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Combining Sport and Study: Time Management Helen Shore Educational Support Officer.

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1 Combining Sport and Study: Time Management Helen Shore Educational Support Officer

2 The Educational Support Office Support and advice to disabled students Assessment and support of Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD Referral for study skills support for all students and at any level

3 skills4study campus

4 Time Management Combining Sport and Study Adapted from Whipper, J. (2011)

5 Ask yourself..... Do I: often run late feel stressed trying to get everything done in a day have trouble finishing assignments on time not use a planner to schedule daily life Many athletes would answer yes to at least one of these questions.

6 Think about the number of commitments an athlete needs to manage On field Off field SportEducationWorkLifestyle Group trainingStrength and conditioningAttending UniversityShiftsTime with friends Individual training (skills)Physiotherapy University work and assignments EventsFamily events (birthdays etc.) CompetitionsOther medicalGeneral homeworkWork placementHolidays Team meetingsExams ToursMedia/promotional work

7 How do athletes manage all these individual commitments? Training calendar: athletes will quite often have a calendar for sporting activities, outlining training and competition commitments. University diary: tracking relevant homework and assignments. University subject outlines: to identify assessment due dates and exam periods. Work rosters: to confirm work shifts. Other events: appointment cards, emails, calendars at home, text messages, memory.

8 What is the problem with using separate documents to manage commitments? The main problem is that athletes have difficulty knowing when there are conflicts. Quite often, by the time an athlete realises that they have too much happening at once, it is too late to complete everything.

9 How can integrated time management help? Predicts conflicts in advance. Helps athletes plan and feel organised. Athletes become more proactive and less reactive (which coaches and teachers like to see). It is a great communication tool that helps inform coaches, educational institutions and family of an athletes important commitments and how they can support them.

10 Integrated Planner Example Month Week Beginning Major events (Competitions / training camps etc) Education / work commitments – key dates (Exams, assignments, work deadlines, holidays, etc.) Highlight Areas of Conflict Strategies to resolve conflict October 7 14 21 28 November 4 11 18 25 December 2 9 16 23 30

11 Tips for making an integrated planner work: Keep it up to date: if its digital save the planner on a USB flash drive or on your computers desktop and update it as soon as new commitments are made. Deal with conflicts early: lecturers, tutors and coaches are more likely to be receptive to flexibility if given advance warning. An integrated planner will help provide this warning.

12 Tips for making a weekly schedule work: Schedule fixed commitments first (training, work, university). Focus on what is important. Be realistic when planning your week. Identify the best time of the day for an activity and make it work. Use waiting time and/or travel time effectively. Look for short cuts in the day to maximise time.

13 Further Information A quick activity to help you find out where your time goes! Virginia Tech) Time saving tips from California Polytechnic State University ml ml Palgrave study skills, time management info earning/time.asp earning/time.asp

14 Bibliography Loughborough University. nd. Organising Yourself, [online]. Available at: rary/downloads/advicesheets/organise.pdf [accessed 01.10.12] rary/downloads/advicesheets/organise.pdf Manchester University. nd. Time management, [online]. Available at: help/pdf/time_management.pdf [accessed 27.09.12] help/pdf/time_management.pdf Whipper, J., 2011. Blending sport and study time management, Sports Coach, [online]. Available at: ding_sport_and_study_a_time_management [accessed 27.09.12] ding_sport_and_study_a_time_management

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