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THE TIME IS NOW! Grace Baptist Church Bus Ministry.

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1 THE TIME IS NOW! Grace Baptist Church Bus Ministry

2 THE MISSION The purpose of Grace Baptist Bus Ministry is to fulfill Gods command to be witnesses in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8). We demonstrate Gods love to children and their families by ministering to them and giving them a safe ride to church where they learn about their Savior. In turn, they learn how to worship God, serve God and lead their family to Christ.

3 WHAT IS INVOLVED? A safe ride to and from church Christian songs Bible lessons Lunch served Games

4 The Great Commission~Part 1 Starting in our own Jerusalem! For GOD so loved the World!

5 BUS ROUTE #1 Bus Captain~~Carl Akery, Amanda Akery, Mark Browning

6 BUS ROUTE #2 Bus Captain~~Kelly Morse, John Smith Naomi Chamberland, Stacy & Stephanie Henderson

7 BUS ROUTE #3 Bus Captain~~Jim White, Todd Robertson, Sara Payne

8 BUS ROUTE #4 Bus Captain~~James & Jennifer Hughes, Ron Davis, Gary & Debbie Johnson

9 BUS ROUTE #5 Bus Captain~~Donald, Tina & David Blankenship

10 WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? Adopt a neighborhood Volunteer on a route Organize bus events Be a pew parent Adopt a child Become a 52 Club member SEND SOMEONE TO TELL ME!

11 BUS WORKER Visit the riders on Saturday Ride the bus on Sunday Coordinate with bus captain for responsibility on the bus

12 ADOPT A NEIGHBORHOOD A neighborhood on one of the routes would be assigned to you. Visit the neighborhood for an hour or five sign- ups (whichever comes first). You coordinate with the bus captain to get the information to them for pick-up of the children Your bus captain WILL train you to sign up new riders.

13 EVENT COORDINATOR Work with the bus director to coordinate weekly food schedule and special events.

14 PEW PARENT Sit with the teenagers of an assigned bus route. Build a relationship with the teens at church Teach them the proper way to behave in a church service

15 ADOPT A CHILD A specific child is assigned to you from a route. Pray for that child daily Remember your childs special days Spend time with the child

16 52 CLUB MEMBER Pray on a daily basis for the bus ministry. Allow God to use you to support the bus ministry financially. Purpose to give a minimum of $5/week for a year to the bus ministry.

17 Great Commission~Part 2

18 NOW IS THE TIME Children all around Metro Atlanta just want someone to spend time with them. WE can be the ones to share Christs love with them. The TIME IS NOW to reach out to these boys and girls! IT IS TIME to answer the call!


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