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BC Science Probe 10 Section 12.1

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1 BC Science Probe 10 Section 12.1
Distance & Time BC Science Probe 10 Section 12.1

2 Distance Distance: The space between two points.

3 Distance Common units for distance are meters.
The meter was originally defined as one ten-millionth of the distance between the north pole and the equator.

4 Distance Distance can tell us how big an object is (the size) and how far it has travelled.

5 Distance Distances can be very small or very large.
The distances in space are so large that we use light years to measure them. 1 light year = 9.46 x 1015m

6 Time In general, time is the duration of an event,
The duration of an event is often referred to as a time interval and we give it this symbol: Δt Δ =delta which represents a change So Δt means “change in time”

7 Time & Distance We can use time and distance together to determine things like speed.

8 Period & Frequency Period (T) is the time interval between two repeating events. It is measured in units of time. Ex. A pendulum T = the time for a complete swing back and forth or the time it takes for one cycle.

9 Period & Frequency Frequency (f) is related to period (T).
It is the number of cycles that occur in a specific time interval (usually seconds). The unit for frequency is hertz (Hz) where 1Hz = 1 cycle per second.

10 Period & Frequency The formula for frequency: f = 1/T
You can also calculate the number of times divided by the time interval. We can use this to calculate period if we know the frequency too: T = 1/f

11 Graphs and the Slope of a Line
The angle or “steepness” of a straight line on a graph.

12 Graphs and the Slope of a Line
We can use the slope to see how things like distance and time are related. We will use the x-axis for time.

13 Graphs and the Slope of a Line

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