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September 23, 20041 Fuji Electric Ultrasonic Flowmeters.

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1 September 23, 20041 Fuji Electric Ultrasonic Flowmeters

2 September 23, 20042 Introduction Ultrasonic waves travel in the same manner as light or microwaves, however being elastic waves, they can propagate through any substance whether solid, liquid & gases. And by utilizing the properties of ultrasonic waves clamp on flowmeters with unique feature of being able to measure fluid flow in the pipe externally was developed. In 1975, Fuji Electric introduced its first ultrasonic flowmeter and since then Fuji Electric USFMs have been very successfully in many applications both domestically and internationally.

3 September 23, 20043 Contents 1.Why use ultrasonic flowmeter? 2.Who needs ultrasonic flowmeter? 3.Whats unique in Fujis ultrasonic flowmeter? 4.References 5.Application notes

4 September 23, 20044 1.1 Why use ultrasonic flowmeter? Benefits of A NON-INTRUSIVE sensor (CLAMP-ON type) Cost saving Easy maintenance (No moving parts) No pressure loss No plugging/clogging No corrosion No leakage IT IS AN IDEAL SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS OF ORDINARY INTRUSIVE/SPOOL PIECE TYPE OF FLOWMETERS. Differential Pressure, Magnetic Flow, Turbine, Coriolis & Etc.

5 September 23, 20045 1.2 Why use ultrasonic flowmeter? Wide operating conditions more than your expectations Temperature: -40 ~ +200 °C Pipe Diameter : Ø13mm ~ Ø6000mm Flow Velocity : 0.3 ~ 32m/s (High turndown ratio) Measured Fluid : Sound conductive fluids even with bubbles. Accuracy : ±0.5 ~ 1.0% Response Speed : 0.5second

6 September 23, 20046 1.3 Why use ultrasonic flowmeter? Check if you have right choice of flowmeter on line! UltrasonicElectromagneticDifferential PressureVortex Measuring Media Fluid GasXX VaporXX SlurryX XX Application Control Monitor SupplyX XX Operating Condition Temperature-40 to 200 °C-20 to 120 °C-40 to 600 °C-10 to 200 °C Pressure--1 to 2MPa-0.1 to 42MPa5MPa Pressure lossNone Yes RangeabilityLarge Installation Condition Bore 13 ~ 6,000mm2.5 ~ 300mm25 ~ 3,000mm4 ~ 100mm Upstream/Downstream10D/5D5D/2D10D/5D7D/3D Piping worksNot RequiredRequired Explosion proof X X Performance Accuracy 0.5 % of rate 2.0 % of FS 1.0 % of rate Velocity range-32 to 32m/s0 to 15m/s-0.3 to 4m/s

7 September 23, 20047 1.4 Why use ultrasonic flowmeter? Cost Comparison

8 September 23, 20048 2.1 Who needs ultrasonic flowmeter? Increasing demands by 11% per year through 2001 (Forecasted by ARC, USA Advisory Group) Government regulation requires reporting the amount of discharged fluid from plants. (Especially in Chemical + Refining + Wastewater) Improving efficiency of plant operation needs measuring flow rate of the process which is not measured currently.

9 September 23, 20049 2.2 Who needs ultrasonic flowmeter? Applications Pulp & Paper Chemical Plants Power Plants & Generating Facilities Water Service & Sewage Treatment Semiconductor Manufacturing Plating & Finishing Operations Food and Beverage Process Building Maintenance Pumping Efficiency Leakage Detection

10 September 23, 200410 2.3 Who needs ultrasonic flowmeter? (%) Total 36,900 units sold in 1996 Shipments Worldwide By Applications

11 September 23, 200411 2.4 Who needs ultrasonic flowmeter? (%) Shipments Worldwide by Industry since 1996

12 September 23, 200412 3.1 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Full Range Line-Up Of Fuji Electric USFM! Fixed Type For Monitoring & Control(Model FLV/W) Fixed Multi-Channel (Model FLH/W) Portable Type For Checking(Model FLC/D) Open Channel (Model FLH/X) M-Flow Low Cost Version(Model FLS/R)

13 September 23, 200413 3.2 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Fuji Electrics USFM Family Time Delta (FLV/W) Portaflow-X (FLC/D) Open Channel (FLH/X) Multi Channel (FLH-3) M-Flow

14 September 23, 200414 3.3 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Superior Measurement Performance by High Speed Digital Signal Processing (MPU: DSP-Digital Signal Processor- Texas Instruments 32bit) Basic principle = Transit time difference High accuracy (0.5%) & quick response (0.5second) Broad measuring range (0.3~32m/s) Real time auto temperature and pressure compensation Auto calculation for unknown sonic velocity Advanced anti-bubble measurement (Up to 12% volume)

15 September 23, 200415 3.4 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Basic Principle = Transit Time Difference Type Upstream Sensor OscillatorWedge Pipe θfθf D Q τ/2 T1T1 T2T2 Downstream Sensor Cross-sectional area Average velocity on cross section Average velocity on propagation path Q :Flowrate D :Inner pipe diameter K :Conversion factor of average velocity θ f :Incident angle into liquid T 1, T 2 : Transit time T 0 :Transit time between sensors when flow is at rest ( (T 1 + T 2 )/2) τ :Transit time in pipe walls & sensors ΔT=T 2 T 1 (Note) Ultrasonic waves are carried with the motion of fluid. Q =xxx Clamp-on sensors Transit Time Difference Method Principle Expression πD 2 D ΔT sin2θ f (T 0 -τ) 2

16 September 23, 200416 Reynolds Number : Non-dimensional figure to determine flow profile V x D Re = ν Conversion factor of average velocity : –Turbulent flow (Re 5000) 2n+1 K = n = 2.1 log Re-1.9 2n, –Laminar flow (Re 2300) K = 3.5) Whats Unique in Fujis USFM V :Average velocity D :Inner diameter ν:Kinematics viscosity Flow Profile Compensation 1.4 10 2 1.3 1.2 1.1 10 3 10 4 10 5 10 6 Turbulent flow (Trapezoidal) Laminar flow (Parabolic) K Laminar flow Transition region Turbulent flow Re Flow profile : Enough straight pipe length should be taken so that laminar flow will be well developed.

17 September 23, 200417 3.6 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Flow (%) Accuracy(% of rate) High accuracy (0.5%) & quick response (0.5second) Pipe: Ø80mm Pipe material: SGP Range: 0~2m/s Comparison Test Data in Actual Flow

18 September 23, 200418 Principle Expression: πD 2 1 D ΔT Q = 4 sin2θ f (T 0 -τ) 2 πD 2 1 C f ΔT = 4 2 sinθ f T 0 -τ (C f : Sound velocity in measured liquid) Compensation for liquid temperature & pressure change –Physical Phenomena: –Real time compensation (Applied For Patent) Calculation of propagation path and fluid sound velocity every output cycle 3.7 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Real time auto temperature & pressure compensation Upstream Sensor Pipe θfθf D Q τ/2 T1T1 T2T2 Downstream Sensor CfCf Effect of temperature & pressure change Fluid temperature & pressure change Change of C f Change of θ f & τ Output change Measured values T 1 & T 2 Successive calculation of C f, θ f & τ Compensated output xxx xxx

19 September 23, 200419 Sound Velocity of Water Sound Velocity Vs Water Temperature (Extracted From Steam Tables ) Note: In general, the dependence of sound velocity to fluid temperature and/or pressure is not well known except for a few liquids, such as water and sea water.

20 September 23, 200420 3.8 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Real time Auto Temperature & Pressure Compensation Comparison Test Data For Temperature Effects

21 September 23, 200421 3.9 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Digital sampling of received signals : –Ultrasonic Oscillator 2MHz For Small Sensor 1MHz For Large Sensor –Sampling Rate 16MHz Synchronized summation of received signals : –Normal propagation –Interrupted propagation Received signal : t v Digital data of received signals : t v In case of analog system measurement failure will occur t v Enough level can be achieved for signal processing. Summed 128 or 256 times for one output flow bubble flow bubble Nothing! Advanced Anti Bubble Measurement (Up to 12% Volume)

22 September 23, 200422 3.10 Whats Unique in Fujis USFM Advanced Anti Bubble Measurement (Up to 12% Volume)

23 September 23, 200423 Common Features Fujis USFM Series High accuracy & quick response Compact & lightweight Excellent air bubble resistance (Advanced ABM) Excellent temperature characteristics (New sound velocity measurement) OFFERED BY 32BIT DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR

24 September 23, 200424 Wet Calibration 1. Weighing method 2. Volumetric method 3. Comparative method

25 September 23, 200425 Wet Calibration Measure the Mass of Water Flowed into Primary Weighing Tank for certain period. Compare the Indication of USFM and Mass of Water. Weighing method Primary Volumetric Tank Water Upper Tank Stop Valve ThermometerUSF to be calibrated

26 September 23, 200426 Wet Calibration Measure the Level of Water Flowed into Primary Volumetric Tank for certain period. Compare the Indication of USF and Volume of Water. Volumetric method Level Meter Water Upper Tank Stop Valve ThermometerUSF to be calibrated Primary Volumetric Tank

27 September 23, 200427 Wet Calibration Measure the Flow Rate by Primary Flowmeter for reference. Compare the Indication of USFM and the Primary Flowmeter Comparative method USF to be calibrated Primary Flowmeter Stop Valve

28 September 23, 200428 Wet Calibration Volumetric method With 2.5 to 300mm Ø pipes (1 to 12 inch Ø) with primary tank inspected by Japanese Authority of Measurement. Comparative method With electromagnetic flowmeter calibrated within ±0.2% FS. For larger bore pipes than 300mm Dry calibration based on the wet calibration for 300mm pipe according to Japanese Standard JEMIS032. Fujis USFM calibration (Upon request) by

29 September 23, 200429 References Australia Bangladesh Brunei Indonesia Japan Malaysia Myanmar New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam All countries Please kindly click on the individual country to view customers database.

30 September 23, 200430 The End

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