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Notes for Teachers and Parents

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1 Notes for Teachers and Parents
Student Planner and Study Booklet UNDERSTAND AND USE YOUR WALL PLANNER Student Wall Planner and Study Guide Success Planner Academic Teacher Resources

2 The Student Planner and Study Guide
The Student Planner and Study Guide are very powerful learning tools if used correctly!

3 Study Planner Often the case for improvement in study is NOT to study ‘harder’ but rather study ‘smarter’. Effective study comes from both a will within a student and a supportive environment around the student that also pushes them to stick to their study activities and routine.

4 Student Planner Successful students are students who are typically (1) well organised and manage their time in a very effective manner. The Student Wall Planner over comes one of the major problems faced by students: developing time management skills and (2) sound study organisation Allow parents to be part of their child’s study support routine.

5 How to Use the Planner The Study Planner gives students a (3) useful tool to develop their time management skills and plan their study to (4) achieve rewarding results. There are full instructions on how to use the Study Planner on the back of the chart as well as on the web site.

6 Student Wall Planner Teachers ‘know’ students achieve better results if they are: more organised with their time and (5) give study the appropriate priority. (6) set goals and record the amount of time that devote to genuine study on their subjects.

7 Student Wall Planner The Planner is designed so parents can review the students study progress and update the information to improve study habits and study routine. The Planner is laminated and if a (7) non-permanent felt marker is used the data can be wiped clean and changed as desired.

8 The Student Planner Read and work through the details shown on the reverse side or your Student Wall Planner.

9 Student Wall Planner A good Daily Homework and Study Timetable displays a (8) balance between the various school subjects you undertake as well as other activities likely to be encountered during any Term.

10 The Goal Chart (9) Successful people set goals for themselves. When preparing your Goal Chart keep in mind if you are capable of a better performance the (10) write in some realistic results you wish to achieve in each subject.

11 Term Planner The term planner is where you (11) write down all the important assessment dates for the term. Examinations, assignments, excursions, orals, projects, rehearsals as well sporting and other events for the school. It is NOT a social calendar.

12 Student Wall Planner The Study Record is a space where you record the (12) amount of overall time spent on genuine study for each subject. (13) You need to be honest with yourself or you are wasting your time.

13 Student Wall Planner Prepare the Student Wall Planner to meet your needs. Remember to (14) change your mind and refine your plan is a sign that you are learning how to plan more effectively. Any teacher or parent will tell you it is important to study in (15) an environment free from as many distractions as possible including: TV, Phone, Computer, Internet and Radio

14 Student Wall Planner When you work it is (16) an excellent idea to keep a notepad or school diary beside you to jot down any areas or work you have experienced difficulty during your nightly routine. (17) Being a successful student is about taking more and more responsibility for your own learning.

15 Student Wall Planner The Student Wall Planner will hopefully (18) encourage you to: get organised, keep your activities in balance, set your goals, work at a regular routine and seek your parent’s and teacher’s advice when you need it.


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