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Establishment of the transnational partnership Presentation of the national project Strasbourg, March 22 2005 COMMUNITARIAN INITIATIVE EQUAL Project IT.

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1 Establishment of the transnational partnership Presentation of the national project Strasbourg, March 22 2005 COMMUNITARIAN INITIATIVE EQUAL Project IT – G2 – PUG - 080 EQUAL TIME Social Cooperative LObiettivo

2 The Italian project EQUAL TIME will be carried out within the Region Puglia, and more specifically on the territory comprising the Municipality of Bitonto that belongs to the District of Bari.

3 The projects partnership is composed by the following institutions: Santi Medici Foundation LObiettivo Social Cooperative Elpendù Consortium of Social Cooperatives Municipality of Bitonto Puglia Natura Consortium

4 Santi Medici Foundation It has been founded in the year 1993 with the purpose of rendering the different activities of socio – sanitary, educative and charitable nature more homogenic and of developing them. It is strongly rooted on the territory and it is specialized in supplying different kinds of services for the benefit of the single person and of the whole community, starting from the socio – sanitary ones to those of welcoming, listening and helping. It mostly works for supporting women living in difficulties and who have been victims of violence, through the management of a Welcoming Home. Furthermore it had acquired lots of experience in realizing projects initiatives aiming at social inclusion and training for specialized workers.

5 It has been established in the year 1982 and it represents a social cooperative aiming at the labour insertion of weak people. Its activities on the territory consist in promoting the integrations culture. LObiettivo Social Cooperative Among its methodologies we can mention the organisation of team – work and permanent co-operation and exchange with the public socio – sanitary services. It promotes the process of empowerment of methodologies applied during its 23 years of activity for the creation of integrated working teams also by managing Community Initiatives finenced by the ESF.

6 The purpose of ELPENDÙ is to put at disposal of the regional territory a net of enterprises able to contribute in satisfying the needs expressed by the Apulian Society and to guarantee the offer of structurated answears to the demand of social services and needs which is becoming more and more diversified and pushing by a Society in permanent evolution. Elpendù Consortium It has been established in the year 1994 and it associates social cooperatives all over the territory of the region Puglia that work in different fields. It associates cooperatives aiming at the management of socio – sanitary and educative services, at the socio- cultural animation, at the labour insertion of weak people.

7 Furthermore, it is involved in a net of Municipal Administrations through activities aiming to protect and valorize the local and typical production. Municipality of Bitonto It is a Public Administration strongly concerned in creating a socio – environmental balance compatible with the economical development. It has experience in the territorys development policy and in the field of interventions aiming at creating new job opportunities and at favouring socio – charitable services. It had experimented integrated interventions aiming at improving the living conditions of weak people, taking an active role in experimenting a model for labour insertion.

8 Through its informative points, it supplies assistance and information to companies and consumers, it spreads out the results of surveys and studies carried out, it divulges its initiatives aiming at promoting and valorising the apulian production of high quality. Puglia Natura Consortium Its activities are concerned with protection, valorisation and promotion of local and typical production coming from high quality organic cultivations. It represents a meeting point between customers and producers within this sector at regional, national and international level.

9 9 people will acceed to the Experimental phase BENEFICIARIES 30% of unemployed men with less opportunities to enter the labour market becouse of weakness factors and unemployed men with normal opportunities 70% of unemployed women with less opportunities to enter the labour market becouse of weakness factors and unemployed women with normal opportunities 22 people will acceed to the Training phase

10 Creation of an integrated working group composed by women who has paradoxically normal opportunities and women with different abilities OBJECTIVES Activation of tools aiming at experimenting organisational solutions of cultural and productive nature for eliminating the obstacles to the integration in the labour market related to gender Qualification of the womens job in the agricultural field for what concerns the productive techniques and the managerial skills for supporting the occupancy in the specific sector in a territory that is historically and geographically devoted to such activities


12 Designing of the detailed Plan Training Intervention Organisational Model for socio and labour integration Organic techniques of cultivation and transformation of agricultural production Research on the cultural/gastronomic tradition in the rural environment Research on the agro – food markets tendencies Planning of the communication strategy and projects dissemination

13 Research History and meaning of the country culture regarding traditional recipes and typical products of the territory which the project refers to. The research, which will prepare the experiemntal phase, will be useful to discover the methods for preparing the food, that shall be applied in the experimental phase concerning the agricultural products transformation Market research on the fresh and/or preserved horticultural product aiming at individualizing the real market opportunities after the closure of the project

14 TRAINING HELTHY WOMEN SUFFERING FROM PSYCHO – SOCIAL TROUBLES Primo Gruppo Social and labour integration and techniques for companys management Women with normal opportunities First Group Second group Orienteering activities and training in the field of cultivation techniques and organic transformation Women with Normal and different opportunities

15 Finally, a viability plan will be realized that will support the beneficiaries group in starting – up the following productive activities. EXPERIMENTATION It will aim at training in those activities individualized as possible setors of economical, cultural and occupational development. It will be developed on the base of productive activities, which will be all related by a matricial relationaship and the limits of which will be represented by the specialization choosen in the training phase and by the results of the reserches. The activities will concern: cultivation according to conventional techniques which are not harmful for health and organic techniques; products transformation that will also follow conventional techniques which are not harmful for helth and organic ones. The tranformation as well as the cultivation, will follow controlled procedures of production, according to the challenge of the sector: a view of agriculture and production not limited to the food production, but representing a multi – functional sector in which production should mean re - discovery of the rural culture, environmetal respect, protection of the consumers health, healthy and participating use of the time.

16 DISSEMINATION Valorisation of the skills and abilities acquired by the people composing the integrated group Valorisation of the entrepreneurial model which combines the agricultural productions system with integration Horizontal sensibilisation of the public, private and no – profit making sectors

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