professional Development/Activities Awards & Recognition Career objective statement is optional

13 Résumé - Additional Points
Experience is the most subjective element …so make sure responsibilities and results are clearly identified Format and grammar are very important Self assessment of résumé can help determine fitness for job announcements

14 Résumé Do’s and Don’ts Do Use active voice… “Managed $XB program”
Tailor résumé for each job Include timeframe, job title, grade/series and organization for all work experience entries Succinctly describe experience…devote more effort to recent jobs… résumé should build up to current position Weave in results achieved, resources managed, personnel supervised, etc. Include professional outside activities (including mentoring)

15 Résumé Do’s and Don’ts (Cont’d)
Include long or wordy career objective/summary statement…you don’t get points for this Write in passive or conversational voice… “I worked on multiple ACAT..” Combine or merge jobs and responsibilities Provide excessive detail on job responsibilities or copy position description Use font less than “11” or 1/2 inch margins Use statement “See my career brief”

16 Résumé – Experience Examples
Paragraph Format Oct 2007– Present: Chief, Financial Mgmt, GS , 201 Space Systems Group, Avatar Systems Wing, Transformer Command, Selfridge AFB, MI. Manage portfolio of ACAT I and ACAT II weapon programs valued at over $5B. Advise Group Commander and squadron commanders through all phases of the acquisition life cycle. Successfully led Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) study on the JEDI X program. Direct workload, evaluate performance, initiate personnel actions, and promote employee training/development programs for 10 personnel. Responsibility Scope Results Bullet Format Oct 2004 – Oct 2007: Budget Analyst, GS , 55 Star War Systems Group, Space Force Systems Wing, Milky Way Center, Dream Land Command, Selfridge AFB, MI. Managed $50M flying hour program and $20M communications budget. Developed pricing model to forecast flying hour costs across 7 a/c types. Accomplishments/Results: Pricing model adopted as standard across command. Won DLM/FM Quarterly Award in 2009. Highlight Responsibilities, Scope, Results

17 Résumé Enhances Career Brief
Résumé Summary Use as tool to enhance career brief/personnel record Include or amplify job responsibility and scope Identify mission impact of performance Highlight awards and community involvement Résumé Enhances Career Brief

18 Overview Résumé Preparation Interview Preparation Career Development

19 Gov’t Interview Preparation
Understand Force Development framework -- what type of job are you applying for? Strategic Operational Tactical Assess type of experience you possess in the applicable categories Think about how to translate your capabilities and potential for level of job GS-14/15 GS-13/14 GS -12 Preparation begins with understanding What type of Job you are applying for

20 An Approach for Gov’t Interview Preparation
Conduct a career inventory of your work experiences in the following areas: Leadership Technical Competence Significant Challenge Process Improvement Personnel Management/Conflict Management Teamwork (ability to work with teams) Communication (oral and written)

21 Gov’t Interview Preparation (Cont’d)
Capture 2-3 examples of work experiences in the 7 categories and frame as follows: What was the issue or situation? What did you do? What was the result? Rehearse each experience until you can run through them in 2-3 minutes If you cannot succinctly cover…throw it out Focus on near term experiences vs. distant past Check relevancy (tactical, operational, strategic)

22 Gov’t Interview Preparation (Cont’d)
Career inventory should also help you prepare for a general career experience (breadth/depth) Practice using general questions covering 7 major work experience areas Goal is to go into interview confident of work history and accomplishments Career Inventory Helps Build Confidence

23 Gov’t Interview Do’s and Don’ts
Conduct a career inventory to ensure you have a fresh perspective on your accomplishments Read questions carefully…cover all the elements of the question Anticipate general areas such as experience but try to avoid preparing for specific questions Provide multiple examples of your experiences Practice for time management purposes (~25-30 min) Keep interview professional at all times….no joking about job or answers Wrap up interview with anything you believe is relevant that has been missed or not provided

24 Gov’t Interview Do’s and Don’ts (Cont’d)
Over use FM or functional specific acronyms Refer to your résumé when answering a question….the only thing that counts is what you say in the interview Refer to other individuals as references ….normally this is meaningless to the panel Identify deficiencies in experience...“ I don’t have acquisition experience” ....just provide your best answers to questions Talk about team accomplishments without indicating what you did or contributed Appear as if you are reading from a script

25 Final Thoughts - General Career Advice
Be aggressive and take calculated risks Accept Feedback Get out of your comfort zone at least once in your career Perform!….find a way to add value to your team & organization Don’t compare yourself to others…just work to be the best person you can be

26 Summary Career development is a must for advancement
Résumé is a tool to highlight your record Interview prep requires a focused approach

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