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52% Manage My Time Better.

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1 52% Manage My Time Better

2 Value your time “To realize the value of One Year,
Ask a student who failed his or her AP exams. To realize the value of One Month, Ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. To realize the value of One Week Ask an editor of a weekly magazine. To realize the value of One Day Ask a daily wage laborer who has six kids to feed. To realize the value of One Hour, Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To realize the value of One Minute Ask a person who missed their train. To realize the value of One Second Ask the person who survived an accident. To realize the value of One Millisecond Ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.” Value your time

3 Time is something we can not get back
When you pack a suitcase, if you just throw clothes and items in, it is hard to get everything packed. If you organize your clothes and items neatly, it usually all fits. Your time is no different than the suitcase. It will only hold so much but how you arrange your time will help you be able to accomplish more with the time you have. Time is something we can not get back

4 Divide your time Divide your time into categories:
Important – your most important things, your first things, activities that contribute to your mission and goals. Urgent – pressing things, in-your-face things, activities that demand immediate attention. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens pg. 107 Divide your time

5 Keep a Calendar Take a few minutes each week to plan your week.
Identify the most important things you need to do during the week. Identify the most important things I need to do this week. Block out time for the most important things. Schedule everything else after you have scheduled the most important items. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens pg. 113 Keep a Calendar

6 The Most Important Items look like...
Study for tests Finish reading an assignment Practice math Exercise The Most Important Items look like...

7 Effective time management will help us:
Get more done- once you have established a list of tasks and prioritized them, you will find that you can get much more accomplished. No more running around attempting to do tasks and feeling as if you have not completed anything at the end of the day. Gain control over your life- It might seem like your never-ending list of “things to do” runs your entire life. Until you create your list and prioritize your tasks, it is very possible to feel this way. Add time to your daily life- By getting more done and gaining control over your life, you are without a doubt able to add time to your life. When you have prioritized and gotten tasks completed, you have more time for things that you want to do. Reduce stress- Procrastination and constant chaos leads to stress. Stress leads to long-term health problems. Why put yourself through this? Effective time management will help us: Why should we learn to manage our time?

8 Answering these questions will help you to prioritize your activities.
What is most important to me? What are the activities that I value most? What is the most valuable use of my time right now? How long will it take to complete this task? How difficult is it to accomplish this task? Do I need the help of others to get the task done? What are the consequences of not completing this task? Will my decision affect others? Is there a deadline for any of the tasks?

9 Procrastination is your enemy
Procrastination is defined as postponing action, especially as a regular practice. Step 1: Recognize you are procrastinating, be honest with yourself. Step 2: Work out WHY you’re procrastinating; usually one of two main reasons: You find the task unpleasant You find the task overwhelming

10 Procrastination is your enemy.
Step 3: Get Over it! Do the worst task first. If you get it out of the way, you will enjoy the rest of the day more! Break it up into bite size pieces. Tackle a project by working on it for an hour or two each day, instead of trying to complete it all at once. Reward yourself. After completing some of your top priorities, reward yourself. “I’ll work in this for 2 hours, then I will watch TV.”

11 Time Management Hints The obvious way to use time better is ELIMINATION. Cut out things that aren’t necessary. Do it right the first time to save a lot of time having to re- do work. Develop the habit of finishing what you start. Don’t jump from one thing to another, leaving a string of unfinished tasks behind you. Utilize a planner and/or calendar 4-H Toolkit for

12 We have only 16 more days of school before Easter Holidays.
Easter Holidays 5 school days 4 weekend days = 9 days off. When you return you will have only 20 days left. It is NEVER too late to manage your time. We have seen students pull up total GPA. There is a difference between an A and a B; a B and a C. We have seen students go from failing to passing; Manage your time well! Manage your time

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