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Less Than Full-time Training in Wales Mrs Sue Bell-Thomas.

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1 Less Than Full-time Training in Wales Mrs Sue Bell-Thomas

2 The LTFT Team Mrs Sue Bell-Thomas Specialty LTFT Advisor for O&G Dr Melanie Jones Associate Dean for Careers and LTFT Lorraine Kemble Executive Officer (LTFT) Office is staffed Mon – Wed

3 Overview of LTFT Currently 200 trainees in Wales working part- time 38 trainees waiting to start LTFT within next 12 months Number of trainees wishing to work part-time continually increasing, currently 8% of workforce in Wales

4 Increase in the Demand for LTFT Demand for LTFT continues to rise; number of LTFT trainees has doubled since 2007

5 Family Friendly Award The Deanery has been recognised with a national award for its family friendly policies. In a survey led by the Medical Womens Federation; Wales Deanery received highest number of votes Survey explored areas including; organisation of rotas for junior doctors cover for colleagues on maternity/sick leave availability of advice and help with childcare and LTFT

6 LTFT Scheme Criteria 1 – carers responsibility, health reasons, disability Criteria 2 – personal development All applications treated positively Clear processes; application, eligibility check and informal interview Deanery works closely with Adviser & TPD to accommodate trainee within the training programme

7 Requirements of the Trainee Must be appointed through open competition Must work a minimum of 50% Must rotate on the same basis as the FT trainees Must work on-call pro-rata Must not undertake any other paid employment during flexible training

8 Application Process Fill in the form Interview with the LTFT Associate Dean to determine eligibility LTFT Advisor and TPD advised Majority will be placed in a PMETB approved slot share Financing agreed with the trust Post commences

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