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New electromechanical ABLOY® cylinder.

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1 New electromechanical ABLOY® cylinder


3 What is CLIQ technolgy ? CLIQ micro electronics enables installing modern electronics into keys and cylinders 264 different identifications DES encryption Programmable Modern technology for locking High level encryption Classified security

4 ABLOYÒ and CLIQ technology

5 Connection and verify in millisecond!
Wake up ! Random number Encrypted response Decrypt Validity checking Register in audit trail Open if valid Locking

6 Cylinder doesn’t have battery
ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ Key has the battery Cylinder doesn’t have battery communication Power from the key - no wires

Features Code locks Electronic cylinders Access control ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ Mechanical locks Part of mechanical locking system Lasting security Step by step expandability Absolute key control Price / door

Master Keyed System could include both mechanical and ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ keys and cylinders

9 ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ => Updated security
Building ready Building phase Security level Key lost Easy to keep the targeted security level with ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ. It gives you time to evaluate the security risk of lost key. Time

10 ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ master keying
Functional parts of the building should be separated by mechanical master keying. Different groups can be separated by mechanical master keying = No mechanical passage right

11 ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ master keying
Each group has one mechanical access right ( one mechanical key code ) and digital access right Each member of the group is identified by an electronic code = ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ = Mechanical passage right = No mechanical passage right

12 Cylinders Keys ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ - Cylinders and Keys
Master programming key User key Programming key Memory structure Opening Opening Audit List for other valid denied trail MKS keys Normal user key with Clock function Each system has a programming key Programming of user keys and locks Info transmission Not for normal use For creating a new programming key Key holds the last 100 Audits (openings/closings)

13 Time function of the key refers TO ALL LOCKS in the system
ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ time function Key valid until specified date Key with time function January 2005 October 2005 Valid until Valid from Week schedule: Key valid one period per day Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Time function of the key refers TO ALL LOCKS in the system

14 ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ cylinder memory
Memory structure Group 2 Opening may be allowed for groups (or individuals) but denied from individuals Group 1 Group 3 Opening Opening Audit valid denied trail Groups* Individuals Individuals Individuals or groups * 65,000 ind. Keys per Group Person 1 Person 2 Group 4, e.g. a family

15 ”Opening valid” as individual keys or as a group
ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ G1/K1 G1/K3 Group1 Lock memory G1/K2 G1/K4 Opening Opening Audit valid forbidden Trail Group G1/K1, date, time Key Key 1, date, time Key Key 2, date, time G1/K3, date, time G1/K4 Key1 ”Opening valid” as individual keys or as a group Key2 Lock hold the last 1000 audits

16 ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ programming
Programming key Programming the cylinders and copying the audit trails by programming key ABLOYÒ KEYCONTROL -program Programming device

17 ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ product range

18 Classified - mechanical
ABLOYÒ PROTEC CLIQ features Flexible Easy extensions Ease of changes Secure Easy to update Classified - mechanical Can not be copied Costs Price/ door Economy/ Life cycle Stand alone Easy Installing – no wires Locking planning Usage

19 Revolutionary ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ

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