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An innovative tool for the review of health and safety work practices and the implementation of effective controls of particulate exposures.

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1 An innovative tool for the review of health and safety work practices and the implementation of effective controls of particulate exposures

2 A new member of the HAZ-DUST family The first complete turnkey video dust monitor that is wireless and affordable Provides a real-time dust reading and video overlay directly to a dedicated computer in the VDM-7500 system

3 The Video Exposure Monitoring (VEM) Technique US NIOSH produced a publication on this subject in 1992 entitled Analyzing Workplace Exposures Using Direct Reading Instruments and Video Exposure Monitoring Techniques. (No. 92-104) NIOSH reported that VEM can be used to associate events and exposures and to promote more effective and focused recommendations for controlling the air contaminant exposures.

4 The Video Exposure Monitoring (VEM) Technique Allows characteristics about the workers exposure to be identified so that controls can be implemented Allows work activity data to be combined with real-time exposure data for review and analysis by health and safety professionals

5 Requirements for a VEM System Direct-reading instrument that provides a voltage output proportional to concentration Response time that is less than that of the events of interest Specificity for the contaminant of interest Portability

6 Early VEM Used Telemetry Systems Mostly at the research level Expensive equipment that required extensive technical expertise Cumbersome process to mix data from direct reading instruments with video

7 New VDM-7500 available from SKC Portable Turnkey System Easy to use Synchronized mixing of video and dust concentrations automatically processed using proprietary software Affordably priced

8 VDM-7500 TURNKEY SYSTEM Wireless real-time particulate monitor Wireless video camera Customized, dedicated portable PC with radio receiver Software and hardware Packaged in a rolling carry case with handle

9 VDM-7500 System RX Radio Module Power Supply Video RX Input Storage Mouse Video Camera Tool Pouch Storage Dust monitor Computer Screen Keyboard

10 Key Features of the VDM-7500 Dust Monitor Compact and portable system at 2.75 lbs Battery powered for 8 hours+ of operation True breathing zone measurements and size- selective air sampling Large particle size range of 0.1-100 um Unique dust sensor allows for concurrent filter gravimetric samples for further laboratory and chemical analysis Internal pump adjustable from 1-3.3 L/min

11 Key Features of the VDM-7500 Video Components Digital and wireless for unattended operation Immediate real-time video and dust readings of particulates Record to disk features allows for visual proof of over/under exposure and concrete documentation for liability and compliance purposes Total weight of the system is 35 lbs. CE mark

12 VDM-7500 APPLICATIONS Activity Analysis A systematic method of breaking a complex job into elements so that they can be studied for improvements Allows identification of those elements that contribute most to a workers air contaminant exposures Involves time/motion studies and coordinating activities with resulting contaminant exposures

13 VDM-7500 APPLICATIONS Supplement to sampling Integrated sampling using filters and personal sampling pumps should be done before conducting video monitoring. After determining the extent of the exposures with filter sampling, VEM can be applied to review work practices and activities producing high exposures.

14 VDM-7500 APPLICATIONS Source evaluation VEM can be used to determine the specific source of a workers exposure to air contaminants, the contaminant generation rate, and the effectiveness of ventilation systems in reducing the dust levels.

15 OTHER APPLICATIONS Demonstrations of how workers activities can affect exposure levels Comparisons of worker-to-worker activities and resulting exposures Qualitative and quantitative studies of dust exposures too short to be studied effectively with integrated air sampling methods

16 OTHER APPLICATIONS Identifications of tasks that produce high exposure levels Demonstrations of exposure reductions achieved from various control techniques

17 GENERAL USES OF VEM Exposure monitoring Selection of respiratory protection Worker training Safety audits Compliance program reviews Workers compensation issues Insurance investigations

18 CASE STUDY Worker Exposures During Building Demolition The purpose of the study was to estimate a construction workers dust exposure inside the crane cockpit during active demolition of a commercial building so appropriate control measures could be implemented.

19 A Field Study of Worker Exposure During Building Demolition Exhibit A

20 Test Procedure Samples were taken in the respirable mode in accordance with NIOSH method 0600. Prior to field testing a calibration curve was established correlating the real-time readings to filter gravimetric test. A crane operator wore the real-time dust monitor during active demolition. Sampling was started when the crane began the demolition process and stopped when the specific work task was completed. An observer also tracked the time using a stopwatch and correlated work activities with exposure levels.



23 Conclusions from the VEM study Although dust levels were not over the OSHA exposure limit, it was determined through observation that the door of the crane cockpit was open. The exposure levels would have been significantly lower had the door been closed during the work task. The following control measures were implemented: closing the entry door and windows in the crane cockpit during demolition and requiring the crane operator to wear a dust respirator.

24 for hazard prevention and control of particulate exposures

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