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Copyright SIEP B.V.. Understanding Your HSE Culture.

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1 Copyright SIEP B.V.

2 Understanding Your HSE Culture


4 Understanding Your Culture What? A tool that helps to identify gaps in local HSE culture and agree plans to drive performance improvement Why? For the welfare of the workers as well as their supervisors we need to achieve Goal Zero How? By providing a clear view of both the present and the desired culture, by identifying behaviours that can help to reduce the gap, and by creating a personal Action Plan that leads towards improvement

5 Company Culture A strong culture is where everyone: Values safety Expects the unexpected Knows what to do Are open to suggestions Wants to make a difference Believes their behaviour makes a difference for others And Managers in particular: Lead by example See the behaviour of others as reflecting their leadership

6 HSE Performance over time Time Incident rate Technology and standards HSE Management Systems Improved culture Engineering improvements Hardware improvements Safety emphasis E&H Compliance Integrated HSE-MS Reporting Assurance Competence Risk Management Behaviour Visible leadership / personal accountability Shared purpose & belief Aligned performance commitment & external view HSE delivers business value

7 PATHOLOGICAL who cares as long as were not caught REACTIVE Safety is important, we do a lot every time we have an accident Increasing Trust/Accountability Increasingly informed PROACTIVE Safety leadership and values drive continuous improvement. GENERATIVE (High Reliability Orgs.) HSE is how we do business round here CALCULATIVE we have systems in place to manage all hazards The Safety Culture Ladder

8 Oganisational Characteristics Exercise Read from left to right through the Organisational Characteristics table Tick your current level as you read through the 18 dimensions (more than one tick is possible) Not all descriptions are applicable for all organisational levels

9 Scoring Use the Score Sheet to calculate the overall score What are you areas for improvement? What level of maturity are you aiming for? Compare your scores with others who were rating the same part of the organisation Are the any differences? Where do they come from?



12 How The Culture Feels Personally Read from left to right through the Examples Of How The Culture Feels Personally What will You do to improve the organisational safety culture?

13 Your I … statements Are they As advanced as you want the organisation to be? Specific – Are you clear what they are going to do? Visible – Could you film it? Different – Is it a change from what you normally do? Realistic – Are you able to do it? Adequate – Do they match your aspired culture level? Measurable – Can you tell what difference they will make? Do you need to rethink your I... statements?

14 Personal Action Plan How can you improve? What are you going to do differently? When are you going to start? How are you going to do it? Who will review it? When will the follow up be? Is your Action Plan SMART: Specific? Measurable? Achievable? Realistic? Time based?

15 Full version of this presentation is available to Hearts and Minds customers. Full Hearts & Minds presentations include facilitator notes, extra theory, slides and workshop activities If you would like to purchase any of the brochures in the Hearts and Minds Toolkit, please visit

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