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“Making Time Work for You”

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1 “Making Time Work for You”
TIME MANAGEMENT 25 Strategies You Can Use From Harold Taylor “Making Time Work for You”

2 STRATEGIES Don’t rush. If in doubt, ask. Write it down.
Organize your work area. Plan your day.

3 MORE STRATEGIES Schedule your tasks. Keep files trim.
Give deadlines with assignments. Don’t be a perfectionist. Have a daily “quiet hour”.

4 YET MORE STRATEGIES Respect the time of others.
Handle paper only once. Use a follow up file. Don’t procrastinate. Get rid of magazines.

5 STILL MORE STRATEGIES Schedule family time. Say “no” more often.
Record your telephone calls. Delegate more. Subscribe to condensed information.

6 FINAL STRATEGIES Have one planner only. Avoid stress.
Practice Pareto’s Principle. Put your goals in writing. Attend fewer meetings.

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