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2013 State of the Church Its Time. Without a Vision the people will perish What is our Vision?

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1 2013 State of the Church Its Time

2 Without a Vision the people will perish What is our Vision?

3 Its Time Fight Temptation to become Comfortable Complacent Satisfied Woe to you who are at ease in Zion… Amos 6:1

4 Its Time 3.7 Million Lost in Tennessee 4.6 Billion Lost in the World Its Time

5 Hosea 10:12 Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

6 Its Time Its Time to Glorify Its Time to Go Its Time to Grow

7 Its Time to Glorify …All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Matthew 28:18

8 Its Time to Glorify 1966-Survey conducted by Oak Grove Baptist Church 1967-Carters Valley Mission 1970-Smiley Center 1971-Carters Valley Baptist Church organized

9 Its Time to Glorify 1989-Reverted back to Oak Grove as a Mission 1990-Oak Grove Mission 1994-Ridgeview Baptist Church constituted 1999-New Sanctuary 2003-ROC

10 Its Time to Glorify And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself John 12:32

11 Its Time to Glorify 2011 Baptisms 28 2012 Baptisms 26 2011 Additions 22 2012 Additions 26

12 Its Time to Glorify 2011 SS 272 2012 SS 285 2011 Membership 607 2012 Membership 647

13 Its Time to Glorify 2011 Giving $419,019 2012 Giving $502,285

14 Its Time to Glorify But he who glories, let him glory in the Lord. For not he who commends himself is approved, but whom the Lord commends. II Corinthians 10:17-18

15 Its Time to Glorify 2012 VBS 305 Enrollment Praise the Lord!

16 Its Time to Glorify Celebrating 15 years of July 4 th Ministry Praise the Lord!

17 Its Time to Glorify All Glory goes to Jesus!

18 Its Time to Go Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Matthew 28:19

19 Its Time to Go Investment of our people, time, and resources should have the purpose of Making Disciples!

20 Its Time to Go Then the Master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. Luke 14:23

21 Its Time to Go Pumpkin Path Ministry Thanksgiving Ministry Apple Tree Ministry School/Sports Ministry

22 Its Time to Go Prayer Ministry Shoebox Ministry Van Ministry McDonald House Ministry

23 Its Time to Go Disaster Relief Ministry Food Pantry Ministry Clothes Closet Ministry Medical Clinic Ministry

24 Its Time to Go More Life Classes 1 st and 3 rd Sunday Visitation (CARE Ministry) Share Gospel at all Events

25 Its Time to Go As we are going… Share the Gospel As we are serving… Share the Gospel

26 Its Time to Go …Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

27 Its Time to Go Return to Evangelism Commit to share the Gospel intentionally and boldly with the lost that I encounter on a daily basis

28 Its Time to Grow teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

29 Its Time to Grow Sunday School/Discipleship Preschool/Childrens Ministry Youth/College Ministry Womens/Men Ministry Music/Drama Ministry

30 Its Time to Grow Return to the Bible Commit to read the Bible through in the next year by reading it each day

31 Its Time to Grow Return to Repentance and Obedience Commit to submit and obey the voice of God as He reveals His will each day

32 Its Time to Grow A Return to Discipleship Commit to personally disciple at least one person in the Word of God over the next year

33 Its Time to Grow Return to Intercession Commit to pray with an unceasing and fervent spirit for revival and the salvation of lost souls each day

34 Its Time Birth New SS Classes Birth New Ministries Birth New Branches (Off Campus Bible Studies) Birth New Plants (New Church)

35 Its Time Baptize 33+ Break Through 300 avg in SS International Mission Trip North America Mission Trip Pay Off ROC Debt Operation Reclaim

36 Its Time Members Equipped Members Encouraged Members Evangelism Members Excited Members Expecting

37 Its Time Personal A Return to Urgency Commit to preach the Word of God with fear and urgency each time with the awareness that this ay be their last time to hear and be saved.

38 Its Time Personal Personal Evangelism Faithful Intercession Membership Connection Counseling Training

39 Its Time 2013 Its Time to Glorify Its Time to Go Its Time to Grow

40 Its Time Return to Him Commitment Will You Commit today?

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