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Time Travel Genre Jeffrey Wendelberger & Scott Devens.

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1 Time Travel Genre Jeffrey Wendelberger & Scott Devens

2 A Sub-category of Science Fiction Two general types 1) Travel through time. Films include Back to the Future 1-3, Time Machine, Pleasantville, etc. 2) Time Distortion or Loop. Films such as Groundhog Day, Twelve Monkeys, Sliding Doors, etc.

3 Roles Hero – often a reluctant hero Sidekick – Usually accompanies the hero. Often a mad scientist. Female roles usually limited to complicating role or love interest.

4 Settings Variable Post-apocalyptic Commonplace/ordinary Futuristic/historic Fantastic world

5 Plot/Storyline A problem in present to be solved by going back in time. Hero goes back in time. What begins as easy mission becomes complicated by love interest or difficult choice the hero must make. Choice usually threatens integrity of future time streams.

6 Imagery Prototypical speed or flashing lights signifying time travel. Time machines are usually odd, unusual or even lame vehicles (the Tartus in Dr. Who, the Flying Fan in the Time Machine, the DeLorian from Back to the Future). Travelers attire contrasts with those of people in different era.



9 Themes Good vs. Evil Complications of Technology Responsible Use of Resources Dangers of Greed/Capitalism Man vs. Machines Fate/Determinism vs. Free Will

10 Time Travel Websites (Some pretty weird stuff) Hyper Dimensional Resonator This Hyper-Dimensional Resonator hooks up to the head of the user and by setting the dial, it will allow it's user to spontaneously astral project. And once your able to astral project, you can travel in space and time either to the future or the past. This is no joke!! Plugs into a normal 110 volt outlet. $590.00 (ready to use/fully assembled)

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