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School number 4 PRESENTS. Hello! We are pupils of 10 th form from school 4 in Novosibirsk, and we want to present our group and how we spend our free.

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1 School number 4 PRESENTS

2 Hello! We are pupils of 10 th form from school 4 in Novosibirsk, and we want to present our group and how we spend our free time. There are 12 students in our group: 4 boys and 8 girls.


4 Hello! My name is Ksenia. I like to play chess and volleyball. I take part in different competitions such as «White castle» where I had silver medal. Chess is an interesting and unique game, in which you have to know the rules.

5 Im Olga.)) I have different hobbies. Here they are: Traveling; Singing; Learning foreign languages (I am learning English & Chinese at the moment; Meeting & communicating with people;)

6 Hello! Im Anna. Actually I dont have much free time, but if I have it I prefer studying and acting in the theatre studio. I came here three years ago & I am still there. There is warm and very friendly atmosphere in here, all of us feel themselves like in a big family. During these three years we put on about eight plays, and conquered a huge quantity of rewards in local festivals. I became a winner nine times & I strive for more and more victories. Here you can see some photos or my performances. (Im in a yellow dress). I hope very much that this activity will be my profession in the future... Here I am

7 Hello, my name is Olya. My main hobby is studying foreign languages, such as English and German. I think it will help me to study at university. Also I like sport, especially horse riding, it's a very unusual kind of sport.

8 Hello, my name is Ksenia. What is a hobby? It is what you can and like do, when you have free time. We choose a hobby according to our personality and tastes. When we have a hobby our life becomes more interesting. Many people are interested in music. They collect records. Others like to read books. Some people take photographs. But I like to sing. I have been going to a vocal class for five years. I think it is a very interesting and useful hobby. I have a lot of friends in my vocal studio. We always sing at different concerts and competitions. We also have some dancing lessons. There are a lot of rewards, but some of them are the most valueable.

9 Here I am International Competition «Stars shine» 2008 S- Petersburg.Bronze.

10 Hello! My name is Inna. I like studying at our school and I have got a lot of friends there. I spend my free time with them. Sometimes we go for a walk and sometimes we go to discos in our school. Also I like to read magazines about fashion and about stars.

11 Hello! My name is Marina, I am 15. I live in Novosibirsk, and learn at school 4. In my free time I usually read, walk with friends, go shopping and listen to music!

12 Hi! My name is Ksenia. I am a very sociable person and I like to take part in our school life such as organizing parties or celebrations. I am a very active person.



15 Hi! My name is Ruslan. I like to study at my school, but also I like to study in the theatre and to do sports. In my free time I go to my theatre and have rehearsals. Here I am playing my role

16 Hello! My name is Michail. In my free time I like to go to the sport gym to keep myself fit. Also I am interested in medicine so I am going to study at medical university of Novosibirsk. Also I took part in Patriotic duty near the monument of Glory of Russian troops in the Second World War.

17 HI! My name is Anton, and I prefer to spend my free time by playing the drums in my rock-group. Our group is called Angedoniya, and here we are (I am on the right)

18 And here I am doing my work in our group)))

19 Hello! My name is Andrei and I am interested in sport, so I have my favorite football team. Its ZENIT from St.Petersburg. In my free time I like to play guitar, because Im interested in music, and also I like to do sport exercises.

20 And now some information about our partners

21 Circle Name: Computer Chronicles Class Name: WASS 20008 A

22 NAMES OF STUDENTS TAKING PART IN THIS LEARNING CIRCLE NAME AGE CLASSHOBBY 1. Benjamin Ofosu 16SHS 1Football 2. Wahab Adam 18SHS 1Attending the beach 3. Priscilla Nyarko 16SHS 1Reading 4. Bakare Adebayo 16SHS 1Football 5. Latif Abdul 17SHS 1Computing 6. Clifford Gawu 17SHS 1Video Games 7. Nathaniel Hodjor 16SHS 1Football 8. Ebenezer Dodoo 17SHS 1Football 9. Mawufemor Kpor 16SHS 1Movies and Music 10. Esther Daliesor 16SHS 1Music and Reading 11. Joyce Ohene 15SHS 1Singing 12. Christiana Abakah15SHS 1Gospel Music 13. Alberta Adzahotor15SHS 1Reading 14. Divine Lamptey 17SHS 1Football & Video Games

23 The Classroom Survey –Muir School, San Diego CA

24 In our free time we like to play soccer,football,baseball,basketball, and volley. Some of us also like to dance, cook, skateboard, surf, race, karate, and draw/paint at our school.

25 The sports we are interested in are: Soccer Football Baseball Basketball Golf Tennis Volleyball

26 At our school students like to play soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. We play these sports during P.E. or at our lunch time. We have our own favorite teams like in soccer some students like Chivas, America, or Pumas. In football it's either Raiders, or Chargers. We love sports. A lot of students at our school do many of these hobbies and are good at them. We put some of art of students in our yearbook we have at school. The students have fun doing these hobbies a lot.

27 Here are some more ideas about free time and hobbies from our partners

28 Soccer Well i like to play soccer and watch it it is my favorite sport!!! i play outside some times with my neighbors at the park. also when im bored i go on the computer and look at the tricks that soccer players do. and old games that i missed or to see the score of a game. i also see how much some jersys cost. also when im bored i listen to the radio and listen to music. i also like to cook but not all the time. i also watch tv and play uno with my sister. i also just some times sit aaround and read but not very often only when im really bored and if it is a good book.

29 Photography My favorite hobby is photography. I like to spend time on photography because its a way to express your self without using any words also you can capture your favorite or most meaningful moments of time with a simple picture-that is photography. Photography is allowing yourself to see something "small or simple" in a creative is to find art and give "life" to the object of less meaning. Photography is always fun and nobody else is needed but you.

30 Read/Draw In my free time, I like to draw, read, go on the computer to chat with friends...and I also watch TV sometimes. Then when I go to church, after class, me and my friends play football and stuff. It's a lot of fun.

31 Video Games After school is my only free time and on the weekends so what I like to do is like go outside and play with my friends or use the computer maybe play video games and not studying!

32 Softball My favorite sport will have to be soft ball. I like to play soft ball with my father because he loves playing with me and we have a great time. My hobbies are collecting movies. I want to have at least 100 movies. I love watching scary, sad, happy, funny and adventure movies. Me and my dad would seat on the couch and watch movies for more than 4 to 5 hours watching a movies. My dad enjoys seeing scary movies he hates gushy movies the only movies he would enjoy seeing are funny and scary. My other favorite hobby is writing stories. I would like to write about fantasy, adventures and romantic stories. Whenever i think of stories to write i dont write about them it would stay in my head for a while then once i have though about for a while then i would write it down on paper.


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