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Minimum Connecting Time MCT - The Basics

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1 Minimum Connecting Time MCT - The Basics
OAG data Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

2 Minimum Connecting Time Definition
The shortest time interval required to effectively transfer passengers and baggage between connecting flights, or between flights, rail or bus.

3 Essential MCT Data Components
Connecting airport Domestic/international status at connecting airport MCT Categories Industry default Airport agreed standard Carrier exceptions Carrier exception conditions

4 Status Combinations MCT intervals must take into account whether the passenger is treated as a domestic or an international traveller Status pertains to arrival/departure at connecting airport

5 Status Combinations Domestic - Domestic (DD)
Transfers between domestic flights Domestic - International (DI) Transfers from a domestic to an international flight International - International (I I) Transfers between international flights International - Domestic (ID) Transfers from an international to a domestic flight

6 Status Combination Example
LHR - ORD ORD - DEN I I D D ID status applies to arrival / departure ORD

7 Status Combination Examples
DD (D) EDI - LHR (D) (D) LHR - MAN (D) DD (D) LAX - ORD (D) (D) ORD - IND (D) DI (D) DEN - ORD (D) (I) ORD - LHR (I) II (I) LHR- ATH (I) (I) ATH - CAI (I) ID (I) LHR - ORD (I) (D) ORD - DEN (D)

8 Minimum Connecting Time Categories
Industry standard defaults Individual airport agreed standards Carrier exceptions

9 Industry Standard Defaults
Domestic to domestic travel: Airline agreed standard = 20 minutes Mixture of domestic and international travel: IATA world standard = 60 minutes Purely international travel:

10 Individual Airport Standards
May differ from industry standard defaults MCT interval based on interline conditions Approval procedures differ for international and wholly domestic travel

11 Carrier Exceptions to Standards
Online exceptions No agreement needed, except within carrier Interline exceptions Bilateral agreements between carriers If conflicting views, receiving carrier point of view governs Block connections Provides facility to block invalid connections Carrier notifies OAG directly

12 Reasons for Filing Carrier Exceptions
Adjustments for commuter, or code sharing partners Consider if they serve different terminals Ensure desired code share flight connections are generated Control over connections MCT can also reflect temporary, or permanent airport conditions

13 Reasons for Filing Carrier Exceptions
Maximize online efficiencies with shorter MCT Interval needed at airport exceeds standard Block connections Prevent code share-code share connection under marketing carrier Prevent invalid connections

14 Carrier Exception Conditions
OAG allows a mix & match of the following conditions: Carrier Flight numbers, or flight ranges Aircraft code, or wide/narrow body indicator Terminal Effective from/to dates Previous/next airport State & Country Country, or region

15 OAG MCT Database Allows airlines to submit a variety of data types and relationships to convey exceptions Quality checks for conflicting information and duplicates

16 Updating Carrier Exceptions
Once MCT data is received by OAG: OAG MCT co-ordinator analyzes MCT data to ensure it meets IATA rules & regulations Compares submission to existing carrier data Contacts airline if clarification is necessary OAG staff update MCT database

17 OAG Provides Key Role Worldwide data clearinghouse for MCT and Schedules information Work closely with IATA to support and implement new data format standards Provide quality data for connection generation

18 OAG Database OAG Schedules database is the most comprehensive Worldwide database with flight information for over 4200 active airports OAG MCT database contains more than 23,000 exceptions, filed by over 200 airlines for more than 2300 airports

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