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Kuali Time @ IU is an UPgrade Kuali Time @ IU is an UPgrade! Lora Headdy FMS: Payroll & Kuali Time System Manager.

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1 Kuali Time @ IU is an UPgrade
Kuali IU is an UPgrade! Lora Headdy FMS: Payroll & Kuali Time System Manager

2 Kuali Time @ IU Implementation date Sunday, February 23rd
System will be down in the early morning for approximately 3 hours All data is being converted to new system OneStart banner to notify employees next week Kuali KPME Time product based on current IU TIME system

3 Accessing Kuali Time Set a bookmark Use existing kiosk
OneStart Kuali Time portal Services > Administrative Services > Kuali Time

4 Person Info Tab Person Details: Principal ID Principal Name
Service Date Timezone Preference Job Details: Job (including voucher code) Assignment Approver, Pay Processor, Admin Role Details: Displays user’s current roles

5 Employee Timesheet Activities
Timesheet creation Friday before pay period starts Creating nightly Still click on clock/time detail to create on the fly Timesheet available for enroute eDocs after 1 hr “Change employee” All activities demonstrated as an employee, are the same for approvers/pay processors.

6 Regular Time: Clock Entry
Employee can NOT change times or delete the timeblock. 6 minute rounding still in place. Click Actual Time Inquiry for actual clock times.

7 New Functionality: Missed Punch
Can only be submitted for last clock action Only one missed punch per shift Inputs the clock action for the employee Reportable in inquiry and in the IUIE Missed punch entries are subject to rounding Routes to assignment approver(s) action list Auto Approved at end of pay period

8 Regular Time: Manual Entry
Time Detail Tab Click on a day Multiple time entry formats supported

9 Time Detail Activities: Editing Timeblocks

10 Time Detail Activities: Adding Non-Regular Codes

11 Time Detail: New Features
Color Coding on timesheet Visibility of hours recorded per assignment easier for approvers Historical data available Use arrows at the top Auto Lunch Deduction Visibility of deducted hours on timesheet Ability to delete by approver and payroll processor

12 Time Detail: Overtime Earn Code Edit
Overtime Earn Code Editing Drop down will limit to OVT/CPE or NEP/NEC combos. Can set the role which can edit on the work area maintenance doc. Converted existing values

13 Time Detail: Errors & Warnings
Visibility of warnings on Time Detail and on Approver Tab. Affordable Care 22-28 hr and 29+ warning Earn Code specific Ex: FMLA, Injury, NEP/NEC Clock Location If clock taken from unapproved IP per “Clock Location Rule” Accrual Balance Exceeded Ready to Approve Errors Invalid Assignment Overlapping Timeblocks Standard hours (of 40) not met More than 40 “counts as regular” hours recorded

14 Approver/ Payroll Processor Tab
Displays employees and their Work Status Over 12 hrs=Red Filtering by Dept, Work Area and Approval Status Search by employee ID, name, username and Doc ID Visibility of historical data Warnings Notes Drill Down to Employee day by detail

15 Approving Timesheets Document will still route to Action List with a link to the Approval Tab. Approval Status Filter Three ways to Approve Approve button on Approval Tab Check box select on Approval Tab Approve button on individual timesheet Plus sign to expand summary on the Approval tab Click document ID to drill down to timesheet detail. Here you can make corrections, add notes and approve.

16 Live Demo Approver tab during approvals Adding time
Approval status filter Warnings/notes Plus sign Approve buttons Adding time Drop down Multiple day select

17 Approver/Pay Processor Admin Functions
View only of setup data: Administrative Department Earn Code Work Area Timekeeping Clock Location Rule Department Lunch Deduction Rule Shift Differential Rule Time Collection Rule Inquiries: Same as current TIME Clock Log- View clock actions/IP for clock entry employees Missed Punch- View report of missed punch documents created Time Block History Inquiry- View every timeblock ever added/deleted on timesheet. Time Block Inquiry- View active timeblocks Change Target Person: Input username to drill down to employee’s timesheet detail.

18 IUIE Reporting All Time users can access IUIE.
All Datagroups and Reports rewritten/improved. Added F/C/H indicator to enable you to only select current values Overtime, Premium and Shift are now in the detail, no longer their own column Exception Reporting Totally reworked concept Reports to enable you to dynamically define exceptions for your area. Work in Progress Once they are available, please give feedback and ideas for new reports to meet your needs. Time data is for during the pay period or detail reporting. After the fact/high detail should be out of payroll/labor ledger data.

19 Support during Implementation
Kuali Time Website Written documentation Video Tutorials Multiple, short videos Decision Trees Recording of this training Help tab in Kuali Time FMS Customer Service Support form

20 Questions? Approvers, Reviewers and Payroll Processors can leave IF you aren’t also a Payroll Manager Additional information following questions for Kuali Time Administrators Upcoming session info found on Kuali Time Website along with recorded webinar

21 Department & Work Area Department Work Area
Edit roles: Time Dept Admin, Payroll Processor, Payroll Processor Delegate, Dept View Only Enabled edit of Time Dept Admin Work Area No longer classified by E and H Add, Edit, Inactivate Effective date updates when you edit Edit roles: Approver, Approver Delegate, Reviewer Overtime Edit Role & Default Overtime Earn Code

22 Maintenance document Must enter description Must click Add button Inactive Roles section

23 Rule Maintenance Always define at highest level, and define exceptions. Rules at employee level are hard to maintain. Clock Location Rule Allows establishment of IP address/subnet as an “approved location”. When clock recorded at an unapproved IP, warning will show. Department Lunch Deduction Rule Lunch buttons are eliminated Establish an automatic meal deduction per shift Shift Differential View of existing shift rules for the university

24 Time Collection Rule Maintenance now done centrally
Campus level rules are established to determine time collection. Only exceptions officially recorded are being converted. To request an exception, form in TIME portal- Support Links (will be on the Help tab in the future)

25 Documentation Review what’s published Written Video Tutorials
Give feedback, and request additional videos, documentation

26 Questions? Are you in the test environment trying it out?

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