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Time Management is Life Management ORNT 199. Videos W9xftk W9xftk

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1 Time Management is Life Management ORNT 199

2 Videos W9xftk W9xftk ACIGkLc ACIGkLc

3 Understanding Time? Even scientists and philosophers struggle to define time Nonrenewable (cannot make more) Not preservable (cannot stockpile) Time is relative

4 Fundamental Characteristics of Time Management Know what you want State clear, specific goals on paper Know how to get what you want Create an action plan to achieve your goals Balance Without this, our lives feel like chaosdont just live for others

5 Covey: Purposeful Planning Carve out space in your life for things that are not urgent but are important Exercise Homework Quality time with loved ones Traveling Eating healthy meals When we feel out of time, we drop what is important and feel dissatisfied

6 Goal Setting SMART goals Nonspecific goals leave us confused about how to achieve them Make goals as fine-tuned as an engine visualize them in tangible images

7 Vague versus SMART Goals Vague Goals Get a good education. Get good grades. Improve my appearance. Get control over my money. SMART (Tangible) Goals Graduate with an AAS in Nursing with a 3.0. average in May 2014 Earn a 3.5 GPA this term. Lose 10 pounds by April 1. Put $50 in Savings each month.

8 Tips for Goal Writing Write down your goals Helps you realize if goals are too vague Writing leads to changes in attitudes, behaviors Write your goals with details in changes you want to see, feel, touch, taste, hear, be, do, or have

9 Tips for Goal Writing Write goals in several timeframes (short- term, intermediate-term, long-term) Write goals for several areas of your life Education Career Financial Family or relationships Health Social life

10 Tips on Goal Writing Reflect on your goals each week Remember how you feel about them See how goals can help each other Think about obstacles and how to overcome them Act quickly to achieve goals Reward yourself when reach a goal Refocus on benefits of goal when feeling frustrated

11 Brainstorm and order goals Take 10 minutes to brainstorm as many goals as possible Take another 5 minutes to order those goals as short-term, intermediate, and long-term Take another 5 minutes to connect goals Activity Defining your goals

12 Time Management Tools To-do lists (and must-do lists) 1. Keep daily list of tasks 2. Write down time needed to complete each task 3. Prioritize (A=most critical items that need completed today; B=less urgent, could wait; C=do not require immediate action) 4. Cross off tasks when finished 5. Avoid C feverask yourself if something (i.e., vacuuming) really needs done before something else (i.e., writing a paper due the next day) 6. Assess your rankingdid you put some things too high? Others too low? Can you get rid of some tasks from the list?

13 Time Management Tools Calendaring Paper calendars versus electronic(i.e., student Microsoft email) Monthly versus weekly versus hourly Day planners

14 Creating a Calendar/Plan 1. Consider your goals and the big picture a. What do you need to complete now? b. What steps can you start to take towards intermediate goals? Long-term goals? 2. Consider whether you are trying to change or to maintain 3. Write down predetermined obligations in blocks of time (i.e., class, work) 4. Work in other goals, tasks around other blocks of time 5. Set clear stop and end times (use a timer to stick to your plan) a. Set small amounts of time to work on projects (10 minutes to studybreak10 minutes to studybreak) and then start increasing your time once you are in the mindset b. Think about how to add time to your days (i.e., get up 15 minutes earlier; shower for 15 minutes less) 6. Schedule fun/flex time to remain flexible 7. Include time to run errands, complete chores 8. Plan for more difficult, time-consuming work, homework that will come later 9. Inform others impacted by your plans 10. Begin with the most difficult/important taskgives immediate gratification and youll be more focused at the start of your day

15 Week of… MTWRFSS 2/13 ORNT 199 HW 2/20 2/27 ORNT 199 Mid- term 3/6 3/13 3/20 3/27 4/2 Cap- stone 1 st Draft 4/9 Cap- stone Final 4/16 4/23 4/30 Final Exam Longer-Term Planning Use a chart or program like Excel to make a long-term plan for coursework, tests, projects, events, work

16 Stop Procrastinating This is a choiceif you dont choose to stop, you wont Discover what type of procrastinator you are Dreamers: big goals with no specifics Worriers: focus on worst case scenario and talk about problems, not solutions Defiers: resists tasks; dont do what is promised Overdoers: take on extra work, do not delegate, do not prioritize Perfectionists: fear making mistakes Write out your habits and write ways to change them

17 Stop Procrastinating Trick yourselfsay you will only read 5 pages of a 50 page chapter Just do it! Dont wait for your emotions, energy to change Just do it! (emotion and energy change follows) Use your time management tool to keep responsible Plan for unexpected emergencies, obligations

18 Stop Procrastinating Create goals that excite you Multitask effectively (a mindless task + an involving task) Monitor how you spend your time

19 Stop Procrastinating Make it Meaningful Monday: Pick something youve put off and write why it would be good to accomplish it Take it Apart Tuesday: Break chores and assignments down Write an Intention Wednesday: I intend to…and will reward myself by… Tell Everyone Thursday: Others keep you on task Find a Reward Friday: Be willing to withhold if you do not complete Settle It Now Saturday: When procrastination starts to come, do it now! Say No Sunday: If you really dont intend to do something, just admit to yourself that you are not and dont do it (but remember the consequences)

20 Ask yourself… What can I do right now to work on a goal? Am I being too hard on myself and worrying too much? Is this a piano? (regarding perfection) Would I pay myself for the quantity and quality of work I am doing right now? Can I do just one more thing before days end? Can I delegate this? How did I just waste my time? Could I find time if I really wanted to? Am I willing to promise to do something?

21 Homework Create a chart to make a plan of when major assignments and tests will occur this semester. See the chart on the left for an example. Week of… MTWRFSS 2/13 ORNT 199 HW 2/20 2/27 ORNT 199 Mid- term 3/6 3/13 3/20 3/27 4/2 Cap- stone 1 st Draft 4/9 Cap- stone Final 4/16 4/23 4/30 ORNT 199 Final Exam

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