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JackBe Training Day 1: What Does It Take To Achieve Real-Time Business Intelligence?

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1 JackBe Training Day 1: What Does It Take To Achieve Real-Time Business Intelligence?

2 About JackBe Leading Solution Provider of Real-Time Business Intelligence Globally deployed to over 100 enterprise & government agencies Named to Top 10 Enterprise Products in 2010

3 Todays Special Guest John Crupi, Chief Technology Officer Formerly, CTO of Suns SOA Practice & Sun Distinguished Engineer. Co-Author of Core J2EE Patterns Frequent Blogger, Two Time Washingtonian Tech Titan

4 Todays Agenda The Business Case for Real-Time Business Intelligence Where Real-Time Business Intelligence Applies in Your Organization How Real-Time BI is Different from Traditional BI Why its All About Real-Time, Self-Service and Pervasiveness How Presto Delivers the Fastest Time to Business Intelligence Value

5 Its a Perfect Storm… Mobility Hyper Tech- Savviness Everybody/Everything Connected 80/20 Self-Service Real-time Social Enterprise Apps Everywhere

6 At the Center of the Storm is the Need for Speed The Speed to Decide The Speed to Act The Speed to Value The Business Case for Real-Time BI revolves around the need to make fast decisions with timely data.– Claudia Imhoff

7 Fresher Information + Self-Service = Faster Decisions Business are becoming less competitive because they cant react in time due to stale information or no information! Data Warehouse/OLAP Reports/Dashboards Self-Service Self-Service Analysis In-memory Databases Real-time Apps/Dashboards Live Connect/Mashups Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI) Trajectory

8 How is this approach to BI different? Traditional BISelf-Service BI ETL Reports Apps Mashups Warehouse Mashups

9 Real-Time Intelligence Targets High Volume Decisions Decision Volume High Low Strategic Tactical

10 Real-Time Problem Characteristics Contextual and Situational Operational and Tactical Time and Decision Sensitive Visual and Actionable

11 What is the Sweet Spot for Real-Time Business Intelligence? Executives Information Workers Strategic Operational Back Office Workers Tactical Personas Decision-Making

12 Demo: Real-time Operational Dashboard

13 Demo: Real-Time Marketing Impact

14 Easy to Use Tools to Quickly and Easily Create Context Publish and Use Apps Anywhere with No Code Secure, Live Connections to Disparate Information JackBes Presto: Fastest Time to Business Intelligence Value Real-Time Self-Service Pervasiveness

15 The Value of Real-Time Insight In less than two years, the percentage of companies reporting a decision window as daily or shorter has increased from 60% to 77%

16 Real-Time Intelligence at GE Aviation Challenge: The operational systems within GE Aviations datacenter were siloed and disconnected, making it difficult for data center analysts to have live insight into their application and server performance, trouble ticket system, and help desk responses. Solution: Real-time App dashboard for datacenter analysts to monitor and manage the health and performance of their applications, server and databases in one complete interactive view.

17 What Does Self-Service BI Really Mean? Information workers become more self-sufficient by having an environment that is easy to use and supplies information that is easy to consume. These two themes are crucial roles in a fully functioning Self-Service BI environment. –TDWI Research Self-Service Business Intelligence

18 What is the IT about Self-Service BI? The 80/20 Rule: Provide the business with content and let them easily create (80% of) their own context.

19 Self-Service Enterprise App Store Challenge- Qualcomm lacked a self- service information delivery model for business users to have instant access to information to assemble personalized dashboards or portal based applications that host ever-changing departmental data Solution- Qualcomm selected JackBe's Presto to provide the means for users to discover, create and distribute Apps through a secure Enterprise App Store.

20 What Pervasiveness Means Apps Anywhere NO CODE No-Rewrite End to End Security

21 Pervasive Apps Anytime, Anywhere

22 The Pervasive Human Resources Portal Challenge- Dells Human Resources was tasked to rewrite their HR systems for their employees and for the HR staff. They needed to rapidly connect Peoplesoft, Oracle OBIEE, Taleo, SharePoint, and other internal and SaaS systems, as well as external networking sources such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Solution- Dell was able to connect all of their disparate sources of data without integration - combining data on the fly in real-time. They would be able to surface Apps in Peoplesoft (as portlets) and SharePoint (as WebParts) with no additional effort.

23 Faster Time to BI Value with Presto

24 Why Our Customers Use Presto I was able to send a last minute requirement to my developer and they had the App built and deployed in less than 24 hours. Normally, this would have taken them several weeks due to all the politics and policies in place for our BI environment. We are able to estimate a cost savings of $1000 per engine that's connected to our service operations system. Having the ability to track these assets in real-time allows us to estimate the cost savings per engine. We have been able to grow from 10 Apps to 40 Apps in 4 short months. We were impressed with the ease of creating dashboards and the ability to customize the application code. Based on comparative price, functionality and the support we were already receiving from Presto, we didnt think it would be cost effective to bring any other tool in-house.

25 A Preview of the Presto Power User Training Course Fast Track to Presto for Power Users Unit 0: Introducing the Course Unit 1: Introducing Presto 3.1 Unit 2: Using Mashables in Presto Hub Unit 3: Registering Mashables Unit 4: Creating Mashups in Presto Wires Unit 5: Creating Views and Apps Unit 6: Building Workspaces Apps in Presto Mashboard Unit 7: Using the Presto App Store

26 JackBe Training Day 1: What Does It Take To Achieve Real-Time Business Intelligence?

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