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Geologic Time 1 Add this unit to your Table of contents!

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1 Geologic Time 1 Add this unit to your Table of contents!

2 A timeline of your education If we made a timeline of your education, where would you fall?? What would we use as the scale? Grade level K123456789101112 K Where would you fall on the timeline of the Earths history?? 4.6 billion years agoPresent day

3 Fossils and Geologic Time The geologic time scale organizes geologic and evolutionary events. It is based on evidence in the fossil record and has been shaped by mass extinctions.

4 How do extinctions shape Geologic Time? Mass extinction- A large number of species become extinct After a mass extinction, opportunities open for new life-forms to emerge.

5 Geologic Time Scale Divisions of the Geologic Time Scale Precambrian Era Paleozoic Era Mesozoic Era Cenozoic Era

6 The Precambrian Era 4.6 billion years ago – 542 million years ago ~88% of the earths history

7 Major Events Formation of the Earths crust from molten rock First appearance of life --- bacteria! First organisms could photosynthesize---- Oxygenated atmosphere First multi-cellular organisms

8 Major Events MASS Extinction- widespread glaciation Geologists compared the Earth to a giant snowball during this time

9 DOMINATE ORGANISMS Bacteria Multicellular organisms Fossils found in South Australia Cyanobacteria and stromatolites

10 Pictures of Precambrian Era Life and Fossils

11 The Paleozoic Era 542 million years ago - 251 million years ago

12 Major Events Cambrian explosion (of life)! Primitive fishes appear Mass EXTINCTION

13 Major Events Plants colonize land Insects and amphibians appear ANOTHER Mass EXTINCTION

14 Major Events Seed plants dominate land Reptiles become dominate

15 DOMINATE ORGANISMS Plants Fishes Insects Amphibians Reptiles

16 Pictures of Paleozoic life and fossils

17 Warm-up 10/16/13 1. What years did the Precambrian Era span? 4.6 billion years ago – 542 million years ago 2. What percentage of Earths history does the Precambrian Era account for? 88% 17

18 The Mesozoic Era 251 million years ago – 65.5 million years ago

19 Major Events Dinosaurs appear Mammals appear Birds appear Flowering Plants appear

20 Major Events MASS EXTINCTION! - Hypothesized that the extinction occurred abruptly when a 10 km meteorite hit the Earth.

21 DOMINATE ORGANISMS Reptiles Dinosaurs Conifer trees Flowering Plants

22 Mesozoic Era pictures and fossils

23 The Cenozoic Era 65.5 million years ago – Present day

24 Major Events Mammals diversify (age of the mammals) Forests dominate land Grasslands appear

25 DOMINATE ORGANISMS Wooly Mammoth Primates Mammals Early humans

26 Cenozoic Era pictures and fossils


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