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MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB1 Business in China Intensive School 2010 2010 Pre-Departure Briefing.

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1 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB1 Business in China Intensive School 2010 2010 Pre-Departure Briefing

2 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB2 Congratulations! You have been offered a place in BICIS 2010! !

3 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB3 Program Who will be at BICIS 2010? What should I bring? What should I do on arrival? Where will I be staying? What will we be doing? Any survival tips in China? What admin issues should I take note of? How should I prepare for BICIS 2010?

4 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB4 Who is attending BICIS 2010? Adelaide MBA15 On-line MBA 5 Kuala Lumpur MBA 4 Penang MBA 3 Singapore MBA 9 Hong Kong MBA 2 38 + 8 USST MBA Male: 30 Female: 16

5 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB5 Who will be presenting at BICIS 2010? Dr. Yalei Hao, Deputy Director, PetroChina Mr Christopher Wright, Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade, Shanghai Mr. David Dukes, Trade Commissioner, Austrade, Beijing Representative, Norman Waterhouse, Shanghai Ms Joanne Warrin, Executive Director, Oceania China Business Group, Ernst & Young, China Dr Leo Yeung, CEO, Everon Consultancy Ltd, Beijing Prof. Luo Jar Der, Tsinghua University, Beijing Dr. Gang Zheng, Shanghai Stock Exchange Mr. Bert Steenkamp, General Manager, Michell (Suzhou) Prof. Bruce Stenning, Dean, International MBA, Peking University. Prof. Peter Chou, Ren Min University, Beijing Prof. Kane Chong, Director, Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, CASS

6 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB6 What should I bring? Passport with visa (get a photocopy) Air ticket(s) Personal items: Clothing, including a warm jumper/ jacket and 1 set of business attire Toiletries Adapter for electrical appliances Laptop & data cable BICIS Study Pack (electronic or hard copy)

7 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB7 What should I do on arrival? Go through immigration, claim baggage, and get through customs Get RMB from ATM or Money Changer at airport, if needed Look for taxi sign, line up, and show your taxi instruction sheet to the driver for trip to Er Yi Hotel (RMB 70 from Hongqiao, RMB120-150 from Pudong airport) On arrival at Hotel, you will be met by the BICIS Team (will arrive on 2 April 2010)

8 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB8 ER YI HOTEL 227 Chong Qing South Road Shanghai 200025 School switchboard: (+86 21) 6384 6590 x 776 111 Hotel switchboard: (+86 21) 6385 1650 Reception: (+86 21) 6384 3735 (+86 21) 6384 3480 (+86 21) 6373 7950 Fax: (+86 21) 6384 4507 Show this to the taxi driver: ( ) 227 : (+86 21) 6384 6590 x 776111 (+86 21) 6385 1650 : (+86 21) 6384 3735 (+86 21) 6384 3480 (+86 21) 6373 7950 (+86 21) 6384 4507

9 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB9 Where will I stay in China?

10 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB10 Accommodation in Shanghai Typical room with ensuite Er Yi Hotel Roxy Cafe (24 hours)

11 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB11 Accommodation in Beijing ZI YING GE HOTEL

12 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB12 What will I be doing?

13 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB13 Draft BICIS 2010 Timetable ACTIVITIES IN SHANGHAIACTIVITIES IN BEIJING Mon 5 Apr Program Introduction The China Phenomenon Industry Analysis Cultural visit to the Bund Mon 12 Apr Internalisation factors of Doing Business in China Ernst & Young Presentation: M & A Farewell to USST Over night train to Beijing Tue 6 Apr Analysis of Chinese Market Factors Political Risk Factors Government-Business Presentation by Austrade Opening Ceremony & Banquet Tue 13 Apr Cultural Tour o Temple of Heaven o Forbidden City o Hu Tong Tour o Tian An Men Square o DIY Jiao Zi Dinner Wed 7 Apr Legal Aspects of Doing Business in China Presentation by Norman Waterhouse Managing finance in China Marketing of Financial Services Wed 14 Apr Chinese Consumer Behaviour Guest Speaker Company visit Final Preparation for Team Presentations Thur 8 Apr Visit to Shanghai Stock Exchange Company visit: Michell in Suzhou Preparation for Team-Based China Expansion Appraisal Thur 15 Apr Team presentations judged by panel from business community Guest Presenter from CASS Visit to National Centre for Performing Arts Fri 9 Apr Chinese Cultural Factors Uncovered Company visit: Omron/Elders/Expo Understanding Cultural Factors Aussie Drinks at Kakadu Fri 16 Apr Chinese Relationship Management Presentation on Chinas Energy Consumption by PetroChina Review session BICIS Closing Ceremony (guest speakers from Austrade, CASS and Peking University) & Dinner Sat 10 Apr Chinese Negotiation Simulation Sat 17 Apr Optional Tour o Great Wall & Summer Palace Sun 11 Apr Cultural tour: Wu ZhenSun 18 Apr Return to home countries

14 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB14 Any survival tips in China? Language ( Food Water Getting around Phone cards Sensitive publications Personal safety and general security Social etiquette in public places (eg. Pubs) Clothing Approaches by locals

15 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB15

16 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB16

17 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB17 Greetings Click on the Chinese words to hear the pronunciation. Hi!; Hello! Hi everybody! How are you?

18 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB18 What admin issues should I take note of? Enrolment & payment of tour and tuition fees Eligibility for Fee-Help (Claire Paterson) Itinerary (send to Karen) Emergency number for contacting the BICIS team Laubie: 15901404168 Karen: 1366 1024 923

19 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB19 What will happen before I depart for Shanghai? IGSB will send you an updated, detailed timetable in late March via email. IGSB will email you in late March, a mobile phone number (with global roaming) for contact in case you experience any problems on your way to, or on arrival in Shanghai.

20 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB20 How should I prepare for BICIS 2010? Systematic study of Business in China Framework for the study of Business in China Something about assessment Pre-departure preparations

21 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB21 Systemic Study of Business in China

22 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB22 Industry Market Legal Financial Cultura l Political Entrepre Innov. & Value- add Tech Util & Mgt. Competitiveness Environmental Determinants Internalisation Framework for Studying Business in China

23 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB23 Course Assessment Form of assessmentLengthWeightingDue dateGraduate Qualities assessed Onsite Assessment 1Group Oral Case Presentation15 minutes10%5 April 20101, 4, 6, 7 2China Expansion Appraisal -Group Verbal Report -Group Written Report 15 minutes 2,500 words 10% 15% 15 April 2010 3Individual Negotiation Simulation Review 1,000 words10%10 April 20101, 4, 6, 7 Take-home Assessment 4Individual China Business Opportunity Project 3,000 – 4,000 words 35%20 June 20101, 3, 6, 7 5Individual Topical Case Analysis2,500 words20%16 May 20101, 2, 3, 5, 7

24 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB24 Pre-Departure Preparations Read through the CIB in the Study Pack carefully and contact the BICIS Director for any questions Communicate with your team to share work on case presentation Complete the general and assigned readings Download any information that may be useful for your on-site assessment

25 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB25 Pre-departure checklist Currency of your passport during stay in China Visa to visit China Booking of return ticket Forwarding a copy of your itinerary to Karen Visit Smart Traveller website Necessary vaccinations Travel Insurance (check eligibility with UniSA) Advise Karen about additional accommodation requirements Adapters for electronic devices

26 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB26 26 The BICIS Team Associate Director BICIS Dr Song Yang Director BICIS Associate Professor Laubie Li Project Director BICIS Professor Alfred Huang A M Project Coordinator BICIS Ms Karen Surmon Program Manager (China), BICIS Ms Shani Xue

27 MBA Dr. L. Li, IGSB27 Shanghai jian

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